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  1. I do recall seeing rodgers throw a TD to JK in the regular season in GB. Josh threw one to him also. But, JK did round trip to NO last season as the Bills cut him free once. Hodgkins really has to show he is a player though, we already know JK is. Prediction: Hodgkins cut and to the PS. JK makes it to the 53.
  2. I haven't seen Hodgins on the hoof or on the field. Hence I view all the positive comments as hearsay. Time will tell and the staff will make their decisions, I suspect McKenzie stays. If Beasley continues to be a distraction, he might hit the street, you never know.
  3. Rogers may be waiting for the decision on the Jeprordy host job. If he gets it, he retires.
  4. Great! I will be in Florida and thought for sure I would miss them.
  5. Interesting notion, salary as a percentage of cap. Makes some sense to me. Won't be done, but does make sense. This seems about right to me.
  6. Going to be in our southern home in Ft Myers. 6 hr drive up to Jacksonville, but, considering it. Have to talk the wife into it as she is a fan also. Anybody know how the parking is at the stadium? Where is the stadium anyhow, have driven through 'ville' a couple of times, but never stopped.
  7. But, when the ticket prices go up to $500-$600 a seat, some of the Bills tickets holders will sell.....the ticket exchange promotes that. (even though fees are huge)
  8. The problem is the Steelers fans will pay 3 or 4 times face for the tickets through the NFL ticket exchange. I had seasons for many years, and always almost paid for the rest of the season when I sold my tickets to the Steelers fans.
  9. Dallas still has problems....I don't understand this dialog....the bills are way the better match for the Bucs. But, just a small market team, so may not get picked. A night game down there would not be as hot, so I am for that wrt the heat issue.
  10. Jets/Jags...worst against almost worst. Marketing view of what makes quality football....
  11. After thinking about the draft a couple of days, I see the Bean stragedy here. He is going to have to play the 2 DE's and the OT next year to shed Hughes, Addison and Williams salaries. Josh has got to be paid...as does Tremain. And. Star will have to go also. I think.
  12. Tremaine still needs to progress, or be used in a different role. He isn't making the plays you might expect from a three year starter. OK, got to discount the injury last year in first part of the season. Still, his performance is underwhelming.
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