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  1. Probabily can't get into the USA...Canadian border still closed.
  2. this is correct. The Bills today have two receivers as good or better than Woods......Brown and Diggs, Brown at 9 and Diggs at 11. But, this will make it tough to resign Brown after this year, as he may well expect the 16 treatment Woods got. Oh well.........Bean has to make those tough calls, we just get to observe (and sometimes complain/gripe).
  3. On JOsh's first run of the game he got creamed by Jets.....Davis ran right by the guy he was supposed to block. Rookies.........so, it wasn't all good news on the blocking from wrt the receivers.
  4. Ahhh...nobody mentioned that Miami is a virus hotspot......a quick trip to Miami isn't a great idea in that regard. I think that partially accounts for the dropping price of tickets. In fact, all of Florida has lots more virus than in NY. Of course, they also have fewer businesses going out of business because they are staying open and can have outside dining 12 months. Your choice.....of course, being very legal, if you travel in from NY State, you have to quaranteen for 14 days. I wonder how you do that and go to the game. You can't really. Yes, NY, NY and Conn are still on the Florida quaranteen list. Not to mention having to quaranteen two weeks when you get back to Buffalo. Ahhhh...just forgetaboutit.
  5. I am a little surprised its only a QB. Seems like a few PS guys ought to get the same treatment, especially if they can play multiple positions like say the OL. this would be preparing for an outbrake. Not a fun prospect, but the best prepared team in this regard might win a game or two they might not otherwise win. Maybe a rb, maybe a wr, maybe a DL guy or a CB. sound crazy, but, how bad do you want to win???? Likely to slow the development of those being isolated, but, its a be ready now stragedy...and next man up has a new meaning in this virus world.
  6. I saw him on Tv catch as couple from Aaron Rodgers........surprised everybody watching that day as the Pack pull it out because of his heroics.
  7. I have gone from being a fan to more like just being curious. Won't be the end of the world to not catch a game now and then. I was a season ticket guy for 30some years, dropped a couple of years ago. The political stuff turns me off, I always went for the football. (didn't care about the Jills either, don't miss them at all) Political statement and T&A are not what I am interested in.......
  8. The O has to get better, Josh is part of the equation. So is Daboll....need to eliminate brain cramp calls in critical situations. And, better receivers will help....but TE is still a problem as Knox is still dropping the ball say the reports out of camp.
  9. $8mil to see what he's got in the tank? He better have something, or its a big McBean mistake.
  10. Snyder isn't a good management guy for the football team. But, he owns it, and bad management isn't against the law. Maybe the fans will stay away and he will loose money? Still, in my experience, the money talks. And nobody is going to force him to sell the team. I understand the minority owners want to sell out, but, are having a hard time finding somebody who wants a piece of a business (yes, its not a team) with Snyder as the majority owner. And, as a dot com billionaire, he likely doesn't have a loan he has to pay off to own his share....he likely owns the 60% of the team outright. There are obviously lots of folks (especially the press) trying to find ANYTHING to take out this guy, but, I am not buying all these so called charges of whatever. He has not broken the law....maybe bad judgements and bad taste, but dumb is not against the law. Sorry for the fans there. Here is Buffalo, we had some issues with Mr Wilson, but never had a press led campaign to get rid of him...an original AFL owner. And, we were always grateful the Bills were in Buffalo and Mr Wilson was the fine man we respected.
  11. Cuomo is a thug. Maybe the Bills can move to Ft Erie.....oh wait, never mind.
  12. At least it wasn't half time at a game......
  13. He hurt the Bills w a big catch for Houston in the playoff last year. He isn't just a warm body....
  14. I caught the tying kick and the OT. I didn't remember Hollis.....bounced it over from 54 to force the OT. Gregor Williams as the Bills HC....he was a disaster.
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