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  1. Change the stupid title to this thread. He is not 'Ray Ray' Davis and never will be. Knock it off and don't disrespect him like that, who the ***** would want to share a nickname with Ray McCloud ?
  2. Davis hit one of the top 5 in-game speeds for rbs last season at 21.7mph vs Florida. That speed is 10th including wrs. Notice the top 5 in-game speeds for wrs Not surprised to see Troy Franklin at top 2, tied with Legette behind Worthy..I've seen him in person, ludicrous in-game speed. How about Brendan Rice with 5th fastest speed?... I have no idea how he dropped to the 7th round. 6'3" 205lbs Caught 14 tds last season on only 45 catches, 31% of rec for TDS. 17.6yds per catch.... And he's Jerry ***** Rice's kid! Wasn't even worth a 6th round flier? Weird. P.S. For those thinking Coleman plays faster than his 4.61 40 would indicate....he doesn't. His 19.6 mph aligns perfectly with his 4.61
  3. McD is still here, identity pretty much the same....soft shell, stop the big play while giving away first downs underneath, offense on the sideline too long....will work against inconsistent qbs and will not against the good ones. Bend until you finally break. AKA The death of a thousand cuts
  4. Unfortunately Coleman was not very good vs press man and single coverage. Being bigger doesn't necessarily make you better at getting off the line, Troy Franklin at 180 lbs was top 2 yprr vs press man and top 3 vs single. Footwork and hands are what beat the press.
  5. Scary bunch... Secondaries are trembling with fear
  6. Knox is not special in any way and is ridiculously overpaid. He scored 9 tds one season because he was Josh Allen's main RZ target but he's scored a total of 13tds in his other 4 seasons, 3.25 per year. He's gained less than 400 yds in 3 out of his 5 seasons and has never gained over 587 yds. He made over $14 million last year and gained 186 yards with 2 tds. Probably not the best endorsement for what you're selling. People had good reason to question that 3rd round pick imo, and even more reason to question that extension.
  7. The article says " they added speedster Gabe Davis" 🤣
  8. Davis hit the 4th highest top speed among all college rbs last season, 21.7 mph vs Florida. People don't think of him as fast but only 3 rbs ran faster. He ran for 280 yds that game and won me $ on FanDuel. 🙂 This guy is a legitimate 3 down back and will not be pigeonholed as a short yardage back. He'll be able to sub for Cook on any down and run the full playbook.
  9. Hate to burst bubbles but the narrative that he has fast in-game speed and that he is a beast at contested catches is not supported by the data. His contested catch win rate of 45% was 11th among prospects. His top in game speed of 19.6 mph was 15th. Even though he has good size, he's not good at beating press or single man coverage either. I'm not saying he won't be good, I'm just saying that these assumptions many are making were not backed up on the field. If they were not strengths in college, expecting them to be strengths in the pros seems completely unrealistic.
  10. These are the top speeds hit by the top prospects during last college season from Reel Analytics Colemans top speed of 19.6 mph, he achieved during a punt return, was the lowest among the 15 wrs they posted. Ray Davis with the 4th highest top speed for rbs of 21.7 mph vs Florida
  11. Those speeds are from running those route drills in shorts at the combine. Not in game speed last season. Reel Analytics tracks and posts top speeds in game each week of the season. Coleman's top speed in game last year was 19.6 mph, last among the 15 wr prospects the article covered.
  12. Where did you read that? His top game speed last season was only 19.6 mph Here's a list of the top speeds of the top prospects. Coleman is last among the 15 wrs they posted.
  13. You can blame Diggs for being the same guy he's always been but the Bills knew who he was; and still they put themselves in a position where he could damage the team. Giving him the large guaranteed money extension with 2 years still left on his contract was an unnecessary, self-inflicted mistake; especially with Allen about to sign his huge 2nd contract. That contract with the 2 years left would have expired after last season. A perfect time to move on and $31 million more to spend winning a SB this year. $31 million more this season could have made a big difference in their chances. Instead they have the biggest non QB dead cap hit in NFL history. Blame Diggs for being himself ...but Beane and the Bills should have known better, they did this to themselves.
  14. He had the 4th highest top in-game speed among all college rbs last season, 21.7 mph vs Florida. For comparison, Coleman's top speed last season was 19.6 mph
  15. I see a lot of fans are labelling him a short yardage back.....Davis hit the 4th highest in-game top speed among all college rbs last season, 21.7 mph vs Florida.
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