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  1. There may be a lot of overreactions but calling it meaningless is just stupid imo. You have to do a lot wrong to lose a game you control t of poss 40 to 20 and outgain them 490 to 215. I still can't understand what the ***** happened at the end of the first half. That was so extremely stupid that it hurt my brain.🦧🤦‍♂️
  2. Regardless of anything else, that was pretty weird and ***** up imo. He legitimately wobbled and stumbled...twice! wtf???
  3. Just stupid. Not quite as stupid as the end of the first half, I still cant understand that at all.
  4. It should be no surprise to anyone, including coaching staff, that the oline sucks. Little talent and no depth, and guess what? Josh is not really Superman.
  5. I knew that stupidity at the end of the first half would cost them. What the ***** was that anyway? Bills went out of their way to lose that game. Over 40 minutes of possession, 500 yards to 212 and somehow you lose. Unreal.
  6. Wait, so the Bills paid him over 3 million and then dumped him because they were worried he would play well and then leave after this season? 😂
  7. Howard really earning his money from the Bills by helping Houston tie Indy. 2 tds from a guy who is so washed up the Bills gave him over 3 million dollars and dumped him without playing a snap. I guess it's hard to crack a roster with Sweeney as #2. Hughes performance is no surprise, he has been top 10 generating pressure every year for years now.
  8. Chargers/Raiders Chiefs/Cards Packers/Vikings look the most entertaining Check in on the Pats Dolphins to see how they look same for Jets Ravens
  9. D was ferocious Once the offense quit stopping themself they were unstoppable Allen is a lion heart Dominant convincing win Fantastic
  10. Great Bills hat, my brother has one of those. He keeps it mounted on the wall at his house and wears it on game day, cracks me up. Cmon, snap out of it Miyagi. 😂
  11. I sang with a band in a club a few doors down the street in '83, Jose Murphy's Irish Pub. Its called the Open Bar now I believe. What a great crowd. I bet I know some of those folks.🙂
  12. Good Bills have a decent punter One week until liftoff
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