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  1. Alabama or MIchigan? Just wondering......
  2. The D will handle that...not to worry. The O is reinventing itself with new guys (mostly) and your concern is correct here. And, special teams....well, we will see if the new coach can really do the job....the jury is out on him.
  3. Smart money would not bet against the Pats.
  4. Naw......and no need to worry. McD knows who this guy is......
  5. Smith is giving good advice...he doesn't know how it will play out, but, his members should be prepared. Competent communication from a union head imho. My views personally run on the management side of this argument, as the product has been diluted somewhat by the CBA....as teams are not as ready as they used to be with the practice restrictions. If there is a stike, I will not attend games that year, or the year after. Same thing I did after the strike in the Kelly era. (I bought a St Bernard with the ticket money I saved) And, the first few games "back" after the strike were a horror...with the teams clearly not ready to play....but, the show must go on so the players and TV can be paid/ management also. The fan is cheated however, not only on lost games, but on shoddy product that comes after the strike. Now, if they take a month to get ready after settling, maybe decent play could be expected. Anyhow, whatever happens, my plans are in place.
  6. Milano's coverage skills are unlikely to be matched. Milano is a converted safety, and knows how to cover. I look for him to get a few more picks next year, as he was on that track last year before the injury. He is not the superstud that his running mate is(Edmunds)......but, he will do adequately on the physical tools side.
  7. At this point,, I would not bet against Allen and Daboll.
  8. With Kroft out, they are going to be glad to have him.
  9. I have a favorite Lee Smith memory from his first tour here. (I think this was Lee) Lee is inactive (maybe hurt, I don't recall) He is in shorts on the sideline during the game, and a Bills offensive guy breaks one down the Bills sideline.....Lee is running with him.....along the sideline. He runs into an official standing out of bounds, and the Bills get flagged for "official interference"...something I had never heard of before or after. Anyhow, I think that was LEE!!! Not even active and he drew a bench penality for the Bills
  10. Don't know how this visit happened, but, a touch of class for all involved. Thanks Ed Oliver and amigos......you will fit in nicely with the Bills.
  11. Yes, when healthy, he is a great CB in this D. He wanted to much money, so went to cleveland....but, that didn't work out. If he returns to prior form, he is a BIG signing!!!
  12. I agree with all the comments he should have stayed in school. I could see him leaving UB, however, using the NCAA transfer portal. UB lost a lot of his support team around him, and there was no assurance things would go well at UB this year. But, if a major wanted a 1 year QB, he was it, and he certainly should have done it.
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