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  1. BobChalmers

    What am I missing about Jared Cook?

    They're going to draft Hock.
  2. In other Bills OL news - all NFL OL look like hot garbage playing for Juan Castillo. As mentioned earlier - Long was in the 70's when he played for Bobby Johnson. Waddle played well for him too? COACHING MATTERS A LOT for NFL OL. ...so much so, in fact, that I question giving up on Groy and Miller who both looked like studs (along with most of the line) when coached by Aaron Kromer.
  3. BobChalmers

    2OG,2OT,C,TE,2WR,RB,KR. That’s an offensive FA!

    You can't really keep more than 8 on the active roster, so they need to stop soon or they're just throwing money away
  4. BobChalmers

    Adrian Clayborn a Bill

    Or TE - there are still only 2 TEs on the entire roster.
  5. BobChalmers

    Anybody know if Ansah has left town yet???

    Meh - but do we even want him? So many talented Edge kids we could draft instead. I guess if we do get him, we're all in for Hock in the draft, and that part I like.
  6. BobChalmers

    John Miller - Sigh

    So at what point is the issue the common guy on the field? (Phillip Rivers)
  7. I guess there's some added risk for the Bills' free agent additions if only because there are so many of them!
  8. BobChalmers

    John Miller - Sigh

    More like Juan Castillo's blocking schemes make every OL he's ever coached look like crap.
  9. BobChalmers

    Report - Bills talking to Hou for Clowney

    Not if they're desperate to unload his contract.
  10. BobChalmers

    Safe to say at Pick #9, we are focused on OL/DL

    Hughes led the league in pressures. What does "great" look like?
  11. agreed, but can't rule out DE (or OL if we don't get Williams)
  12. BobChalmers

    CJ Mosley to the Jets (5 yr, $85M, $51M gtd)

    Jets fans are going to be hilarious in November.
  13. BobChalmers

    The stupidity of Free Agency summed up in one deal.

    Honestly Collins was the most ridiculous of all so far - $84M/6 years for a SAFETY who's BAD IN COVERAGE????
  14. BobChalmers

    RB Frank Gore (Dolphins) to the Bills

    Honestly I didn't want either of those guys. Flowers isn't worth the money (who is when they leave NE?). James is a mediocre TE - just draft Hock. Get two top OL in and one WR then on to the draft! I'll start getting upset when we lose out on those guys. Picking up some random cheap guys is all good.
  15. I seriously wouldn't want either of them - the Cardinals will be screwed either way. But I AM happy to see more QB action before the Bills' pick!