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  1. Green's contract is up....this is like a rental for the balance of the season. Not worth a #1 imho.
  2. A politically correct stadium downtown will be the end of the franchise. No more tailgating? the current fans will evaporate......driving in and out would be a nightmare....as the lake and river block roads in those directions. So, same fans on fewer roads? rightttt.......
  3. They won't give up on him, but he might be put in IR if the groin injury won't heal. Sometimes it is that bad....might even need a surgical fix.🙁
  4. Yes, Tasker ran it........back in the day....only he occasionally cut it up inside for nice gains as well...maybe it was blocked that way don't know. But it worked going outside or inside. I liked the version this year where the tight end ran it......never heard of that before.
  5. Why did Fitz and Rosen split time today. Did they pull Rosen?
  6. Fraziers HC tenure at Minn wasn't a success. Somebody would need to want to try him again. But, as we know here in Buffalo, Marv Levy was let go by the Chiefs, and did great things with the Bills later in his career, so who knows.
  7. All these top teams are one QB injury away from middle of the pack. Its a long season, lets see what happens.
  8. The NFL media folks are up on Baker, and down on Josh. OK....just keep winning...and see how that line of bull succeeds. ESPN is that way also.
  9. I noticed the Titans punter kicked ob every time......were they afraid of our return guy? Or is that just their scheme?
  10. Gonna cost some bucks to sign him for next year though......but, both the Bills and JP knew this was a prove it year for him. He is proving it to me anyhow.
  11. What about the call in the INDY/KC game where the receiver clearly stepped ob and then came back in to catch the ball. Yup, those guys miss a lot. and, Frank Reich could have challenged but, for whatever reason, didn't. The announcers were flabbergasted btw..........but didn't get pointy about the officials missing the call. (Must be politically correct for them to support the NFL officials)
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