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  1. This has the makings of a epic game. I remember those games well the anxiety is the same for me now as it was then. The bills teams were great back then and even when they were not the top seed you always knew they could win. This team feels more like the 88 Team that won the AFC east and was about to become the Super bowl team it became. Maybe it can happen this year but don't be surprised if it takes another year or two. That 88 team needed a bit more and these Bills may be shaped allot like that.
  2. Great Choice, Bills haven't won a playoff game in a quarter of a century it might not happen again in your lifetime it was worth it. Plus now you can watch all the rest of the games because you have no job.
  3. That's because it so normal it's no big deal. I will take our fans any day even with there flaws.
  4. Does anyone know the status of Zach Moss?
  5. I would love it because the Bills are the better team and the chance to both win a Super Bowl and punch him in the mouth doing it would be the best I can possibly imagine.
  6. There are some guys on that list that should never make the hall much less be on this list. Total crime Tasker is not on this list.
  7. Please Terry and Kim make Brian Daboll the highest paid OC in the league so he does not leave.
  8. It's fun to be the underdogs and I always like it, but for once we may be the favorite. The problem here is that this is a new idea for the Bills, not sure we know how to handle that. 😀
  9. I live in Denver (Still a Bills Fan) and I hear it all day long. They constantly rip the Bronco's for not selected Allen.
  10. I live in Colorado and there are tons of Bills fans here. My company works in Wyoming allot and you see Bills stuff up there all the time. This is legit.
  11. This is way too funny of a topic. All the home boys were texting and having a stroke. Me too. It was great man.
  12. The guy is unreal and a Hoss to bring down. One of the fastest starts ever in NFL history.
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