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  1. Wow, Indiana's coach is a complete moron. That was the stupidest decision I've seen in a lonngggg time. Definitely looked pretty serious judging by his reaction.
  2. The Bills offensive weapons don't scare anyone. Two decent but undersized wrs, an underutilized rookie rb paired with a 40 yr old and little else. The fact that a rookie te with problems catching the ball is their 3rd best receiver says it all. Not surrounding their young QB with weapons but asking him to throw 40 times a game is not a good plan.
  3. Damn! I missed it. Went to the store. I have to watch a replay.
  4. They desperately need a big talented wr who can get open and win the contested catches. Beasley and Brown are average to pretty good NFL receivers, but they are Smurfs. If they wanted help for this year they should have taken a chance on Gordon imo. Hawks got him for 1 million and he made 2 clutch 3rd down receptions to help them win his first game.
  5. I agree. It's hard to say the Bills don't run the ball well enough when Singletary is averaging 6 yds a carry but only gets 8 carries a game. 41 passes and 14 handoffs against one of the worst run defenses in the league, in a game that was close throughout is just ridiculous.
  6. 41 passes and 14 handoffs against one of the worst run defenses in the league in a game that was close throughout. 34 passes and 12 handoff in a game played in howling 45 mph winds. Lack of short quick passing options to keep the pass rush off of Allen. Putting the offense completely on Allen's shoulders, even the running game. Singletary is averaging over 6 yds a carry but only gets the ball 8 times a game, Allen rushes 7.4 times per game. I've seen enough idiocy from Daboll.
  7. The D was so soft on that last drive it was embarrassing, no aggression or drive to finish them off.
  8. Daboll has looked like dog**** as an OC for 2 years in Cleveland, a year in Miami, and a year in KC, and this year in Buffalo, every NFL OC job he has had.
  9. The defense was so soft on that last Browns drive, no attempt to finish them off.
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