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  1. If I may, JOK 6’1” 215; Zaven 6’4” 260. Both can move. Would prefer bigger option
  2. Was referring to the premium dollars part
  3. You’d think they’d learn something from the Morse experience
  4. Does this mean Golliday/Jones Jr. could be had in FA???
  5. Blocking is a mindset, not a matter of size. It’s about want to. Besides, he’s not much smaller than Kelce.
  6. Love that commercial!! Mom and Dad did the Kid n Play
  7. If I have to choose between McShay and Simms, I’m rolling with Chris. He played the position at a high level.
  8. I really hope he’s there. It would definitely improve the run defense. He can do it all. Think of a bigger, more athletic Kuechly potential
  9. To paraphrase the great Uncle Luke “face down....”
  10. I sure hope her draft falls this way and Zaven Collins is there at 30. Beane better have Rich Eisen ready to run card to commissioner. I'd be okay with resigning Williams and targeting the interior of the line later in the draft. Fingers crossed
  11. https://billswire.usatoday.com/2021/03/02/buffalo-bills-notre-dame-tommy-tremble-lee-smith-dawson-knox/ Tremble met virtually with Bills
  12. For me, I want the player that wants to play in Buffalo to win first and foremost. Not a player that wants to come to Buffalo for a paycheck. I’m sure that GM and coach are gauging this in talks with FAs.
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