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  1. Hell yeah!!!!!!! Bills are getting Josh's old band back together. Now go sign RB Brian Hill. Make it happen! We're going to like Jacob Hollister, for the record
  2. No. He tried to leg whip Josh after Josh trucked him. A very dishonorable player.
  3. High school for me. Wyoming. Some of the best memories of my life. I cherish the time I got to play. Loved every second.
  4. Josh was trying to save all his testosterone for the impending important physical task and was rebuffing the amorous advances of his girlfriend. Changed his skin color. Duh
  5. Really really really fun season. Thanks to the players and coaches!
  6. Yeah , I’m a recent bills fan so I don’t really mind Brady, kinda a fan actually lol. I’m going to log off now
  7. Guarantee Wyoming is for the bills. I’ve seen tons of bills gear here in Laramie. And Colorado too since like 75% of Wyoming grads end up in the Denver area.. seemingly
  8. Haskins is a young, ***** version of Big Ben, character and all
  9. Garbage post. Allen singlehandedly won the Colts game and that was in front of fans. Terrible wind slowed Josh and the passing attack in the Ravens game. Bills marched down the field to open the second half and scored. Had the Ravens kept up, Josh would have had more yards and then you wouldn't have had anything to complain about. BUT the game didn't warrant that. Bills were up 17-3 with the D playing great and you want Josh to open it up in that wind? Blah, blah. Nothing about your post makes sense
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