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  1. Toney was a big reason why they got a SB ring last year
  2. Win was nice BUT... Dodson continues to be a liability in pass coverage vs RBs
  3. Lots of clutching and grabbing by the Chiefs DBs Totally agree!! Can we see more of Cook/Johnson and a little less Murray
  4. I believe we'll see a better game from Stef against Dallas. I'd like to see the Bills run misdirection plays sometimes. Slow down the pursuit of defenses. I believe they'd have some big play potential with Josh running them
  5. Why?? Cam Lewis and Siran Neal are!! What was Siran thinking about on that punt coverage? Didn't know his surroundings? That's terrible awareness!!
  6. Yeah Patrick. Maybe the refs should've overlooked the 12 men on the field by the Bills too. How about warned them prior to kick? 😎
  7. He threw to a sure handed receiver. Blame him??
  8. Maybe try those throws to Shakir. A run after the catch type of receiver. This is why I'm banging the drum for Xavier Legette in the draft.
  9. Do this offensive staff know how to run any misdirection plays?
  10. Now you're telling me we're going to have a Riverboat Ron and Steamboat Sean? 😎
  11. I'm hoping Ed Oliver has a big game. We need pass rush from the interior to stop Mahomes from beating us with his legs. Maybe rush Groot from the inside too with Floyd and Epenesa manning the outside
  12. Will the Bills play man coverage on the Chiefs receivers or will they allow the quick 7-10 yard receptions by playing off the receivers?
  13. You still have McKinnon and CEH that are good receivers out the backfield
  14. BILLS MUST CONTAIN PACHECO AND OTHER KC RBs in order to win this game. Stop the screens that the Chiefs will run in order to exploit Dodson's lack of coverage skills
  15. BALDERDASH!! Fred Warner diagnoses that QB keeper and prevents that game winning TD run by Hurts
  16. It's the untimely drops that infuriates some of us
  17. My dream is to get Legette early to help Diggs and grab Adonai Mitchell later to learn from Diggs and eventually become his successor
  18. I believe EJ was just as talented as Hurts. Hurts had Doug Pederson to help guide his career. EJ had Moron. I'm watching the same thing happen to Justin Fields right now.
  19. I still say Doug Moron and Hatchet destroyed EJ Manuel's career.
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