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  1. I am doing this right now. I actually bought the RCA top of the line amplified antenna w signal meter. About 50 bucks, and I pickup about 50 OTA channels. For the Bills game in WNY, ABC7 will have the game. When in Fl (next game after Tuesay) I have NFL sunday ticket on the house.
  2. Yes, I noticed that also. Dorsey needs to get to him and fix that.
  3. Yes, I called Monday. Long time directv customer......I had free ST last year. Ask why I didn't get it this year, and they gave it to me immediately, at zero cost. The squeeky wheel gets the grease they say.
  4. Yes, the Athletic is looking for a "partner"...allegedly talked to the NY Times (their sports is weak) I read. But, I disagree they will keep two reporters on Buffalo. Joe B does a great job, and is the reason I subscribed to the A in the first place. I never accepted the dual coverage although I admit Fairburn was doing acceptable journalistic work. I am good with just Joe B covering the Bills for that outlet.
  5. Of course, Bocce Club Pizza is an institution in WNY. Several locations, I don't know the southtowns, as we are from northern haunts.
  6. Its about the money.....they will get paid no matter what. Professional objectives are far down the list....that includes the fans.
  7. Jets trade for Shaq Lawson Saw on Yahoo...can't do link
  8. Eli won two and was still trashed by the NY Media his last years.
  9. Better late than never imho. On a more serious note, I think the Bills team environment has a flaw.....they are being to nice to each other....the leaders that are vaccinated need to call out the unvax folks for risking the season team result. Now, a religious objection is something else, but I would be looking at the fine print on the player contract and the league/players assoication contract. I was once in a corporate environment like that, where the team was to nice to each other....we got called out by an external advisor, and we stepped up our game in terms of internal constructive criticism. (pushed each other)
  10. Duke may yet be practice squad material, despite his short comings. Stevensen is interesting for sure, speed kills as they say.
  11. Not gonna happen. He is likelly a mid level starter in the NFL. He took less money to come to Buffalo and tutor under Daboll. MT saw the J Allen success and wants to know what that is all about!! He will get a bigger multi year deal....and, perhaps, go with Dabs to another gig.
  12. Stub Hub is OK, h ave used in the past. The NFL ticket exchange is good but its more expensive in my experience. (used to be run by Ticketmaster). Some places you will be OK wearing Bills gear, but some places not. Don't wear Bills gear in Pittsburg we know from experience. On one trip to Baltimore we ended up in the section for the Bills players families, who do sit in one section. I have not heard of a visitors section however. Good luck, tiks should be available in Jv.
  13. I attend a game in the 80's after the players strike....one week of practice...Bills at home against the Phins. It was the worst display of pro football I ever saw....but, the money was more important than putting a good product on the field. This was Kelly era timing, I think. Anyhow, the notion vets can come in and play is wrong...they need the camp and some tuneup or they will put on a shameful display of football like I saw that day.
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