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  1. The Bills had a freak athletic CB in the 80's, named Williams, I think, after 3-4 years they realized he couldn't play football though. What a waste.
  2. This year the Bills will find out if he has the arm . Maybe the fans will see him in a preseason game as well. He is unknown to us..... And , for those who think COVID will be gone this year, you are wrong. The sports leagues will continue the protocols and moving games if necessary. To much money at stake not to do that. COVID is not going away. Sorry.......
  3. You can't teach that kind of speed. He was always hurt for the Bills SF got some production from him however. But, they have also seen enough. On to da Bears!
  4. The only indicator I believe predraft is when a franchise talks multiple times to a potential draftee. That is time spent, and means serious interest. imho.
  5. There will be more meaningless games, with the starters playing one series. A little bit like a preseason game, but at the end of the season.
  6. He sold his dealerships in Florida and his house too. Rumor has it health problems.
  7. Without tailgating, a significant fraction of today's audience will not attend. Downtown is a loosing idea except for the social engineering folks.
  8. I thought the Bills were lucky to get Allen at #7 overall, and that certainly now appears to be the case. They paid a real substantial price, and had done their homework on Josh....assessing his character as being as important as his physical gifts. And, they had the patience to let him grow into the job...which he appears to have done. I would like to see him get paid and get about setting some career records here in Bills town.
  9. No more Carolina guys please, I was fed up after Tolbert.
  10. Irrespective of the merits, I am tired of former Carolina players. When Wrex was here, it was former Jets players. A blind spot for all NFL management apparently.
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