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  1. They can all play guard. Ford seems the most likely to me, he was a 4 star guard recruit out of high school and played guard his first two years of college. Played tackle for only a year and have read scouts say he needs better footwork for pass protection on the outside. Nsekhe has played guard professionally and Dawkins played guard in the Senior Bowl after playing tackle in college. Many scouts projected him as a guard in the pros. My guess is Ford for his first year, but I think any one of them is a top two guard on the team.
  2. "Oliver might be the biggest boom-or-bust candidate in this entire class. His athleticism has warranted some scouts to compare him to Aaron Donald, but Oliver is even more undersized than Donald was, as his playing weight was reportedly under 285 pounds. Because of that lack of size, some have called for Oliver to switch to linebacker. In the right scheme — where he can play nose tackle in a three-technique — Oliver could become an All-Pro. Teams may also discover this fall that he is a major project who has to switch positions if he can’t handle NFL-sized offensive linemen. " ---------------- ----------------- ----------------------- This is the yardbarker.com quote in the OP. These guys are full of crap. At the combine Donald was 6'1" 285, Oliver was 6'2" 287 and somehow Oliver is even more undersized than Donald? The authors brain must be undersized. Oliver was also quicker, jumped higher and further, and did just 3 less reps on the bench. 32 to Donalds 35.
  3. Not wearing a seatbelt. Jaywalking and crossing against the light. Illegal. Not a surprise, less people you have to scrape off the street. Speaking of nanny state, you know what's illegal in Dallas. Dildos. In fact, speaking of nanny states Texas has got some of the weirdest and most backward laws in the nation on the books. You probably knew that though.
  4. I agree Kroft has a higher ceiling athletically as a pass catcher but definitely did not see him as low risk, nor was I shocked to hear of his injury. I saw James as more dependable, know what you are getting kind of guy. James is 6'7" and not even 25 years old yet so I don't think he has reached his ceiling. I hope Kroft can come back but still think there was a lot of hopeful thinking involved with the Bills paying him in the top 15 of tes.
  5. This was never low risk. The guy is porcelain and actually got injured the very first day of ota. This was so predictable. How was a guy that only appeared in 5 games and only caught 4 passes last year a better option than a 6'7" 260 LB guy who can block and catch passes, over 14yds per catch last year, and has not missed a single game in the last 3 years? That guy, James, signed after Kroft for less money. I know you like Krofts potential but this situation was sadly predictable imo. They didn't protect themself at all. He was guaranteed 9 million dollars and if he can't play that money is wasted and could have gone to someone who could.
  6. Seeing him end of June in Oregon, the next day going to Santana and The Doobie Bros.
  7. Neil Young with Promise of the Real (Willie Nelson's kid's band) tomorrow night in Eugene.☺
  8. I wanted them to get Jesse James, he avg over 14 yds/c last year and signed with Detroit for less than Kroft got. He has played in every game for the last 3 years. Instead they get the injured guy who caught 4 passes in 5 games last year. Brilliant!
  9. The guy is made of porcelain. Why they would offer him 9 million guaranteed is a mystery to me. Here is an excerpt from his draft profile. . Sprained his ankle in Dec. 26 bowl game and received rehab in order to be ready for combine. During medical exams, ankle was re-injured and was unable to participate. It was always going to hinge on Knox? The plan was to count on a guy who didn't catch a single td in college? Why did the Bills make Kroft the 12th highest paid te in the league if that was the plan? Why did the Bills pay Kroft so much? What has he done to justify being the 12th highest paid? He played in 5 games last year and caught 4 ***** passes. Ridiculous.
  10. Thnx for that info. I knew about the Senior Bowl and just assumed he had prior experience. I still think Ford is more of an instant starter on the interior than at tackle. His footwork needs improvement in pass pro for the pros I remember reading. He, unlike Dawkins, has only played one year of tackle. However it shakes out I am glad they have more talent on the o line.
  11. So he played guard at Temple and in the Senior Bowl. He played mostly tackle but was projected to play guard in the pros by many. I was merely saying that he, Nsekhe, and Ford have all played the position. I expect Ford to be the one to move inside for his first year.
  12. Dawkins played guard in college and in the Senior Bowl. Ford was a 4 star guard recruit entering college and played 2 years at guard before playing only one year at tackle before the draft. Nsekhe has played guard in the pros and college. One of them is moving inside. My guess at this early point is it will be Ford for now.
  13. After more than 3 weeks the OP still hasn't corrected the spelling of Wawrow's name in the title? Come On Man!! The original post after the incorrectly spelled title has his name spelled correctly 16 times! Wtf? I guess I am the only one annoyed by this.😂
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