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Fights in the stands during Wild Card Game? WTF?

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1 hour ago, Simon said:


I got to give him some credit.

It's not easy to win a fight from the lower row. 





You should just beat the hell out of him until he gives you a number you like.

Seriously.  Zubas took him down early and didn’t capitalize.  Lower level got up and went full Ralphie* on him.  That gets you the KO in a fight with zero technique involved. 

Problem solved. 

* A Christmas Story reference 

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The best fight I ever saw was in the upper deck late in the 4th quarter when there were a lot of empty seats.  The two guys started rolling down multiple rows and my main concern was making sure I was not in their way.  At one point I thought they would make it to the 1st row and try to throw each other over the railing, but the fight went into the concourse & I never found out how it finished.  

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2 hours ago, Bob in STL said:



Wasn't the people there season ticket holders ? 


If so i hope they got their names and ban them from going to any more games for next season we finally get to the play offs haven't been able to go to the stadium all year and these morons do this BRILLIANT ...

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3 hours ago, Buffalo_Stampede said:

I'm still impressed with blue shirts ability to land those punches. 

respect - he landed well and had inferior position.  I was expecting him to be gasssed after the first few punches, but he impressed.  I have a feeling he and the winning zubaz pants in the second fight came together.  They both handled their own and didn't get aggressive toward each other.

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So like most fans especially season tickets holders you know your section numbers


Re: for that game we were on the visitor side 20 yard line that fight is also on the visitor side 20 yard lines row 20 to 25 and the crowd is looking left so we in our section never saw the fight the game was much better to watch 

So the bills could have been in that corner for many of the first half drive starts 

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Bills dad had the high ground and lost simply due to lack of killer instinct. Once dude slipped and banged his knees he needed to deliver the knock out head shot, instead he let dude regain footing and take away one of his arms when high ground dude went for chokehold. Amateur. 

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