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  1. In college, josh did the exact thing to damontae kazee presently of the Atlanta falcons after throwing a pick. It was glorious. Absolutely Lit him up too. It’s still my favorite josh Allen play
  2. Lamar is fool’s gold. He’s Michael vick
  3. Josh was the main reason Bills won. Josh played ridiculously well
  4. So Tua kinda sucks. Wonder what the fish will do long term at QB?
  5. I watched bojo punt in college a couple times when he visited Laramie. I’ve never seen the ball come off anyone’s foot like that. He has a leg in the caliber of Josh’s arm, if you cross-compare body parts and their abilities
  6. Hell yeah, bills! Bills look like THE team to beat
  7. Other than roullier, starting center for Washington?
  8. What a moron. Look at the first play. His arm is otherworldly!! Rolling out and throwing it like that. Jaw dropping. There is a Howitzer attached to his body. And "offence"? Wth is that. Is he British? The guy is low IQ.
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