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  1. The desires of the season ticket base will not factor into the NFL's scheduling calculus. They don't care if its cold at night in Buffalo...real cold. I gave up my seasons because of the NFL willfully ignoring the wishes of the holders. Particularily, the logic of two home Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec games illudes the NFL schedulers. The bills over the last decade and a half had many seasons with 5 or even 6 games in Nov Dec. That is to motivate fandom to want a dome. (ain't happening)
  2. I will never forget the EJ Manuel meltdown the last time the Bills were in London.
  3. More money in the NYC area won't buy as much as he has in this area......not to mention his family in the area.
  4. this will have benefits if they also stabalize the players as well. Knowing the system is key to making it work. Should have a lot of that next season...not 9 new starters on the O particularily. (if we can resign them, anyhow) Daboll is part of Josh Allen's progression, and that is what the rest of the league is noticing. Bringing on a young Daniel Jones is what the G men had in mind. Denying interview for a laterial is fine....give Daboll a raise and an attaboy.
  5. I felt the same way. He might break one, and, I know he won't make a bonehead play back there. No more Ray-Ray back there......
  6. Various organizations handle the lateral moves to another organization in different ways. The corporation I was in for 35 years, allowed management to deny a lateral move if they wanted to.......but, could not deny a promotion interview unless you have concrete plans for that individual to be promoted in the near term. Maybe the Bills coach wants to go...who knows. Maybe he doesn't. And, nobody here at this website seems to know the actual rules of engagement on these matters in the NFL. (although many here say its a two level game.....HC and others. I doubt that myself as DC is a bigger title than DB coach and would lead to more HC opportunities)
  7. Shaq really wan't much the first three years....this year.....middle of the pack at best. I won't feel bad if he is gone....he was a disappointment for the Bills. they won't pay him big. some other team might, lot of bad judgement out there.
  8. If we change backup QB's (IF), and we are looking at the field of available options, I think looking for the backup should consider who might have a similar style...that is a pass/run threat. Barley won't run....and it changes the calculus of the O system a lot, especially if Josh goes down during a game.
  9. Knox is s till an unreliable receiver. Croom could come back and take the job away imho.
  10. Viewed on the hoof, Ford looks like a tackle.
  11. I recall the incompetence of Rick Dennison, and the conservatism and complexity of Roman, and realize Daboll has done a decent job here. Not outstanding, but a B grade. We could end up with a C level coach again, as it is apparently hard to get folks to come to Buffalo as either player or coach. Now, Roman is rumored to also be in the running for the Browns job. I am thinking he is the frontrunner, but won't interview for a couple of weeks at least. Browns have had some bad head coaches, and some good ones...they all got fired (Pettine was a good one who got the ax)....and working for Haslem would give me pause personally. The Browns are today what the Bills were in the Harvey Johnson days of the 80's. (unstable, but have some players)
  12. The lateral was Flutie like. Knox is a rookie and wasn't expecting it, but did knock it OB in a heads of play . Those two will do some great things together yet. I like Allen, and he will be better again next year. So will Knox.....Knox needs to fix the hands thing which is irrratic based on his many drops and incredible catches mixed together. Still, I expect Croom to challenge next year to be the receiving TE.
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