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  1. Now that Kiko Alonso was waived by Niners, maybe we can start the "Legend of Christian Wade" thread?
  2. πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½ Taron Johnson brings his A game
  3. I got caught up in the moment watching Eagles highlights
  4. I know this is a Chargers v Bills thread, but how in the hell did the Bills lose to the Eagles???
  5. I'm sorry but Hanzus and his power rankings are a joke!! He's on PFF level of buffoonery
  6. Kiko Alonzo has been waived by Niners. Is the legend of Kiko done?
  7. He's beloved in Buffalo and stated it's his favorite fan base. He gets my WOF vote
  8. Isn't Jordan Howard still sitting out there? Him and Moss can be that physical tandem needed late in the season. Is a home run threat a necessity at RB? Give me a back who can break off an occasional 30-40 yd scamper. If I remember correctly Thurman Thomas didn't have breakaway speed
  9. That's my only problem with Levi, the tackling.
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