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  1. Barr's father hired Epstein as a teacher at the exclusive coed K-12 Dalton school in Manhattan in 1973, despite the fact that Epstein had no college degree. Barr also worked as an attorney for Kirkland and Ellis, the firm that helped negotiate the illegal non-prosecution agreement Epstein received in the Southern Florida case years ago. Barr was not a part of that negotiation as he joined the firm soon after that case, but Trump's personal attorney Alan Dershowitz was a part of Epstein's defense team. The current Secretary of Labor, Acosta, was the prosecutor with whom they negotiated. Barr has now recused himself from the case for these reasons. Edit:Not surprisingly he has now unrecused himself. I would like to add that both Clinton and Trump were friends with Epstein, but so far only Trump has been accused (in a civil suit) of raping children with Epstein. The lawsuit was withdrawn and I make no presumption of his guilt or innocence, just stating known facts. There is also this quote from Trump in 2002, "I've known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it - Jeffrey enjoys his social life." The elitist scum that infest DC are on both sides of the aisle and any thought that Trump intends to 'drain the swamp' are completely ludicrous and delusional imo. I see the left vs right paradigm as the elite's divide and conquer strategy, people quarrel like idiots while they loot the country and steal from future generations. I have never been affiliated with a political party, I prefer to think for myself.
  2. These are guys who were not in the draft but are now ineligible to play college ball next season.
  3. ELO was awesome! Santana tonight! Having my first ice cold delicious beer at the hotel pool as we speak.🐒
  4. 450 miles of 100 degree summer and smells like you have your head up a cow's ass?
  5. Jeff Lynne's ELO with Dani Harrison in Portland tomorrow night, younger brother flying out from NY to spend a week with my wife and I. Next night we see The Doobie Bros open for Santana. Then 4 days at the Oregon Coast for the Fourth where my band plays every year. Oregon Country Fair's 50th anniversary the next week with Phil Lesh and his Terrapin All Stars headlining. Summertime!!!🎆🎉💃⚡🎵🍺
  6. Yes, life does seem easier when I'm unconscious. Not having a conscience probably makes things easier for some as well. ☺
  7. They probably forgot the Bills have Duke Williams.
  8. I read that Johnson is an elite skater, good puck mover with NHL skill level. Needs to fill out and add strength. Time will tell. I like the Cozens pick, solid all around game. Too bad they don't have a 2nd round pick coming up, some good talent still on the board.
  9. Was hoping they would get Lavoie, I think he would be ready to play a lot sooner. 6'4" 200 lbs RW that scored 20 goals in a 23 game playoff run. Johnson might turn into a good pro but he looks a few years physically from being ready. Looks like a skinny kid to me. I think he is at the very least 2 yrs away, going to U of Minn next year as a freshman.
  10. I'm not dismissing him as a tackle at all, in fact I expect him to be a starting tackle at some point. I think he just needs some development in that regard. He has a lot of experience at guard and I think he could start at the position right away while he hones his pass pro skills. I was just agreeing that there's nothing wrong with him becoming a good guard. I fully expect him to have a good career whatever position he ends up playing.
  11. I think Ford will start at guard before he starts at tackle. Andre Dillard and Jonah Williams both have shorter arms than Ford so I don't see his length necessarily precluding him from playing tackle. I think he just needs improvement against outside speed rushers. He only had one season playing tackle in college I think, but had been a star guard for years before that in high school and college. I agree if he becomes a good guard and doesn't end up a starter at tackle that's okay.
  12. I think these are the top 5 linemen. Ford can move to tackle in case of injury, Long is the first backup at G LT Dawkins LG Spain C Morse RG Ford RT Nsekhe Depth G Long, Teller G/C Feliciano T Ford, Waddle,
  13. I think Dawkins and Nsekhe will be the starting tackles, Ford has a lot of experience at guard and I think that is where he will be if he is a starter to begin the season. He will eventually be a starter at tackle after working on his pass pro against speed rushers. For anyone to suggest he will be a bust at this point is just completely ridiculous, he is one of the most powerful, athletic, and versatile lineman in his class. I expect him to have a great career whatever line position he plays.
  14. Was thinking the same.
  15. At the Auditorium in Toronto, I don't think he would have been comfortable at the game.
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