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PREDICT THE SCORE: 2020 AFC Championship Game - Bills at Chiefs

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Bills 27 Chiefs 31

Chiefs 24 Bills 10   Bills offense continues to take a step back and our lack of rushing attack allows their defense to drop 7 in coverage.  Henne starts, but it makes no difference.  

Bills 42 Queefs 0 We have not seen Josh Allen and the Bills passing offense at its best in the last two playoff games. We'll see this at its finest on Sunday.

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I like the Bills without points. If the Bills were the favorite in this game, I would bet them. I am THAT sure that they are going to win and imo it won't be a close game.

I also think that GB will kick ass minus the points. Buffalo Bills vs. GB Superbowl.


Please (not that anyone would) don't bet this game based on what I think, if at all. The purpose of this post is to see who YOU like.


GO BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Bill from NYC changed the title to OK, Who Do You Predict?

I predict I will have very little appetite the entire day, but I may be quite thirsty. I’ll have it set up to record so I can refresh myself on details. 


I think we are a very different team than we were back then, for many reasons. This time we have an added advantage of knowing what team we are going to play, and when. What a CRAZY season this has been, but I’m thrilled they pulled it off as well as they did, and ecstatic to see the Bills advance this far. 


I’m always nervous before any Bills game, but I really think we can do this. If we come up short, I’m still happy with their season, this team and our front office.  Our future is bright!  😎

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Bills & Bucs 


Bucs manhandled Rodgers last time out.


BIlls lost to KC but were without Milano, had a still green Klein and a dinged up White and Allen. KC had healthy CEH, Mahomes & Breeland then and now all three are questionable. Bills have been the better team down the stretch.

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Andy Reid blew his load keeping his bad game management powers in check in last year's AFCC game, then SB.  The Force is too great, though...


Bills 30-KC 23.


Rodgers and Co.  got curb stomped by a 77 yard passing game in last year's NFC game.  He won't be facing the SF Garappolo's Sunday....



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55 minutes ago, YoloinOhio said:

Bills/Packers in SB 55


just like God intended. 

My wife is a Packer fan from Milwaukee.  She says if they play in the Super Bowl and the Bills win she would be glad that I was happy.  I did not return those sentiments.  Buffalo vs everybody.  Period. 🤣


Bills 34

Chiefs 23


Bills offense is due to breakout and the defense will make the Chiefs kick some FGs.  We’re winning.  I’m sure of it.



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**non rain prediction

Bills 37

Chiefs 34


Gonna come down to whoever has the ball last and I am guessing the Bills will. Allen will deliver. I am expecting one of the best games of the season from him.


**rain prediction

Bills 30

Chiefs 27



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On 1/19/2021 at 5:22 PM, QLBillsFan said:

Bills 34-31. ST big play is difference. Mahomes plays and it will be confirmed by Thursday. 

I’m hoping for Josh Allen play to be the difference  ..

Go Bills!!

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