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  1. I'm still waiting on the talking molecule😎
  2. I'd like to know about his off-season work...the hell with Gabe at this point
  3. Freudian slip 😎 Don't be like Shannon Sharpe and Pat McAfee 😎
  4. Did anyone hear the Pat McAfee show today? I'm hearing that Beane said the ship is still in port for signing DHop. Anybody else hear this?
  5. Kincaid hasn't proven anything against NFL caliber DBs/LBs. Much rather have a known commodity with all the 1 year deals
  6. With all the 1 year deals, this is the season to go ALL IN!! Restructure some deals and add DHop to the mix!! A known sure handed receiver with the ability to separate. Consider DHop as Beasley on steroids!! (hypothetically speaking)
  7. How about simply restructuring some contracts and get DHop? Go ALL IN this season!!
  8. Love this signing. Now complete the mission at hand!! Restructure some contracts and make DHop happen!! Go ALL IN!!
  9. Sad... but probably true. Shaq is definitely a better player at this point
  10. I propose you go watch some Jerry Rice highlights. Most of his damage was in YAC
  11. Two more guys that were never considered "deep threats". Matter of fact, there were reports that teams took Rice out of the 1st round because of his 40 time. Rice and Fitzgerald were both considered great route runners with excellent hands. Although Rice had problems with the dropsies early in his career.
  12. Don't believe me @Mr. WEO, go check his combine results. I believe he ran a 4.65 40. He was NEVER considered a deep threat
  13. He NEVER was a DEEP THREAT. Can he catch the ball? I think he can be a better version of Beasley for Josh. A reliable safety valve
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