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  1. This is actually a disadvantage if they do it imho.
  2. Happened to me at a preseason game for the Red Sox at Fenway south. (Fort Myers)
  3. Last time the admission was free to whoever could get there. (almost none)
  4. The NFL likes to schedule the; Bills at home in Nov Dec Jan. I don't know why, but study the schedule back two decades. One of the reasons I dropped the seasons.
  5. At least the bills are as bad as the Sabres. gonna be playing before empty arena downtown at this rate. Feels like last decade again.
  6. Josh is turning into Jamies Winston before our eyes.
  7. the prize isn't big enough to build a stadium anywhere. Current net value of about $500 milion is only about 1/4 what is needed. But, a good dream.
  8. Coaching players in their 20's is a better fit for somebody in their 40's imho.
  9. I love it when the Bills beat the Jets. I particularily love when the NY media crys about it.
  10. At least Chubb got to go to London!😎
  11. There was a lot of poor tackleing for sure. Edmunds was knocked downfield 5 yards a number of times. He wraps the runners up, but he doesn't deliver the blow to stop them. Thats the wrap I see on him.
  12. I am out of state. I want to print the Bills and Packers roster from the Buffalo News E-edition. Last year it worked fine, but they changed the format of the e-edition. Anybody out there know how to print it out now? I tried, I get the whole page from the paper and need a microscope to read the rosters. Not easy like last year. thanks for replys.
  13. We lost Hyde, it happens. The NFL roster is an attritation planning exercise.
  14. Hyde has McD's confidence. That is why he gets the big bucks. Hamlin has been great ,and next year will be Hyde's last. But, Hamlin likely will be gone the year after that.
  15. I wondered how he got the job when I heard his name. He had to deal with EJ Manual with the Bills, so he was snake bit from the start. But, still....I wondered. BTw, it now appears the Geno Smith/ EJ Manuel controversy is finally over. After 10 years, Gino is a pro finally at Seattle!
  16. Too bad, the Bills want to beat the Jets best players.
  17. Shakir can play. Not sure yet h e overtakes anything though. Still gotta see more before I believe.
  18. Mohomes is a waterbug out there running around. Josh is evasive, but not in that league. On the other hand, Josh is stronger and perhaps faster in a straight line, and is more of a problem for the db's to bring down when he gets in the open. (Josh a little like a tight end in comparison)
  19. Ride the hot hand until he loses a game. Give Jones a chance to really recover from injury. No need to force him in.....sports writers looking for QB controversy.
  20. At 10 to 15 grand a week, these practice squad guys don't need to sleep in their cars.
  21. Use to be VIP Tickets in WNY did the nuy sell thing for the NFL Use them a few times to both buy and sell.
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