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  1. Tre' is another Josh Norman. Great in his system, but very much limited to that zone system. Someone else will almost certainly overpay for him thinking he's a lock-down man cover guy. The Bills should and probably will know better.
  2. One would have to be VERY desperate to take that job. There is almost no chance to succeed. Seriously - the rumors of him going to DC are too stupid to have even been acknowledged.
  3. You do understand you are talking to fans, not NFL players and coaches, right? No amount of rest or game-planning on my part will affect the Bills' season outcome, but as a fan, it's totally reasonable to assess where their season looks like it's headed.
  4. None of Allen's (LONG) INTs were nearly as much of a problem as the blocked punt. That play was just awful - college football stuff.
  5. 3. The OL is merely average this season - nothing we didn't know. They were horrific last season, so it's a big upgrade, but there is no elite talent on the OL or WR corps yet.
  6. really questioning this coaching staff's halftime adjustments
  7. Looks more like 65% to me - a lot of them are on the "who have the Bills played" Kool-Aid.
  8. I'm not wishing this on him - but how long do we really think Gordon can keep it together?
  9. I give you the "journalist" responsible for these insights... Note how he scored 1 like and 3 retweets on his last attempt to influence...
  10. Yeah - honestly, I was in the "draft a stud position player first AND then Rudolph" camp going into the draft. When they managed to get Allen AND Edmunds I was OK with them not following my "brilliant" logic...
  11. Shakespeare - Hamlet??? ... Yes, Hamlet
  12. And by "take care of business" you mean WIN THE DIVISION, am I right?! 😉
  13. Let's find out what condition Big Ben IS OUT FOR THE YEAR and James Conner are in by the time they play Pittsburgh - that team might be in the toilet by then!!!
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