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  1. Going to be interesting to see the Bills D vs the Miami O. Does the Bills older secondary have the ability to cover Waddle and Hill???? Maybe the Bills can get to Tua, maybe not. Can the Bills shut down the run. (its the Bills blind spot) Not last years D for sure, with the MLB being a new twist for sure. Miami will be ready, so will the Bills. Pickum.......I like the bills at home though by a couple.
  2. Daboll had brain cramps as OC, Dorsey is still going up the learning curve. Who can forget those go nowhere trick plays that Daboll schemed. Daboll isn't on the way out btw, so mute issue really.
  3. The weather is going to be awful. through the form sheet out, tropical storm in the area means wind and water. Passing game will be hampered. I call it a tossup.
  4. You could only activate Kirksey after he know the D inside out. that position has the green dot, and has to call the plays. Yes, this guy is a proven pro. But, it takes time to learn the D, the terminology, and play the position the way McD wants it. that is not necessarily the same as the Texans where he came from. As soon as possible, but no sooner folks.
  5. Last year, end of season Tre still had trouble turning one way and running. the other way was ok. He was not back last year. We will see.
  6. I hate the NY media and love when the Jets or Giants loose.
  7. Expectations of performance are fun. But, actual performance is tbd!
  8. If Tre White isn't back physically, he could win the underperformance award. Want to see him in live fire first before I am convinced he is back.
  9. Saleh is solid, but, as we know in Buffalo, Hackett is a hack.
  10. Peters was signed for over $3million a year, not a low ball vet min.
  11. Sorry, that argument doesn't play. When a contract is signed, its a deal. Upside and downside risk for each side. Peters could have gotten hurt for the last 2 years on the contract and still got paid.. That would have been a big loss to the Bills. Expecting a new deal becasue it worked out better because of his performance, well, that was his downside and the Bills gain. He voided that contract w bad attitude and great dsirespect for what a contract is. Its always "fair" at the time of signing. It can go either way after that in terms of who benefits. Again, he broke trust with the Bills mafia. I have considered him w/o character since that episode.
  12. Peters is an old man now. Bills don't want him. And, he was not reputable in his contract situation w the Bills the last time around. I would have made him sit out the two years, he had a contract and choose not to fulfill it. Hard Pass on him, he is a lowlife.
  13. Jury is out until he delivers the goods.
  14. I think there is only one big cut this year? So they have camp bodies to play the third preseason game. Is that true?
  15. I think that Jackson, Elam and Benford are all in play to be starters. I also think the brain trust saw how bad Tre White was last year and it has crossed their mind that Tre might not ever get back to the all Pro form he got paid for.
  16. Hurts improved so much from his performance at Alabama I can't believe it. Leaving Alabama for OK was a great move getting other coaching. And, he got good coaching in Philly too. Not everybody would succeed like he did. RESPECT!
  17. Red helmets were originally introduced to help Joe Fergeson by giving him a recognizable target to throw to, thus reducing interceptions. Not a marketing tool at all back those decades.
  18. You forgot the three bad years with Al Meltzer.
  19. Well, he didn't do well in Minn, but Marv Levy didn't do well in KC before being a success w the Bills. Hey, you never know. (as Marv often said)
  20. Von Miller (you will see) and Kelvin Benjiman
  21. I also recall Fitz throwing a 98 yarder to Terrill Owens. That dates me I guess.
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