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Fights in the stands during Wild Card Game? WTF?

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People want to get things back to normal as soon as possible

Is anyone in Buffalo not fat lol

They're not fighting, they're celebrating.

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Just now, Dablitzkrieg said:

All 4 of those dumbasses should never be allowed in a game again.  


Which is crazy - they are season ticket holders who were willing to get covid tested to get into a game.  Now they lose their tickets... and will likely get arrested if they ever get in trouble at a game again (If you're banned you are trespassing)

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19 minutes ago, WideNine said:


I still remember a few years back where some drunken idiot stole one of the security golf carts and got all the way to the Peace Bridge before they stopped him.


I hate to say it, but the odds are pretty good that if you get a few thousand Bills fans together there will be some idiots. About the same for most NFL teams if you end up in the wrong section, or hockey games I have gone to. 

Yes, I got sucker punched from behind at a Bills game a few years ago.  Damn drunks.

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What is greater?


A)  The amount of fat on their combined bodies

B)  The amount of alcohol consumed by both

C) The stupidity of both

D) The inability to fight displayed by both


Cast your votes! 



1 hour ago, Taro Nimbus said:

Never fails....🤦‍♂️

I have *never* been to a Bills game in that stadium and NOT seen a fight in the stands or something really ugly.


One of my favorite stories is the guy who was so drunk, while walking down the stairs in the upper deck to go to the exit, he fell like 10 feet down many stairs.  You could hear and *feel* a sickening thud as he bounced down the concrete steps.


Most fans in the area laughed and one guy yelled out quite loudly "Have another one, a**hole" which was greeted by much laughter.

The fallen man got up, covered in blood on both his bare arms from brush burns and what not, and limped to the exit, not to return to the game.


Just another day at a Bills game!




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