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  1. bigK14094

    Inside Info (somewhat) - Kyler Murray

    I remember Flutie......so short.....and, he could never over achieve in the NFL. Good short player. I don't think Murray makes it......a wasted pick in the making.
  2. bigK14094

    McBeane Draft Tendencies?

    Yes, fewer higher picks is their mode. I think its wrong mostly. Study the talent and draft what is there is my view. I think they lucked out on Josh Allen.....and likely made a mistake trading up for Edmunds. Not that I don't like Edmunds, but, the picks surrendered would have provided a couple of good players, not just one. The Bills have so many holes, I really can't think well of a few but higher stragedy. That is what I saw....they lack nerve....always wanting to move up just a few to get this GREAT guy.
  3. bigK14094

    Daboll should eliminate designed QB runs from our offense

    There need to be a few to run once a season for each play. Naked bootleg is one........bootleg at the one yard line is another.....as for RPO's, maybe not so much as Allen should develope into a classic pocket passer.
  4. I was at the game a couple of years ago when KAP was Qb for the 49's against the Bills. (yes, he was booed when he took the knee) He was stricktly below avg that day, no great arm, no great runner. I could see him not getting another shot in the NFL based on what I saw that day. All the P/R stuff is pop culture bs......I am a football fan only.
  5. I hope so........I had hoped the Bills would draft him #8 instead of doing that crazy Sammy Watkins deal....but, he has turned into a head case now....NO THANKS at this point.
  6. bigK14094

    Cuts to add an additional 6 Million

    Hire away the best o f the Pats free agents.....we need somebody who has actually been to the superbowl.
  7. bigK14094

    Is Dion Dawkins better at LT or LG

    There were some plays in Dawkins first year where he was at left guard.....and he was killer there. Can't remember why, perhaps Richie was hurt.
  8. bigK14094

    Rob Ryan hired as Redskins LB coach

    Hard times ahead in DC then....
  9. I want to see if the kids from UB can do anything.
  10. bigK14094

    Could JP Losman Help Rejuvenate Josh Rosen in AZ?

    JP story is interesting.....particularily since JP failed as a pro Qb becasue he didn't have the "head" for it.
  11. Kyle is going back to the farm in Lousiana.....at least for a couple of years, to be with his family. Later maybe, but not now.
  12. bigK14094

    2019 Reeseā€™s Senior Bowl Rosters Announced

    Hill looked really quick/fast in the East/West game this weekend. I would like the Bills to take a close look at the combine. He was a true outside runner......didn't see him up the gut, but he can really get outside quick and motor.
  13. bigK14094

    Bucky Brooks Mock Draft

    I recall Buddy Nix saying....."always draft tackles, and if they can't play tackle, move them to guard"
  14. Richie has issues also. Putting those two together in Miami wasn't good calculus by the team management.
  15. Results this year might indicate he is a more average tight end these days. Not as much left in the tank after getting beat up all these years. He is also a distraction....let him finish up w the Pats.