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  1. PFF is Chris Collinsworth and his hired tools. They are NOT the objective stats guys they pretend to be. Good or bad, take them with a pound of salt.
  2. And don't forget we still have Horrible Harry waiting in the wings. The smart move (and Beane is smart) is to find the NEXT Jordan Phillips. This year's Jordan Phillips will be way overpaid.
  3. I'll take ANY first-round talent to help him - Allen is the only #1 on the offense right now, which is insane in today's NFL. I'd take an elite WR, TE, RB, or even OG/T. Swap out a guard for a Quinton Nelson (yeah I know he's unique - but maybe someone close) and this team wins another game. Did you see the OL being embarrassed repeatedly by the Texans' DL late game? Singletary is arguably good enough at RB - but better with a better OL, and the drop off when Gore came in was pretty stark. John Brown could become the league's best #2 WR - but expecting him to beat elite CBs as the main threat is a bit too much. Knox has potential but he is raw and his hands are still TBD. He barely played in college.
  4. Watching their idea of "tackling" makes me much less happy about the defense. I'm no longer certain I want Poyer or Milano as starters, despite all their excellent speed/energy/big plays - they have just been getting run over for weeks now.
  5. "But but - Josh Allen is bad/inaccurate/makes dumb plays!!!" "we can't win with JA" "Allen is just Tyrod Taylor all over again" - dumbest 35% of this board.
  6. Their coaching/success makes their players look better than they are, causing them to be signed for more than they are worth, leading to higher compensatory value?
  7. All of this. They reflect their boss (Chris Collinsworth) quite well. I gave all their trash a thumbs down on YouTube so it finally stopped suggesting their videos to me.
  8. I don't think you have to try at all - it just comes naturally!
  9. Josh Allen is the only first round pick on the Bills' offense. That is just bizarre in the NFL today. They have 7 on defense. Just because the OL and WR are better than last year's incompetent bottom-of-the-league units doesn't mean they are even good this year - the Bills' OL and WR are both mediocre now. Allen remains the only elite athlete. Look at the list of other top teams - they typically have 3-4 1st rounders on their offense. Ravens and Titans both have 4 (plus 1st round backup QBs). Seahawks have four - all on their OL! Expecting the offense to be good without any elite talent to support a young Allen is absurd. Pretty sure the Colts still hold Luck's rights?
  10. Bears over/under on wins in 2020 should be dropping - I'm sure taking the under!!
  11. Anyone who brings up red helmets in a positive light loses me immediately. Our current QB can tell the difference between his players and the opposition - we don't need the UGLY red Fergie-helmets anymore.
  12. I'm not saying Daboll is the greatest offensive mind, and I've hated a lot of his play calls - but can people here please come to grips with the fact that the offensive talent is still no better than mediocre, even with the replacement of 9 of 11 starters. Josh Allen is the only first round pick on the offense. Think about that for a minute. The defense has 7! Just because they upgraded the OL and WR from absolute trash (last season) to average doesn't mean they are actually good now - they are mediocre. Some others for comparison, Jets 2 Ravens 4 (not counting RG3) Texans 4 Titans 4 (not counting Mariota) Chiefs 3 Tampa Bay 3 Vikings 2 (not the qb) Eagles 4 Bears 1 (though they have a pile of 2's) Cowboys 5 (and not the QB) Seahawks 4 (All 4 are on the OL!!!)
  13. "2) tough, disciplined, holds players accountable" Under no circumstances describes Hue Jackson EVER.
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