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John Warrow gets "corrected" by McDermott


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2 minutes ago, Beck Water said:


I mean, yes, he nicely corrected him, but schooled?  Strange usage.


If he had truly schooled him, it would be against his own best outcome. He’s more savvy than that, but I enjoyed the correction. Nice, now we move on. 

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29 minutes ago, Roundybout said:

Not really "schooled" per se but a nice comment nonetheless. I get what Warrow was going for. 

For a guy like McD that is so respectful and professional that was as close as you’ll get. There was some pressure peaking through.

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30 minutes ago, LabattBlue said:

I might be mixing up my reporters.  Was Wawrow the guy who always thought his music opinions were fact?

Thinking your opinions are facts is a prerequisite to getting an account here. I checked the box. Fight me. 

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It was a good retort handled with class.


And McDermott showed that he and his family are committed to this area and the team.


Now if the reporter had phrased it like, "you're heading back to Philly where you have some history...", he may have gotten a bit further along.





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TBD has a long and storied history of running reporters and sources off the board. 


Granted, most but not all of them were very thin skinned and couldn’t handle much critique, but then we also have a number of scorched earth posters who went overboard with the venom.


Welcome to the internet.


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