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  1. Lets see....Monday night playoff football in the open stadium in Buffalo in January......naw.....I will pass. (frostbite adverse I am)
  2. Another Cousins like fiasco brewing here. In Cousins case, if was a fiasco for both Washington and Minn..for a mid tier QB
  3. AT&T Carves Out Pay-TV Business in Deal With TPG - WSJ AT&T sells part of Directv and deconsolidates from its own finicial reporting. Directv looses a lot of money on the Sunday ticket contract. Reporting from other sources on this shows Directv continuing to complete the Sunday ticket contract which is 2021 and 2022. But, another conduit is likely for 2023, with Amazon and Disney the likely outlets. They both have over 50 milllion subscribers whereas Directv only has 17 million (and falling) Anyhow, there is usually interest on this board about Sunday ticket, and th
  4. Buffalo can't afforded $17 mil. I would rather have Milano.....
  5. A deal is a deal.....owners will use the formula. The union taught them that trick. now the union members will pay w salary reductions on average. Life's a bear
  6. Lets hope Bean uses a scalpel and not an ax when doing cuts.
  7. No backup on the list has two years of training in the Bills O....gives Barkley an advantage in being assessed for the Bills backup job. Just sayin....
  8. I wouldn't want to deviate from the contract. The players expect it, why not the owners.
  9. He played 8 of 16 games this past year. Pass.....
  10. Prediction: the new strength coach will not be black....he can't be seen as caving to external pressure. Oh well.... As for criticism of the "good ol boy network"...that exists because of the benefits of instant confidence/rapport that a known person brings to the supervisor when bringing in somebody he knows. Its not racial, its just easier and quicker. A lot of detail doesn't need to be covered..its understood with that kind of hire.
  11. I was there. We had four seats, but only three used. My wife, my aunt (hard core fan) We stayed the whole way, never gave up. Frank Reich was incredible, as was Andre Reed and many others. the Oilers never changed up their D scheme, even when Reed had torched them for three or four TD's. (cant remember how many, but a number) One of the best memories of my many seasons as a season ticket holder. (to old now) Seat were right in front of Ralph Wilson btw.
  12. In the business I helped run for a few decades, we tried to implement an anti nepotism rule in hiring on the salary side of the business.. (of course, the union already had that in their contract, nothing to be done about that...we had to hire from a referal list and that was all their kids.) But, we got sued quick enough and lost in court...you cannot have an anti-neopotism requirement in hiring. It would infringe on the rights of those "related" job candidates. So much for good intentions.
  13. Brady is the only QB that could lure Gronk out of retirement. (and maybe get AB to sign there also)
  14. Buddy used to say "always draft tackles, and if they can't do it, move them to guard"
  15. Another big difference in the game from my perspective is the officiating of the game when KC was defending. The muggings that KC did to the Bills receivers were let go by the officials in the AFC Championship game. However, in the Super Bowl, the identical plays were being called as PI or holding The only exception to this generalization was the call where the KC guy virtually tackled the Bucs wr from behind just tripping him up. That would have been called in either game.
  16. Maybe he is putting pressure on the Bills...maybe he has a "silent" deal already in Florida...maybe he was cold and wanted to warm up. Who knows.
  17. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/jim-leonhard-turns-down-opportunity-152410078.html
  18. ESPN reported Sat afternoon that Leonhard had turned down the Pack DC job. Source is a local rag in Wisconsin.
  19. Marv Levy always wanted smart players....it was one of his criteria for selecting in the draft. A really low Wonderlich score is a warming.....ala CJ Spiller and W. McGahee.....who needed their signals in from the sideline separately, as they couldn't catch the play call by the QB.
  20. Seems to lack the head and instinct of a middle linebacker. Not as bad a miss as Shaq Lawson, but down that kind road.
  21. What franchise would trust him to not retire again just before the season? Well, maybe some are that desparate, so he might get a job. Were I the Colts, I would trade him in a heartbeat were he want to play again.
  22. Wait...you had two parents, didn't you??? That works most of the time....
  23. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/report-packers-interview-wisconsin-defensive-142320073.html Jim Leonard, former Bills safety, will interview for DC at Packers. Wisconsin's favorite son candidate.
  24. the marketplace will determine what he is worth. Its the American way. (at least when government doesn't try to override the laws of supply and demand)
  25. No, it would be just another preseason game. Fromm or Webb would start for the Bills.
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