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  1. The players who attended all practiced with the team? That means if any of them caught it their whole team could have it now. It also means they could expose the Bills on Sunday. That could derail the entire season and the NFL is just going to look the other way evidently. It is completely unfair to the players who are following the rules that they and their families will be put at risk. With no enforcement of the rules I'm not confident this season gets finished.
  2. Allen is more confident and playing better. His passes are more accurate with more touch. I agree that having receivers making tough catches is a great addition. Diggs has been even better than I thought he was, a revelation to this point and Davis has been great. Even with the new weapons, I can't deny that Allen has seemingly turned a corner and is playing at another level now.
  3. They broke the rules everyone agreed to, the Bills should not be anywhere near those players. The Bills must insist those guys don't play, their ignorance could put the entire season at risk. Fukin idiots. If the team says they can't play they should forfeit, if you willfully break the rules agreed upon you deserve no special treatment.
  4. There is no way those players should be allowed anywhere near the Bills, who are following protocol to protect the game. No Way. I would insist on it if I were the Bills. Also, the teams that break protocol should get no special considerations regarding making up games that can't be played. If you break protocol and the team can't play you forfeit. If they don't keep teams accountable the whole season could be lost.
  5. I don't have gamepass, this is a free site.
  6. there's a website that has every game, full or condensed
  7. The Hyde and Poyer duo are still top 5 in the league. Defenses are struggling and scoring is at an all time high right now across the league. The safeties are not a problem.
  8. The play is over when he hits the ground. There is no wrestling the ball away while on the ground, that's ridiculous. The play is over when he hits the ground, period.
  9. How was that an interception? It makes no ***** sense whatsoever.
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