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  1. bigK14094

    Has the light finally gone on for Zay Jones?

    Yes, the announcers thought he might be hurt (with a lame joke) It did hit him between the numbers, and he wiffed. Not a pro yet, Zay....keep working. Get some of whatever Robert Foster is drinking when he was on the practice squad, as he is now catching everything thrown his way. Zay, not so much........
  2. Actually, Crossman came here during Marrone's first year and has stayed. Over the years, his teams have been better than most, and reflect the talent the Bills have on the field at the time . Lots of rookies out there these days, and they don't all know their jobs. Not sure firing Crossman is the answer...the record shows he knows special teams well. Performance of those teams is bad this year, but he will get a job elsewhere if the Bills let him go. Let the chips fall where they may.
  3. bigK14094

    Hauschka's Health - Day-to-Day with a Hip Injury

    No noticible reply by the Bills btw. They don't care, apparently, if their kicker gets roughed up. Not much of a team...just athletic multimillionaires.. Just like the Jarvis Landry hit on Aaron Williams a couple of years ago...no retaliation. When I see something in retribution, I will know that the "PROCESS" has built a TEAM.
  4. I seem to recall that Marrone had some time as a coach w the Jets......
  5. bigK14094

    Can Money Buy the Bills a Spot in the 2019 Playoffs?

    You live in another dimension my man!
  6. The Bean Mcdermott combo get a lot wrong this year. The Petermann fiasco to start, SLOW wide receivers for another, bad OL for another. OK, the first rounders might make it in the NFL....but, bad judgements also abound. The Benjamin Holmes mess was obvious pretty quick.....took a long time to get rid of those guys.
  7. Agreed this isn't near the Ray Rice incident. Reporting now was the two police reports content including the woman's statement of the beef. Hunt and his buds determined the girl was not of the age of consent, and they ask her to leave. She did not want to leave or to participate in adult acts. Hunt and co were basically kicking her out of the suite. Still, didin't go about that in the correct manner. The police let the issue slide.......fault on both sides, and Hunt was actually doing the right thing in asking her to leave. On the other hand, Hunt apparently lied to the KC Chief team administration....and, that, allegedly was the cause of the release. I can understand that, can't pay millions to a guy who isn't straight with you. So, I voted no.......bad character guy.....a liar.
  8. bigK14094

    Is Vander Eshe to Edmunds the same as Juju to Zay

    VDE is a true run plugging MLB....and his stats show it. Edmunds is not a run plugging lb.....perhaps he will develope.....but he is long and rangy...and may be an outside lb if he can't get the run stopping skill into his way of playing. (thinking he might be another Ted Hendricks, then) We will see.....being young and having a lot to learn is understandable, but not sure we are not commenting on the difference in style of play. One will likely never be the other in terms of results. So, what is the role McD wants Edmunds to play....maybe he drafted Edmunds to be the rangy coverage guy, and is counting on the line to stop the run. In terms of Zay Jones, he was a head case his first year, forgot how to catch the ball. This year, he is at least catching the ball....year 3 will tell us if he can be a good route runner and contribute 60 catches 800 yards. If he doesn't do it in year 3......adious Amigo!!!
  9. Day 1 of camp I thought Josh Allen would/should get the last 6 games on the schedule to start and learn . Events led to him not getting to be on the sideline for all the time before that, but its here now, and it is his time. I am now optimistic he will develope over the next couple of years to the killer QB we all want to see lead the Bills.
  10. bigK14094

    Go get Ramsey in the off-season

    Gonna need a new #1 cb in a couple of years unless the Bills are willing to pay the megabucks for Tre White after year 4. Not sure how that comes out......
  11. bigK14094

    Would you take Marcell Dareus back?

    Mr Big Puff we were calling him. Never want to see him again in a Bills uniform.
  12. bigK14094

    Kyle Williams & Lorenzo Alexanders Future ?

    SI's recent mock for next year has the Bills taking a lb #1........they failed to consider Milano in their drivel about the Bills lb situation. Oh well....
  13. So far, Allen is performing like TT version 2. Low passing yards, running the ball....been there done that. Until Allen starts putting up 300 yard games, I am not a believer. Until he does that, we will not know if he can be a modern franchise QB.
  14. bigK14094

    LeVeon Bell: What better fit for him than Buffalo?

    bills don't want any part of Bell imho
  15. bigK14094

    Nice game but Allen needs to pass

    At this point, Allen is TT V2.0 another running Qb. That has to change if the rook is to be a franchise QB!