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  1. I have to take partial responsibility. I left the room to get a jump on the commercial break and completely missed the blocked punt td. For some reason I thought they would be okay without my calm focus and intensity for one play, a punt. I am definitely not taking any responsibility for the play calling, Allen's terrible game, or the lack of talent on the offensive line.
  2. Hutchinson looks like the real deal. Michigan looked solid. Not sure how strong the win turns out to be, Washington has no offense and lost last week to Montana.
  3. Thanks, haven't had time to finish it yet but great analysis. The Bills have 3 of the top 5 wrs in the league in efficiency vs zone coverage. Diggs Beasley and Sanders; Thielen and Cooks are the other 2. That's incredible.
  4. Ransom not even trying to get lower, he's launching up as he smashes the side of wr's head and neck with his helmet. Such a dangerous play, then he laughs on the sideline and goes unpunished. The complete opposite message of what the sport is trying to promote. It's disgusting. People saying that's just football are idiots. It's a dangerous sport but that's why these rules exist in the first place. If that kind of violence and injury is why you watch football(read multiple posts online today of people saying this), get help. That's a young man's brain being damaged for your entertainment. (the get help comment is in general and not to anyone in particular)
  5. content://com.android.chrome.FileProvider/images/screenshot/1630710477032662557618.jpg Launches headfirst and hits him in the earhole with his helmet. Exactly the hit the rule was to prevent. How the ***** does that not draw a penalty? He was out before he hit the ground! Then they only reviewed the play to see if he fumbled? Didn't even look at or mention the targeting, nothing to see here. It's not a good look for the Big 10. Didn't they change their league rules near the end of season in Dec last year to benefit Ohio State? Hard to understand how anyone could think the Big 10 is protecting and aiding their best chance at $$$$$$$ and a title. huh?
  6. Who's reffing the Oregon game? The Big 10 conference homer refs or a neutral conference? I cannot believe that play was reviewed and instead of targeting they changed the call to a fumble and recovery. Besides the impact on the game the optics for the sport were just horrific. The guy was hit in the head with the helmet and literally knocked unconcious.
  7. Sanders ran the fastest combine 40 among the current wrs on the team though it was some years ago. Sanders(4.41)McKenzie(4.42) Stevenson(4.45) Diggs(4.46) Beasley(4.49)
  8. Sanders was a burner coming into the league. 4.39 to 4.41 4.34 for Brown at the combine Sanders 10 yd and 20 yd splits were faster than Browns. Don't know how much speed he's lost but he's still pretty quick and fast and is a better and more complete route runner than Brown.
  9. That wasn't targeting at all. Just because he hit him in the head full speed with his helmet knocking him unconscious doesn't make it targeting. Clean play and a fumble, move that unconscious kid out of the way.😳
  10. Hilarious! Now do Sweeney Sorry, just being a wise guy. Cheers🍻
  11. He's better than Knox and Sweeney when it comes to routes and catching the ball. Two seasons: Knox 14 drops 94 targets 52 rec Hollister 3 drops 99 targets 66 rec Sweeney is a blocker and short field safety valve, too slow to get open downfield without a blown coverage. It is what it is. This team is stacked at wr and Allen looks ready to attack. Hollister as a rather weak blocker was not what they were looking for. I think he will have more opportunity and production in Jacksonville so that's good for him. No matter, it's in the rearview mirror and the Bills are ready to kickoff the season. This is gonna be good. You should be a GM, you seem to know everything.
  12. He's gonna be on the field playing in Jacksonville. Did people really think he would be on a PS?
  13. I just turned on the game. Minnesota ball. A penalty, 2 runs up the middle into an extremely stacked line and a timeout because the play clock. Then a run for 3 yards after the wasted timeout. Who designed this offense?😁
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