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  1. My post was sarcastic. Of course the o line is important and Josh Allen is not really Superman
  2. If he interviewed for head coach he'd have to explain what happened in the Chiefs game. If I had a football team I'd interview him just to find out. On a separate note, what an incredible lack of self awareness for him to say that. You just ***** the bed in front of the whole world.
  3. Ya, so puzzling. A real shocker nobody wants him after that Chiefs game. Is he really that unaware of the optics and size of that debacle? That was literally the worst coaching I've ever seen in over 55 years of watching football.
  4. All 32 NFL teams 107 FBS College teams 8 CFL teams pay them for their analytics. I'd say they are plenty relevant without you 'taking the bait' I'm not a subscriber but those teams are.
  5. His cousin Dave Shula (not his older brother Dave) was a fellow ski bum housemate of mine in Park City in '86 '87. Skied a ton and went on some Grateful Dead road trips together. Smart, funny, all around good dude. He's a year older than Mike.
  6. The Belle Star. I remember when it burned down. That place rocked. Made a fake Sheriffs ID in 77 when I was 16 with a Polaroid. Late 70s, early 80s at Sunset beach , Mulligans Beach and the Brick bar, Mickey Rats, SB day parties at Crystal Beach. Great concerts at the Aud and Summerfests at the stadium. Weekend parties in Caz Park and madness on Seneca St. South Buffalo was partying hard, glad I survived.🙂
  7. In 1978 I got caught smoking a joint in the girls bathroom with a couple other guys and a few girls.(the small bathroom was packed). Like a wiseguy I told the bouncer: "hey man what are you doing in here, this is the girls bathroom." I was then the first one to head out of the bathroom door and quickly disappeared into the crowd. I switched shirts and borrowed a baseball cap. The other 2 guys got booted and were drinking beer in the lot. About an hour and a few beers later I'm grooving to Sister Sledge with 3 or four fine ladies on the dance floor when the bouncer grabs me and escorts me to the door. Luckily he was a good sport and complimented me on my disguise. I was 17.
  8. Just a wild guess but my first thought is its because on average he has to do more on the road to win. I' m thinking the Bills probably trail more and are in closer games on the road, where Allen is forced to throw more down the field and be more aggressive. That all i got. p.s. as mentioned, the weather later in the season probably explains a lot of it as well.
  9. He allowed the most sacks in the league last year(11), so he's got that going for him.
  10. And Knox didn't catch a single TD pass in college.
  11. One of the guys I was hoping they would get. I think he will contribute right away. Welcome to the team Kahlil.
  12. Are his arms long enough? What does the research say?
  13. You don't need a 13sec specialist The proper defensive playcalling prevents that garbage Welcome Bernard I hope you are really good
  14. I like it I have a good feeling they got the right guy.
  15. My house is eerily quiet right now.
  16. It's great that players recognize the potential career benefit of having Josh Allen throwing to you. I hope he takes full advantage.
  17. He's definitely in the bottom 1/2 of the leagues starters, not sure if that makes him a scrub. A scrub with potential? Is he even the best QB on their team?
  18. That place is cursed. Seriously. Bad Juju
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