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  1. I dont know what the analytics say and I dont doubt the folks saying going for 2 was the right move there, but watching the game I felt it wasnt the right move just like I wanted them to kick the fg the week before. Both situations they were in a 2 score lead with plenty of time left in the game and it was impossible to know what would be needed in the end. Why chase points when you are in the lead with plenty of time left? Take what is given until the situation dictates otherwise imo.
  2. Punt was change of possession play, clock stops at end of play. Pretty sure there is no time runoff due to penalty in that situation.
  3. Beasley was not good last year. He was done. They dont miss him. What they miss is a consistent player in the slot.
  4. Maybe just hire a really smart guy to help manage game situations. 2-9 in one score games last season and so far this season is probably not just a statistical anomaly.
  5. went out 2nd floor window in South Buffalo with a shovel to get to the doors😜
  6. didnt know that but if Buffalo gets 5' of snow and the stadium doesnt get heavily hit I will be shocked
  7. Orchard Park and Hamburg are both in the snow belt and will get hammered
  8. All signs are indicating the game is being moved imo.
  9. I think Cleveland's superior run game would be to their advantage in Buffalo this weekend and if the game moves it improves the Bills chances. Josh Allen is most of the Bills run game and if it is difficult to throw his running is less effective.
  10. The line is terrible at run blocking. Allen is once again the teams leading rusher. Allen and Diggs ARE the offense. What other weapons does he have? Who else can get open consistently without Josh having to extend the play?
  11. The offensive line as usual. Every year the same Little talent and no depth Josh has to be Superman all the time but alas he is mortal and from this planet.
  12. I know a guy in South Buffalo they call 'Mad Dog', in his late 60s now. Last time I was visiting we were talking in a bar. Some guys walk in "hey, Mad Dog". He looks at me and shakes his head, "you bite one kid when your 8 years old and you're 'Mad Dog' the rest of your life.😂
  13. Hines ran 4.38 at his combine, fastest among rbs and 3rd fastest among all positions. He has breakaway speed.
  14. They didnt trade Cook for him, he is still on the team and will still get touches. This is about Moss being redundant and Hines being a more experienced and dependable pass catcher. 89% catch rate to 63% is a signicant difference when trying to convert 3rd downs. Nobody said Hines was more dangerous than Cook with the ball. This is for the SB run. Cook has plenty of time to keep getting better and will keep being a part of the offense. He is not being replaced.
  15. so catching 5 of 8 passes is not really much different than catching 25 of 28? got it
  16. I like the trade and I think Moss will be a decent rb and have a decent career in the NFL. The Bills already have a currently better version of him and Hines gives them something they were lacking. Cook has caught only 63% of his targets, Hines leads the league at 89%.
  17. Great move. Moss and Singletary are a lot alike and Singletary is running well, playing better. Hines has the highest catch rate among rbs 89% and is 6th in VOA when receiving. Good hands and good after the catch, one of the top pass catching backs is just what the team needs. Great move.
  18. There may be a lot of overreactions but calling it meaningless is just stupid imo. You have to do a lot wrong to lose a game you control t of poss 40 to 20 and outgain them 490 to 215. I still can't understand what the ***** happened at the end of the first half. That was so extremely stupid that it hurt my brain.🦧🤦‍♂️
  19. Regardless of anything else, that was pretty weird and ***** up imo. He legitimately wobbled and stumbled...twice! wtf???
  20. Just stupid. Not quite as stupid as the end of the first half, I still cant understand that at all.
  21. It should be no surprise to anyone, including coaching staff, that the oline sucks. Little talent and no depth, and guess what? Josh is not really Superman.
  22. I knew that stupidity at the end of the first half would cost them. What the ***** was that anyway? Bills went out of their way to lose that game. Over 40 minutes of possession, 500 yards to 212 and somehow you lose. Unreal.
  23. Wait, so the Bills paid him over 3 million and then dumped him because they were worried he would play well and then leave after this season? 😂
  24. Howard really earning his money from the Bills by helping Houston tie Indy. 2 tds from a guy who is so washed up the Bills gave him over 3 million dollars and dumped him without playing a snap. I guess it's hard to crack a roster with Sweeney as #2. Hughes performance is no surprise, he has been top 10 generating pressure every year for years now.
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