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  1. Presumably. The Bills should have gone with white on white for their snow game against the Colts 2 years back!!
  2. Might need to go to college style striped balls if teams are taking advantage.
  3. Still remember that crazy game where they had a guy lying down in the endzone - practically invisible - on a kickoff return, right?
  4. If EJ's game was about misdirection and hard to spot handoffs, it would have been equally legit.
  5. Typical for NFLN "Analysts" File him with Marshall "Bills need to improve at OLT" Faulk. A lot of the former players there are lazy sacks.
  6. Hehe - absolutely true - checking this morning, a CLE-PITT tie adds another 4% to the Bills chances - up to 97%
  7. For those thinking about winning the division - even if the Bills went on a tear - can we have the tiebreaker against the Pats?
  8. Against people from India? That's where the word comes from.
  9. It really is a tough question - in games like these I root for injuries! 😉
  10. That would be a good idea, but if they were going to do that, they should have used him against the Browns and their talented but small CBs.
  11. We are not the players - that's how THEY need to think. ^^^ We are fans - outsiders - we get to look ahead. Sure - but the odds of that are near-zero, so [fans] looking ahead to the Steelers game is sensible.
  12. Every time you hear something from PFF, just remember they work for Chris Collinsworth.
  13. ^^^ That's a stream of not-smart right there. Pull out a gun and shoot at someone's head - as long as you miss it's fine, says Chicken Boo, resident legal scholar.
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