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  1. Serviceable=Beasley, Smoke, Motor, Gabe, McKenzie, etc. This team needs more impact players!!
  2. This is where Beane makes his money. He may have to move some assets
  3. I believe the line can be fixed in the draft. Darnell Wright is plug and play at RT. There's a plethora of IOL in draft that can play day one as well. Bijan helps the WR position.
  4. It's like groundhogs day with some of you guys. They said the same when Jonathan Taylor was available. Breece Hall. Let's stop playing and get THE BEST RB in college football to add to the BEST QB in the NFL. Let's help the Bills play action/RPO game by giving them a RB that will effect the play of the opposing teams linebacking corp. As far as Cook's weight, maybe he could've put it on but would it have affected his playing speed? There was a reason it wasn't done at Georgia
  5. Flame away!! https://thespun.com/.amp/more/top-stories/espn-analysts-top-5-quarterbacks-ever-list-is-going-viral
  6. I voted to draft but only if Bijan Robinson is there. If not, then punt the pick for more
  7. I'll also be watching: Zay Flowers-WR Ricky Stromberg-C Carter Warren-OT
  8. I'll be paying close attention to the offensive linemen in both games. This is where you watch them against the top competition and see how they compete.
  9. @NewEra, I’m gonna try this one more again!! Not trying to hit the hundred page mark though 😂. Bijan Robinson is THE dual threat RB needed to supplement Josh Allen. I banged the drum for Breece Hall last draft. I’m gonna clash the cymbals for Bijan. Maybe Beane and Co. will hear this time. Offensive linemen can be had to immediately help this team in rd 2 and beyond
  10. Heyyyy... If the GOAT HC can have a former DC be his OC, why not? 😎
  11. Listening to WGR this morning and I'd like to know who would Jeremy/Sneaky Joe like the Bills to draft with their first pick? Anyone have any idea? I know they are adamant about not drafting a RB even if Bijan Robinson is there
  12. It was better than asking the name of the strip club it was found at😎
  13. Has Sean McDermott been spotted at any of these collegiate All Star games?? I seen Mike Tomlin at Senior Bowl practices personally scouting offensive line prospects. I'm having serious questions about the Bills scouting department based on prior drafts
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