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  1. The Foster situation is perplexing after his success late last season. Don't understand why he isn't getting time in preseason. I do understand the need to have guys play special teams as well a position play though. Is Foster faster than Brown? Not as accomplished, but maybe faster. Anyhow, tough cuts. Who is practice squad elgible? Foster for sure, but, he gets signed elsewhere in a heatbeat because of last year, so that won't work. Ray Ray.....McKenzie maybe. Maybe even Duke, don't know.
  2. Cleveland has an excellent #2 punter as well.
  3. Couldn't get Hulu to work tonight to see the Bills on the CBS network affiliate in Western NY>
  4. The Siberia of football??? Really???? Hasn't he heard about GB, Chi???
  5. If McCoy can revert to old form of a couple of years ago, he is worth the money.
  6. Outside of a good record (I expect somewhere between 10-6 and 8-8), I want the Bills to beat the national media darlings. Jets, Giants, Cowboys, and now the Browns. Let them eat crow (or whatever) Buffalo never gets any respect, and, hopefully, this season some will be due. Although the players make the plays, I am upbeat because of the coaching staff that is strong.
  7. This comment is 100% on, would not be surprised if it played out exactly like that. At least Alonso would get to play on the outside where he belongs.
  8. Allen, Rosen, Darmold, Murry, are all really unproven....not having established their level of play. I am thinking, however, these authors are going to eat their words, either this year or next. imho, Allen won't be bottom when the season is over. Maybe middle of the pack.....but not bottom.
  9. McCoy has been a pro here. I think he contributes big this year.......but, likely no new contract. Somebody else will pick him up next year. He may be motivated by career records.....or not.
  10. Lets see, $10K per week on PS...times 16 games. I wonder if that compares to what he made as a rugby pro?
  11. One of those guys on Carolina threw accurate balls as well. I would consider signing him if the opportunity arose. Agreed, staying was better for him. He had inflated ideas of his capability. Needed counseling he didn't get. Or, would not listen more likely in such a young man. I disagree that you don't need a practice squad QB. If you loose one, you need a backup that knows the playbook. I don't want to see any more games QBed by a guy who signed 11 days ago (yes, that is what Barkley did) Your third guy needs to be here, not on the street somewhere else. Raiding another PS doesn't work very well, as the other team often signs them to the 53 to prevent them from leaving their team.
  12. Peterman is a mistery to me as well. However, I saw Kaep play the Bills in New Era......and he is no world beater. Not a starter based on what I saw that day. We disagree, my point being the performance I saw that day. (weak arm imho, not a bad as Peterman, but tending toward that end of the performance range)
  13. This is correct I think. T Jackson has a big arm, but is more inaccurate than EJ Manuel. I am guessing he does not make PS and the Bills will sign another QB.
  14. with all the receivers, and Zay coming up on a contract year, I would not be surprised to see Zay get released. Duke Williams starting to show his stuff, and would be a tough cut. took him a while, but, he is the beast that Kelvin Benjiman should have been. Lots of other talent as well. The Bills will keep one or two wr's on the practice squad as well. We will know in a couple of weeks.
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