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  1. I am not advocating for his dismissal, I just think he will be. I didn't like the pick when it happened and if he is let go I like it even less. How was it 'clearly' an innocuous joke?
  2. Was not a fan of the Fromm pick to begin with, I would have taken OG Muti from Fresno St. The guy is a beast. Fromm was a wasted pick and I think he will be let go. To the people saying his text is being taken out of context. In what context would saying guns should be very expensive so only elite white people could afford them not be offensively racist?
  3. I shared a condo with his nephew Dave Shula (not his son Dave) while ski bumming in Park City around 87-88. Great guy, we skied in the day and worked in the same Main st restaurant at night. Took a few road trips together to GD shows⚡. I lost track of him over the years. Don Shula grew up in a big family on lake Erie in ne Ohio. Great coach and judging by his nephew's stories a really nice guy. RIP Don Shula
  4. The US and South Korea reported their first confirmed case on the same day. (Jan 20th) South Korea got the testing kits from WHO, the US said no thanx we will make our own tests. A week later South Korea began a rigorous testing program and contact tracing of positive results. The US bungled the testing program while the virus spread. The reason the US can't use the South Korea template is not because it wasn't caught here early enough as you say, it is because testing and contact tracing did not begin early enough.
  5. I agree with the comp picks are ridiculous posters. If they exist at all they should be at the end of the draft. A 3rd rnd pick just because someone else got your player in fa is stupid imo. Every team has to spend close to the cap so it makes no sense that it is supposed to help small market teams. It definitely hasn't helped Buffalo much over the years. It seems to me it has helped already good teams a lot more than the weak teams. It needs to be changed.
  6. Hodgins was targeted 13 times in the red zone last year. He caught 12 of them for 9 touchdowns. Here is how that compared. Also, Hodgins passer rating when red zone targeted was 141.2, 2nd in the nation behind only Tee Higgins at 148.4. I tried including that table and the #of targets table but my phone is ***** up.☺ https://www.google.com/amp/s/sportsinfosolutionsblog.com/2020/03/27/who-were-the-top-red-zone-receivers-among-nfl-prospects/amp/ Receiver Completion % Isaiah Hodgins 92% K.J. Hill 92% Tee Higgins 88% Henry Ruggs III 86% Justin Jefferson 85% Lawrence Cager 83% Receiver Touchdown Percentage (TDs) Tee Higgins 75% (6) Isaiah Hodgins 69% (9) Justin Jefferson 60% (12) K.J. Hill 58% (7) Lawrence Cager 50% (3) Donovan Peoples-Jones 50% (5)
  7. I think both of the wrs drafted make the final roster.
  8. The Bills oline isn't close to the Ravens'. The line is average to subpar in basically every metric and the Ravens is near the top in most metrics. Rolling with the same line the Bills are counting on continuity and experience to make them better than the subpar group they were last year. A lot of people seem to overestimate their performance or underestimate their importance in the offense. If you think they were adequate consider that Allen was tied for last among qbs in pocket time.https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2019/passing_advanced.htm (click on pressure at top of table) In the run game they were average to near the bottom in most every metric. No push in the power game, stuffed at the line or backfield more than 3/4 of the teams. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/nfl/offensive-line/2019 I wouldn't put it all on Allen. The line also must improve, a good line makes everyone better. Let's hope they improve.
  9. I've never been one of the rbs are a dime a dozen crowd but 6 in the first 2 rnds was a surprise to me. I wonder if that is an anomaly compared to other years. I'm too busy building a shop in my yard to check. I am also surprised there were 8 rbs taken before Moss, I think time will show that was a big mistake. That does explain why Moss was looking frustrated and angry in his living room though. I thought it was funny when they showed him the announcer was saying: "he doesn't like people, he's angry all the time".😂 Their loss is the Bills' gain. Epenesa and Moss falling to the Bills was just perfect.
  10. According to the much maligned (around here) PFF Moss does more than just bulldoze people. 'There wasn’t a more elusive running back in the 2020 NFL Draft than Zack Moss. He broke 0.33 tackles per rush attempt ever since his emergence as a true sophomore in 2017 and has broken 33 tackles on 66 catches in his career. Moss isn’t going to wow you with his speed, but he does pretty much everything else at a high level. He was PFF’s RB2 and has the size, vision, hands and elusiveness to succeed in the NFL.' I will add that he was 2nd in the nation this year with over 1000 yds after contact. A ridiculous 4.5 yac per rush. He was also 2nd in broken tackles.
  11. What planet is he from ? He looks like one those guys from the first Star Trek episode.
  12. Is Throckmorton still available? Has played every pos on the line, 4 year starter with no sacks surrendered in over 1100 snaps.
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