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If it comes down to a FG, you might as well send a defibrillator over to my house now. 

Ike Boetteger... if we control Buckner we win easily. 

Andre Roberts.   It's his birthday tomorrow, and he's going to be giving Bills Mafia presents.

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1 minute ago, 4merper4mer said:

Not sure why but I’m feeling a big play/game from Motor.

Motor, Moss and Allen. 


I feel like they might be on their heels expecting us to pass heavy early on and we come out running hard. 

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24 minutes ago, Cheektowaga Chad said:

Moss - when the colts come out with 6 defensive backs we are gonna need to be able to run the ball

Why? Line up in 10 personnel and throw the ball all over the place. You don’t let them dictate what we do.

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Beasley. The Colts might not give him as much attention as they would have if he was 100%, and he could have 10 plus catches over 100 yards. 

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On offense It’s always Josh Allen.  All day every day.


Defensively I think Tremaine is a good choice.  I’m fairly certain they will be running and throwing a lot of short and intermediary passes.  Tremaine will be very important to the success of the defense tomorrow.



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