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  1. You mean the most prosperous nation in the world?
  2. The name is really a marketing icon. The money will talk, the NFL likely doesn't have the juice to force Snyder to act. However, the dollars might, but then again a billionaire like Snyder might just retain the name as an in your face responce to pressure. Or maybe move the team and start over elsewhere, no loss of face changing the name then. Anybody know a city that would like an NFL franchise? I can think of a few......not all in the USA.
  3. I don't know the Bills are named for that historical person. Your source of that trivia, please. I have lived in WNY for more than 70 years, that is news to me, a lifelong Bills fan. I suspect you made that up, actually. (I was born before the original Bills which existed in the late 40's, name was readopted in 1960 when the AFL was formed)
  4. The legal problem here, is although you can sign for yourself, you cannot sign on behalf of your kids, maybe your wife. So, the NFL can still be in court and loose. Wavers of this sort are a futile effort w big lawyers on both sides getting paid.
  5. Doesn't matter for Bills fans......the Cuomo Administration has decided for you....you cannot attend a game, even if you are the only one in the stadium. This is BIG BROTHER telling you how to live. That's why I moved to Florida!
  6. EJ was to busy selling shares in his future income stream. (yes, he did) He was emulating RG3 who also did that. Didn't work out for investors in either case.
  7. They did this once before.....the strike shortened season in the 80's.....Jim Kelly era. I opted out and used the money to buy a pure bred St Bernard.
  8. Cam wants to be #1. The Bills don't want a challenger to Allen on board at this point. I agree w that assessment. Barkley is #2, knows it, and is supportive of Allen from a vets perspective...perfect to help get Allen's head right.
  9. voters are forgetting that not only is he a former #7, BUT, he also has two years in the league under his belt. the 2 years is a BIG deal. He gets multiple picks , maybe two #1's included if the Bills wanted to trade him. I just can't fathom how this is a reality based exercise.
  10. 1yr, 7.5 million media reports
  11. I recall Trent Dilfer.....a leader, not a big league thrower. And, Josh Allen is more than Trent Dilfer imho. (Dilfer won a Super BTW) We need to ride Josh up the learning curve here. Will he win a Super Bowl....I look forward to seeing how that goes!
  12. I think virus will play in how the season comes out, irrespective of format. Teams that avoid infection will rise. Those that need to bring up practice squad players will not do as well. I even forsee games where teams can't dress 46, as they don't have that many heathy bodies. Avoid the virus (and injuries) and you can have a decent season....if there is a season. I know the lip service plan, but, nobody really knows. They will try, but, .......
  13. He had a partner, he had to pay taxes......his number, still large is likely less than half of that. Taxes alone likely cost him 45%, between federal and state taxes.
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