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  1. I think Josh is still looking for that guy to take the top off of defenses. I'm curious why the Bills haven't reached out to Desean Jackson? To quote Von Miller, is he "bad medicine"? I know he can still fly
  2. Milano's push wasn't malicious IMO. He shouldn't have been ejected.
  3. His head CLEARLY hit the ground in this video, so both things can be true
  4. Those guys on First Things First are tools!! Prick Wright tries to bring up the Mahomes situation from last year where the team took him out of the game because they thought he had a concussion. Wright says he spoke to Mahomes and the Rat said he wasn't concussed, just choked out. Prick even said Mahomes head never hit the ground. Video shows Mahomes got pile drived
  5. Shnowman needs a shirt!! May be considered soft porn😎
  6. Do we really need to hear from them?? I tend to believe my lying eyes😎
  7. Question now is who's gonna show up other than Diggs? We know Gabe isn't healthy. Where you at Knox? Will the Bills incorporate Cook into the passing game from the backfield? Crowder/Lil Dirty? Y'all wanted Beasley's crown, where y'all at? Not really concerned about the defense
  8. What did y'all expect of an older player, sitting on a couch, trying to come back and play professionally? Hell, I kind of blame the training staff for letting him push too hard. I'm an older player trying to get back on the basketball court and even I know that my wheels aren't ready even though I can shoot with the best of them right now.
  9. I have to say this, Skip Bayless is a jaded person. How does he say Josh comes up short in big games? That he shrinks in pressure situations? Did he not see the Arizona/KC games last season? It wasn't Josh's fault in those games that the Bills lost!! Defense in both of those cases were the reason. I know he and Prick Wright says what they do for click bait, but C'MON MAN!!
  10. This is cool. I want a healthy Jordan Phillips for the KC game
  11. 15-2, 14-3 should still be good enough to secure home field advantage. I'm not concerned
  12. As far as I'm concerned, this falls TOTALLY on the head coach. He's watching what's going on the field every play. Ray Charles saw that the injury incurred by Tua in the Bills game was NOT a back/ankle injury. The HC has the capability to take that players helmet and tell him he's done for the day. The Dolphins organization is STILL doubling down on the prognosis from Sunday. On top of that, they allowed a player that has been concussed twice in 4 days to get on an airplane where cabin pressure scrambles a non concussed persons brain. This organization has to be the most inept professional group I've encountered.
  13. MikeRob is the official conductor of the BillsMafia bandwagon!!
  14. He's definitely one that doesn't hold back anything!!
  15. We will see that play with Lil Dirty when the Bills play the Dolphins in OP
  16. Dolphins offense is reminiscent of the Oakland Raiders teams of the 70s
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