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  1. bigK14094

    Daboll vs Hackett

    In his time here, Hacket was not very good....he had to deal with the EJ fiasco.......but, his O was pretty non discript. I see Dabolls O was more NFL like today, and, given even a few more horses, would have a good NFL O. Of course, Daboll looks good next to Dennisen who was not a NFL caliber Coordinator imho.
  2. bigK14094

    How much blame does Daboll deserve?

    With the erratic QB's that Bean is providing on the roster, I think Daboll has done fine. I mean....3 QB's in camp...trade one at last minute, leaving two rookies essentially. then in Oct adding a vet. Vet should have been added in camp. We would be better off with McCarron to play this sunday. and D- for Bean.....a B for Daboll.
  3. bigK14094

    Things I trust more than "The Process"

    I trust Joe B's stats....he reported Sunday night that Peterman has thrown 79 passes as a bills QB and 9 of them have been intercepted. Yikes! Get that guy outta here!!!
  4. bigK14094

    Draft another qb next year

    Yes, another QB required. Jury still out on Allen, but, jury is not out on Peterman. Might sign an experienced backup like EJ ....(I jest)
  5. bigK14094

    Fire Brandon Beane and McDermott

    I agree that Peterman has no place on an NFL roster. When the Bills let him go, his pro career will be done.
  6. I must be really old, I remember Jack Kemp, Elbert Dubinion, Charlie Fergerson, Wray Carlton, etc etc. and that was 60's. Yes, I attend a few at the old rockpile. I saw booker edgerson make an INT in the snow against the Bengals to win....but, really didn't see the play well, even though it was right in front of me.....I saw it at home on TV later, though, as the snow filtering software on the TV camera made it visible....there was so much win blown snow. Booker was still around sometime in the last decade in some capacity with the Bills I think.
  7. bigK14094

    My personal vow regarding Josh Allen: Who is with me

    Won't happen. Whaley was all in on EJ Manuel.....both gone now. Bean and McD are all in on Allen...if Allen doesn't make it, Bean and McD will be gone. So, Allen will get all the days Bean and McD have to give him....maybe 3 more years. Then, if things are still bad....adious Amigos
  8. bigK14094

    Bills claim DT Jordan Phillips

    Cheap add....3/4 of a mil is nothing by NFL standards.
  9. bigK14094

    Richie is badly missed!

    Eric Wood was part of the stablizing factors helping Richie stay calm in Buffalo. that was over this year also......
  10. The Bills have 5 failed decades of management....only the Polian decade was a success. I would say that has to change, but, we still have new ownership, and bad hires are still a possiblity. Current management McD/Bean will get their three years (and paid for 4 or 5) but, if they don't deliver, it will be time for another three year cycle of firings. Prior hire didn't last 2 full years with the Pegs.........🙄
  11. bigK14094

    Peterman vs Tuel

    Dan Darragh was Bills QB in 1968. I watched him on a black and white TV from Ft Polk Lousiana. How could I ever forget when I was when that went on. Still watching the Bills after all these years. (50)
  12. bigK14094

    Ahmad Rashad may want wedding do-over

    Yeh,, but Don Beebe had a few for the pack!!!
  13. bigK14094

    I Bet $5,000 on Minnesota. Should I Be Worried?

    Betting against Bills and giving 17 is likely a mistake......especially if the D finds itself.
  14. Mostly no where to go but up from where they are....so the answer has t o be yes.
  15. bigK14094

    Bills work out QB Tyler Ferguson

    Bills need a third QB.......don't want another Jeff Tuel situation...undrafted rookie starting...of course Nate is something like that anyhow.