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  1. Sanders has to run behind possibly the worst offensive line in football and still produce.
  2. Do you think Levi has troubles with physical WRs? Can he man up when needed?
  3. Miles Sanders would be an immediate upgrade at RB. I'd swap Miles for Motor in a NY minute
  4. The problem with that thought is that Henry usually gets his big runs on stretch plays. Wouldn’t had been better to have guys that can pursue?
  5. The penalties are sickening when they keep being called on the same person…cough Andre Smith
  6. Watch the Cardinals game. They made Tannehill hold the ball an extra second longer allowing Chandler Jones’s abuse of Taylor Lewan. Against the Bills, late in game, Tannehill would hit that back foot and let the ball fly. Bills need upgrade at CB 2. I’d be on phone with Denver/Pittsburgh asking price for Kyle Fuller/Joe Haden. Missing piece for SB run. Can get by with crepe paper offensive line because of Josh’s ability.
  7. Brandon Beane should be on the phone with Pittsburgh/Denver and seeing what it would cost to acquire Joe Haden/Kyle Fuller. Both are in the last year of their contracts. We need a rental #2 CB to get us over the hump. If I had to give up a 3 or 4 to acquire, consider it done. Hell, throw in Cody Ford. We can get by with the porous offensive line because of Josh athletic ability for this Super Bowl run. We can’t cross the finish line if the defense continues to give up 3rd and long opportunities because of a deficiency at CB.
  8. Better than Mighty Taco!! I’m still having gas issues🥺 I thought it was because of Tremaine Edmunds 😳
  9. Can someone with offensive line knowledge start a "Morse Report"?
  10. They had backups on their offensive line!! The Bills defense couldn't get off the field on 3rd and long on multiple occasions allowing Henry more attempts to carry the ball. Levi Wallace, although decent, is a weak link in defensive backfield when it comes to physical, fast WRs. He's not strong enough to challenge them at the line allowing them easy release and not giving the rush to effect Tannehill. Wish Frazier would have tried Dane Jackson a series or two.
  11. Our investment in D-line was somewhere sitting in escrow or in an off shore account for some reason. I'm all about loyalty, but McDermott suffers from it to his detriment. Basham and Epenesa should've been dressed and playing last night. I'd rather see more of them than Addison. Also, I feel like the Mitch Morse experience is over. He's just not powerful enough to handle quality defensive linemen.
  12. Unfortunately, every team with dominant IDL will have the Bills number until they make changes. I'm, honestly, afraid that the Jets game will be closer than we think because of their defensive front 7. We focus on 76, but I think the problem is 60.
  13. Defense couldn't get off the field on 3rd and long on multiple occasions last night. Agree with the penalties.
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