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  1. Oh boy the memories!! Jeff-Ferry Deli (Tommy) would have pictures taped around the pop/soda cooler of all the beautiful women from the neighborhood. Scottie's had the BEST steak sandwiches in the country bar none. Henry's hamburgers was next door (owned by a Bills player). And who can forget Tony and his red hots!! There also was a nightclub there where groups like the O'Jays and Aretha Franklin got their careers going. The Annual Juneteenth celebration originated on Jefferson Avenue and would be AWESOME if it were to go back this year.
  2. They’re standing in front of Woodlawn park basketball courts!! Lots of local legends played there Twin Fair
  3. I'm old enough to remember when there were multiple food stores in the area. There were the B-Kwik markets that were up and down Jefferson Avenue. The A&P market between E.Ferry and Brunswick Blvd. Mr& Mrs. Cromer had their little market on E. Ferry near Doris Records that provided fresh produce. This was a thriving community at one point in time. The community I grew up in
  4. I was going to say there's only room for one Brandon in the organization, but I'm all for your reasoning
  5. PLEASE!! If anyone from the Bills organization reads this forum, please put this into consideration. The message is AWESOME and for the community to be able to wear and spread the message would be something magnificent. Logos from all three organizations underneath the message would really push the "One Buffalo" narrative. Show the world that we are One Buffalo, united to stomp out HATE!!
  6. https://sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/former-nfl-running-back-frank-gore-wins-pro-boxing-debut-043622725.html
  7. Those guys at LaNova’s put some extra sauce on them wings. Contracts has signatures and sauce prints on them 😎 And cracking open tops
  8. Damn those LaNova wings looked good!! Who's Jimmy?
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