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  1. Do the analysis, they do need to correct the data for the temperature of the air.......more injuries in cold weather. Most climates are warmer, on average, than Buffalo. How do the injury rates vary with temperature.?
  2. Your dish needs reaiming then.......heavy cloud cover should not impact picture. I just got reaimed, and that was the result.
  3. Have been w Directv for 18 years....and have it in both my northern home and my condo in Florida. The ATT issues have not hit me yet....but I am wary because of prior experiences w ATT. I will have to change if rates are raised.....and will make a big jump to either Dish or Hulu. I will not take any crap from ATT! 5G is a long way away....not in the conversaton yet. Not sure it ever gets to my somewhat rural localtion either. I don't have a contract...so, I can move at will.
  4. The Bills had a guy who made that switch maybe 20-25 years ago. He lasted 8-9 years in the league on the D line. Don't recall his name unfortujately.
  5. Not likely imho. He is maturing, but, is just coming on to a level you might characterize as journeyman status. Never going to be all league or all pro. So, a top 10 salary doesn't make sense to me.......try to resign him, just don't pay top 10 DE compensation. If somebody else overpays, so be it.
  6. Almost certain to end in disappointment to the Chiefs.....but, what, me care ? I wish CW a recovery from his addictions. (drugs and excessive food)
  7. I read the league shut down.....that doesn's necessarily mean they filed in bankruptcy court....at least not yet. May do that, though, if they haven't to protect the league assets (whatever that might be) from legal actions like the one being discussed here. I, for one, think the players without a job might be giving the union some heat to negotiate a deal with the league so play might resume. Anyhow, more news to follow...sort of like a soap opera.
  8. Based on last year, he is finished imho.
  9. Cards are in camp now....and Kingsbury will get his first look in person at Rosen. I think its possible he might change his mind after he sees him throw day after day. Might change it either way btw.....so, I am guessing the final decision isn't in concrete yet.
  10. This makes sense....as Alexander is one and done here imho. Might put white in the middle and move our middle to the end.......where he played in college.
  11. OK, I say we color code the name on the back....but, we can't use black and white colors as the PC crowd will go nuts. So, we use Red for one and Blue for the other!
  12. Having four good corners for the D is some sort of a minimum anyhow. I was hoping EJ Gaines might come back as he was good in this D. He will have a head start over Johnson, as he already has a year in this D. In fact, having even 5 corners is not a bad idea.
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