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  1. Just guessing but it probably stems from the fact that he was not good in pass coverage. 115 passer rating when targeted. 4 tds surrendered on 60 targets 12.5 yds per catch 7 yards after catch/rec He was literally one of the worst MLB in the league at pass coverage. So that's probably where that came from.
  2. I'd settle for some consistently competent play, less missed tackles and improved coverage skills. DPOY ? DPOY ? That would be an amazing development that I would love to see. If that happens the Bills are a top 3 defense and SB favorites.
  3. Loudon Wainwright III 'Swimming Song' https://youtu.be/ne6eS_SmccQ I only know how to post link address.
  4. I'll take talent over continuity anytime. If they have no talent I don't want them to come back.😝
  5. Wrong, neither of the giant tackles were drafted for their run blocking abilities. It is not a strong point for either of them.
  6. 3rd and long 5 man front Hughes Basham Oliver Rousseau Obada/Addison withMilano and 5dbs. No time for downfield plays to develop. So sick of watching teams convert 3rd and longs because of soft coverage or lack of aggression. 3rd and long is when got em where you want em and go for the kill.
  7. Hughes was tied with TJ Watt for highest pass rush win rate. Bills D was 2nd in the league at that stat. The outside pass rush wasn't the main problem. The coverage scheme was soft and the inside rush was weak allowing qbs to avoid rush and hit open outlets. Tighter coverage and more push in the middle would have resulted in more sacks. I don't think the outside rush was the main problem, but they definitely needed an influx of young talent.
  8. Basham won't be spelling Star at all unless it's a passing down. He's a 280 lb end who can play 3T, he's not a NT.
  9. GugnyTunes That's all Folkscontent://com.android.chrome.FileProvider/images/screenshot/1619993484004209579784.gif
  10. I suspect he will be used as an interior pass rusher on passing downs this year. He did a lot of his work from the inside in his one big season. His pass rush win rate on the inside was dominant while his win rate on the outside was average. He's not a speed rusher or pure pass rusher at this point. He wins with power, tenacity, and an instinctual nose for the ball (having octopus arms helps as well). While he works on his outside moves he can play end on early downs and then kick inside on obvious passing downs while a speed rush specialist takes over at end.
  11. Big fat tub of goo at NT? Already have that covered.
  12. Doyle is a weak run blocker, lunges and loses control. Brown has great feet for pass pro and is better run blocking on the move and at angles. His scheme fit is vertical passing game. UNI ran 40% of time. Doyle only played 150 snaps last year and 85 were passes.
  13. I agree. You said they addressed the lack of run blocking twice over(an obvious reference to the 2 draftees I assumed) I'm merely pointing out that those new guys will most likely not be helping the run game this year. The Bills run blocking was bottom of the league and I think it's mostly wishful thinking to think it will improve significantly with the same personnel. If they stay healthy and play as a unit they will improve but at some point you have to improve the talent level. I'm hoping for the best but I'm not gonna kid myself that the line got better for this year. That's been the wish
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