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  1. Bummer Didn't see him Let's see the defense get a stop here, don't play soft
  2. Allen's throw was really impressive as well. Reminded me of a Frisbee toss around the defender, hanging in the air long enough for Kincaid to get there. Hell of a play by them both
  3. This is what we've been waiting for! Josh on the rampage! Love how Brady uses Cook Let's Go Buffalo! Dont let up, 60 minutes
  4. Kelce was moving like an old man at the end of the last game. I hope he looks that way today.
  5. Imagine you are paid millions of dollars per year to run an organization and yet you are stupid enough to think the 9/11 hijackers are a great motivational example of teamwork? He shows it over and over on game days and this story just confirms it. How much proof that McD is an idiot do people need?
  6. Like others have mentioned, the fact that he would choose the 9/11 hijackers as a motivational example of teamwork indicates at the very least that McD is not too bright and has terrible judgment. It's too weird to even understand how a brain could think that was a good idea, so it probably also indicates other issues...
  7. It is so obvious He practically loses games single handedly. He is one of the worst coaches in crucial, high pressure situations that I've ever seen. The dumb look of confused panic on his face as he makes bad decisions at critical moments. His dire need to deflect all blame is such an obvious character flaw and should absolutely be a disqualifying trait for any leadership position. He's the same as he has always been. His attitude and response in the aftermath of the 13 second debacle showed who he is and he hasn't changed a bit.
  8. It is certainly in the realm of possibility. The offense could very well be on track and much improved under Brady, but what will stop McD from playing soft and scared on defense, mismanaging and giving away more games ?
  9. Beane drafts 3 DEs in the first 2 rounds and then signs a 32 year old DE coming off a major injury to a 6 year $114 million contract. What a ***** wizard
  10. Regardless of how much credit McD does or doesn't deserve for the Bills relative success during his tenure, he just looks completely lost and confused out there at times. It's like his pressured brain cannot process what is happening and he looks all frantic. It's embarrassing. It's also embarrassing when he offers no explanations for his inexplicable decisions but has plenty of excuses and blame for others. Those are not the qualities of a good leader. It seems that he wants to control everything but be responsible for nothing. The antithesis of great leadership.
  11. This team is not on the verge of going to the SB. In fact this team is likely to not even make the playoffs. Are you talking about next year? Is McD magically going to get smarter; make good decisions at crucial moments; grow a pair of balls and start having a winning mentality in close games, instead of clinging in fear to a fragile lead in the 4th quarter? Is he suddenly going to become more situationally aware and know what to do instead of panicking? McD has been the same guy in those situations over and over, why would you expect him to change?
  12. Passing up a chance to win in regulation when there was a chance they would not even get another possession in OT is gutless and just plain stupid. People would have clearly seen just how stupid it was if the Bills had lost the coin toss and had never got another possession. Just because the Bills happened to win the toss doesn't make his decision any better.
  13. It was embarrassingly weak and incredibly stupid. The Bills were a coin flip away from not even getting an OT possession and he's taking a knee....
  14. No guts No glory Trying not to lose is not a winning mentality The Bills won the toss this time but a possession in overtime is not guaranteed. How can you pass up a chance to win when you may not get another? Needed 35 yards to have a long chance, 58 yds....had 2 possibly 3 plays to get there. Inside I felt like they were gonna lose when they made that decision...I pushed it out of my head when they won the coin toss but it felt like a gutless and dumb decision.
  15. Maybe if McD wasn't constantly blaming others and actually accepted responsibility the word scapegoat wouldn't be so easily applied when he fires someone. His situational awareness is so completely lacking at times it is just embarrassing, but he never accepts any responsibility. These are just 2 glaring examples out of many. 1. Regardless of the kickoff not being a short or squib kick, McD was guarding the sidelines when KC had 2 timeouts and only 13 seconds left for some clueless reason. He blamed the loss on ST coach for kicking into the endzone, never explaining why he was guarding the sidelines leaving the middle wide open. 2.Two games ago vs Cinci he was trying to punt when the clock was running out the 1st half and he didn't even have to run a play. He thought the ***** clock was stopped with 20 secs left or he never would have been lined up to punt in the first place. They snapped the ball to punt a second after the clock expired and luckily the refs blew it dead ending the half. Announcers and fans everywhere wondering what the ***** was that? He makes millions of dollars and he looks completely dumbfounded, confused, and lost out there sometimes. It is embarrassing. I wanted Dorsey gone and I don't expect them to fire McD mid-season but I think it is perfectly reasonable for some to see this as scapegoating. A leader who accepts no responsibility needs scapegoats.
  16. Yep, and Dawson Knox was the key player. It is just so obvious.😄
  17. The point is that the Bills stop scoring when they have the lead. If the uptempo offense is unstoppable you have to slow it down, it's not fair to the defense. It's 'complementary football', if the offense looks a lot better than the defense feelings get hurt, McDs feelings. You gotta just protect that lead and hang on. Get with the complementary football process and start executing. Clap clap, slogan catchphrase, blame others. The McD way
  18. Dorsey was inexperienced and unqualified to be OC, in over his head. McD dodging responsibility again, he's so good at that. He never accepts any responsibility for anything, the mark of a terrible leader. Dorsey had to go but McD is the real problem here.
  19. McD should be fired and run out of town tomorrow, that presser should seal the deal imo. He has never accepted responsibility for anything and that is completely unacceptable for a head coach. He just plain sucks. He should be coaching a small college or a high school, not NFL head coach worthy at all.
  20. 12 men on field is the icing on the cake. Fire everybody... ***** this regime. They drafted Josh and have milked it for millions while getting further away every year. McD is a moron and Beane has gotten way too much credit, besides Josh his drafts have not been good at all and some of his contracts have been so stupid. 52 mil in 4 years to a te who cant catch, right before drafting a 1st rnd te who can. 51 million guaranteed to a 34 yr old oft injured part time player. ***** these idiots
  21. 12 men on field is the icing on the cake. Fire everybody... ***** this regime. They drafted Josh and have milked it for millions while getting further away every year. McD is a moron and Beane has gotten way too much credit, besides Josh his drafts have not been good at all and some of his contracts have been so stupid. ***** these idiots
  22. McD needs to clap better and more often...the team really needs encouragement. I've noticed his clapping is not nearly as effective lately...technique? intensity? I'm not sure what the problem is.
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