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John Warrow gets "corrected" by McDermott


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Love the eye look that coach gave when he answered the question.  


It's like dude get off my lawn.


We live in Buffalo nothing wrong with it and very proud to be here.


But yes I have a place in the keys to go in winter.

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Ach, in the age of hyperbole everything needs to be a thousand percent.


Me, I saw the coach gently and with small smirk correct Wawrow to make a point. Hardly a "schooling".


Nice clip though

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11 minutes ago, Warcodered said:

Kind of, but it was a very strange way for him to phrase it...then again it is Warrow.


 Also Sean got his start  in Philly learning under coach Johnson highly respected defensive coaching tree. So the phrasing x

Vould be you going back where ur career began ....   Warren is norepinephrine 9n senility if u ask me.  

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23 minutes ago, strive_for_five_guy said:

Who’s Wawrow?


John Wawrow.  Sports reporter for Associated Press, one of the news sources that has strict standards for verifying sources still as opposed to other "press" which utilize each other's questionable tweets referencing anonymous folks as a source.


Good and balanced reporter, does a nice job pulling together different interviews and sources to craft a story.  Developed the habit of 5 minute monologues that assume the answer to the question he finally asks vs. posing concise questions during Covid.

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