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  1. Shouldn’t a leader change course when it reaches a roadblock? His motto of “execution” used to annoy me. If someone knew what my next move was, execution of my move would be moot
  2. I have two questions: 1) Why no choice of “other” on the poll? 2) Anyone know if there will be a wingfest this year?
  3. It's a win win situation for Beane to explore the possibility of a trade. One, to bolster the pass rush which was a big deficiency for the team. Two, the thought of bringing in a talented player with Rochester roots could help in the regionalization efforts the team is trying to develop. As a Bills fan, I'd love to see it happen just to put a middle finger up at Watt, Murray and Dhop
  4. Snyder Bar and Grill for wings. Macy’s pizza for pizza and wings(takeout)
  5. I’d rather he do his talking on the football field I wanted Jackson/Darnold/Allen, in that order.
  6. IMO, Thurman Thomas was one of the absolute best all purpose RBs in the NFL. I also believe if he was force fed the football like Emmitt Smith was, his rushing yardage would be much higher. Remember, Barry Sanders was RB2 at Oklahoma State.
  7. Don't everyone have one of those... a wingman? 😎. I've been one numerous times 😁You don't know how many times my buddy fell asleep on my couch
  8. I remember the great Cris Carter speaking at a rookie symposium and telling them "the NFL don't need you." "Playing in the NFL is a honor, not a privilege" I hope they remember this.
  9. I just did the same. Got same message. Hope they don’t charge me.
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