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  1. Joe Webb will materialize shortly after final cuts.
  2. bigK14094

    Bills, Browns prognosis for 2018

    You can in Vegas..........
  3. bigK14094

    Common Sense QB Progression 4 Preseason

    I remember the Bills ruined Todd Collins....who went on to play in the league for 15 years with KC and the Skins My (unfortunate) prediction is the season will be over by the bye........and Allen will get the last 6 games for seasoning his skills.
  4. bigK14094

    Deā€™Ondre Wesley Impressing?

    Or, most of our first line should be the second line........will need to wait to see if they can spring McCoy and get the QB some upright time when the real bullets fly.
  5. We need to see whether we think KB is a #1 receiver when the season is over. He looked good in the first preseason game, but, if he is hurt again.....reminds me of Sammy Watkins v2.0 as he missed a lot of games in Carolina. Performance, duribility, chemistry...all play into determining if Bills will give KB the 16-18 mil a season it might take to retain him. Sammy got 54 over 3 years in KC I think. As for drafting a wr as #1, most can't play that well the first year. AJ Green and JJones in Atlanta being notible recent exceptions to that rule. By all means, pickup another AJ Green type....he was #4 or 5 the year we took Darius.
  6. bigK14094

    McCarron and Peterman injured?

    Whatever happened to Jeff Tuel? Perhaps not....
  7. bigK14094

    Why is bob Foster still on the team?

    HE can't catch clean...double clutches a lot. Undrapsfted for a reason. He isn't even practice squad material unless they think they can fix that. Brandon Riley is more likely the practice squad receiver again this year as he is still elgible and a lot more polished than Foster. Always worth a shot looking at the undrafted....and, perhaps, they have an idea how to fix the drops, but I doubt it.
  8. Easier to fix than a tendency to brain cramp (JP Losman)
  9. bigK14094

    National Josh Allen buzz after 1 preseason half

    Aaron Rogers sat for 2 years.......(of course, that was behind Farve) Still, a season watching and learning would help him a lot...in fact he would learn a lot with just a half a season sitting. That, in fact, is my prediction.....we will see Allen Nov 25 against the Jags, not before. HE will finish the season, then, if healthy. 6 game training program when the season is (essentially) over.
  10. bigK14094

    Do we need to go after a fairly proven deep threat?

    Nothing, we know the truth...he is BRITTLE......last year at SF was an freak...he lasted. He didn't see the field a couple of years for the Bills.
  11. bigK14094

    [Vague Title] Impressive.....Very Impressive

    To early for impressive. Need some regular season wins to justify accolaides like that. No game plan, plain defenses...no stunts. Straight up stuff. Did Petermann get hit? The other two did.......anyhow....calm down.
  12. bigK14094

    This new helmet rule will destroy the NFL.

    I saw a head to head last night. Both heads were up........oh well
  13. bigK14094

    PM me if you want tickets for tonight

    Don't know how to do that in the mobile ticket world.......e-mail? text? Anyhow, can't go either, but would like to know how to transfer tickets "free" ! On the NFL ticket exchange, you would run into the Bills "minimum allowed price" obstacle. Can anybody here tell me?
  14. bigK14094

    Interesting Astro Tweet re: Beane

    Ahhh Mack ain't gonna be traded. He will have to live up to his existing contract however.