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  1. The biggest point for One Bills Live is that (even more than the Diggs signing) Brady leaving the division is the biggest single reason most pundits now are picking the Bills to win the division. And yeah, it's also the biggest story in sports at the moment.
  2. It's not ending next week. Think more in terms of 6-8 weeks. NOT months though - NFL season will be fine.
  3. Where are the stats that show that? Not saying it's false - but the only stats in this thread are from 2018.
  4. I believe you are confusing the rise from among the worst O-Lines in the NFL (2018) to average unit in 2019 and thinking they are actually good. They were not good last year - they were mediocre. They still need to get better. They should probably do it again.
  5. The money line is at around 5:45 so you don't need to listen to the whole thing
  6. RBs are a dime a dozen - they'll find one or two... but this team REALLY needs to improve on the OL.
  7. Seriously - I am certain the PFF praise of the Bills receivers is absolutely a setup to justify their initial take on Josh Allen - not kidding even a little.
  8. I like the concept, but they really need an upgrade somewhere on the OL still more than another CB. Hmmm - who we could trade at this point to pick up someone else's disgruntled/expensive OL?
  9. I still would really like to see an upgrade somewhere on the OL - a second year working together under the same OL coach will help, but they are still just in the average category right now. Not sure who that would be in FA - but without a 1st round pick, they almost have to go OL in the 2nd IMHO
  10. Wow - yeah, he's no $20M per year player - sorry. Meanwhile we just scooped up his teammate Quinton Jefferson for cheap along with Addison and Butler.
  11. Interesting question - Diggs does have FOUR YEARS left right?, which would make it pretty crazy precedent to renegotiate so soon. Lamb at #22 is NOT HAPPENING. Long gone by then. We were looking at Shenault or Higgins.
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