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  1. Sorry, I forgot for a moment they're not in SD anymore.😝
  2. I think the situations are kind of similar, though Watson is obviously more established as a star qb. However, I would much rather live in SD than in Houston.
  3. Sure, all that is secondary to the fact that the Chargers are a great situation for a new coach to walk into, but when you add it all together.....
  4. ^This They were 2 years apart at St Frannies and share the same agent. This is Dabolls most likely landing spot, he's not going to the Jets. If the Jets are his only HC option he'll stay in Buffalo another year imo. Herbert is going to be a star, with a good defense they could be challenging the Chiefs for the division in a couple years imo.
  5. Wilson has missed some throws pretty badly so far.
  6. His 40 of 4.50 secs is very close to Beasley, 4.49, Diggs and Roberts 4.46 and he is a much bigger guy. His 3 cone was faster than Diggs, Beasley, and Brown. He is fast and agile, especially for a guy his size. Trying hard is always a good thing but it's even better when your big fast and agile.
  7. I felt the same way about Rex, I was hoping he would be their coach forever. Instead the Bills hired him. Gase is on a whole other level of awful compared to Rex.
  8. The only reason they haven't fired Gase is because he's doing such a good job of losing, why blow it now?
  9. I'm ditching Direct tv after the season, I'm getting the NFL ticket for free this year for some reason. I'm sick of service disruptions, channels disappearing etc and am hardly watching it anymore. An air antenna gets me ~25 local channels, my Roku w Amazon Prime gets a couple hundred more channels and my laptop connected to the big screen allows me to stream practically any game from any sport or almost any sports channel out there.
  10. He made some great plays for GB. Check out the run after catch at ~3:55
  11. They moved 24 percentage points from positive 12 to -12, positive is bad for the defense. I don't know their methods but I have definitely seen improvement and the Bills sacks and takeaways combined since week 7 are behind only the Saints. edit. didn't see matter2003 already pointed it out on previous page
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