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  1. Spot on. After three years of Tyrod Taylor's ultra-conservative play, anyone would look like a gunslinger to us.
  2. Really ill-thought suggestion. If you don't like people's takes on TBD, don't log on/don't respond - see how that works? I assume the OP wants to listen to the Bills corporate radio show, and just wants them to upgrade - how does "not listening" address that? Hint: it doesn't.
  3. And no real NFL fans respect Patriots fans, at all. Cheap shots on the sideline are not "running up the score". Gronk giving Tre White a concussion was just him being a POS. In the unlikely event I ever see him in person, I will tell him so directly.
  4. Just my speculation, but I predict Cody Ford ends up at Guard.
  5. I really enjoyed the video, but I think it's telling that it started well into the first round early picks, and yes, I love Beane as GM. What we did NOT get to see was what sort of maneuvering they were trying to do to move up and WHO they were wanting to move up for. They'll tell us they weren't really and/or they wanted Oliver, but we probably won't know for a decade plus.
  6. Not recently. I think more importantly, he is a among a set of idiots who 1) made up their mind way too early that Josh Allen sucks and 2) don't like reevaluating their premises, but prefer to stick to their biases. Cowherd is 100% useless as an analyst.
  7. Kiper is 100% correct on this - he had Allen as his top QB or 2nd at worst over the pre-draft period. McShay hated him. If McShay wanted to be more honest, he could point out that Kiper didn't like Mayfield, though McShay may not have liked him either?
  8. I think the point remains that he didn't really throw that many short passes "too hard" at whatever velocity you choose. I _feel_ like I saw more short ones just off-target, probably b/c Josh was uncomfortable trying to take something off?
  9. This is a false statement. Another year, another chance for me to ask the trolls on this site who think the Bills are a 4 win (or whatever) team to bet me $500. No one ever steps up when I do. Generally they crawl back under their bridge.
  10. I really like the John Randle comparison for Oliver - if only b/c that would be an awesome football role model for him to follow.
  11. Would it be reasonable to have the Mod's just ban anyone with "Troll" in his name?
  12. Or that they signed Trent Murphy to a 5 year deal last year? Not saying they don't still have Edge as a need, but like pretty much all national "reporters," way to happy to make "bold" statements in ignorance.
  13. Just to throw some fuel on the fire - LB Josh Allen on GMFB this morning, when asked who he most looks forward to sacking, then the questioner (Schrager?) added "hey you have to want to sack Josh Allen, right?" seemed a bit coy and immediately responded, something to the effect of "we'll see where I end up - I can't sack a guy on my own team." Not sayin', just saying... <wink> I mean, it IS conceivable he's heard something... I found nothing misleading about this title. It was exactly what I expected.
  14. So they reach for Wilkins, and the starting TE for 2019 is Kroft? Croom??? YUCK
  15. Yeah - Mayock was my favorite, will definitely miss his takes. I had been watching more NFLN than ESPN the past few years but I may drift back b/c of Mayock not being there.
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