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  1. bigK14094

    Has Chris Ivory been at OTA's?

    Ivory at his best was very good....a battering ram kind of back. If he has any of that left, he is a good #2. If the tank is empty, its a waste. Journeyman for sure....but was more back in the day.
  2. bigK14094

    SI article predicts a 2-14 record

    I think a low end w/l record is likely. When Joe Buscaglia rated Zay Jones our #14 talent, I knew it would be a long season. I saw him play last year..........
  3. Helping here, I never believe a word of the hype for the new draft class. Media looking to put positive spin...help sell tickets etc. Show me on the field, then, and only then, will I believe.
  4. bigK14094

    Josh Allen already impressing in Buffalo

    Watched Polian yesterday on ESPN....he said after hearing this report....that "YES, ROSEN WAS THE MOST PRO READY OF THE DRAFT CLASS THIS YEAR, BUT, HE IS NOT READY"! The chick announcers got a big laugh about that.....but the other guy0 (I forget) looked like he agreed w Polian.
  5. bigK14094

    Sign Jay Cutler Now

    Well, I think the Bills want to see what comes out of 2018....see if AJ McCarron has the right stuff......give Josh Allen some games for development. Did you notice all the vets that were dumped? that is not a win now approach. Billls won't be terrible, but not likely to contend imho. A step back year, not a tank year, but a step back.....5-11 kind of year.....and Cutler has no place in that scenrio.
  6. Having crossed paths with Mr Tepper during my professional career, my opinion is that he is a not a man of high character. LOTS of money, but lacks character. Still, that won't disqualify him from owning the Panthers, as he is not convicted or accused in the newspapers. (that will come later)
  7. Rosen would have been fine....I am leary of the Allen pick.....I think Beane etc saw Allen in the Cam Newton mode ...that is big, tall gun of an arm. I am worried about the lack of accuracy reported in the media and statistically ........another EJ Manuel we don't need. EJ had plenty of arm strength, he just could not hit the receivers downfield.(and, of course, the lack of field presence) If that is what we got, we will be regretting this pick for a decade. JP was another problem...he had an arm, but not a head for the game.....oh well , another swing at the plate...hoping for the best for the Bills.
  8. This comment is spot on......that calculus is important. #32 is better than #33 by more than one draft position because of that effect. Good topic to discuss imho.
  9. Way back in the 60's, the trade of Dayrll Lamonica to the Raiders for tom Flores
  10. bigK14094

    Did You Upgrade Your Seasons Tickets?

    We had row 34 seats in the lower bowl many years....and have done one time seats as low as row5. I would not go below row 20 as thee lower you go, the harder it is to gauge the depth of the play. A little elevation helps follow the play imho.
  11. bigK14094

    Keep our picks, draft Kyle Lauletta?

    Keeping the picks is the best idea. A 1 in 3 shot in the top 5 for a franchise qb is not the kind of odds I bet. Admittedly, a lower pick might be 1 in5, but, got to wieght having some newer rookie starters. Two or three more like Tre White works for me.
  12. bigK14094

    Pay Kelvin Benjamin or Let Him Test Free Agency

    I don't know about all those other wr's ,but, Sammy Watkins has not shown yet that he is worth the money the Chiefs paid to get him. And, if he goes down again, he won't be worth the big time contract. (he will be injured again imho)
  13. Gruden thought he was Farve like....we will see soon enough.
  14. bigK14094

    Why no Josh Allen for a visit?

    Tribinsky didn't start for the Bears day 1, Watson didn't start for the Texans day 1, Aaron Rogers didn't start for the pack day 1........sooooooo...I don't agree w you on that statement.