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  1. There isn't anyone on TV that can break down blocking assignments, route trees, coverage assignments, etc better than him in seconds after only seeing it once live. Him and Al are 100% deserving of the marquee football match-up on Sunday nights.
  2. We don't have to worry about Daboll leaving for a head coaching job anymore.
  3. 75% in a game is not good and neither is 71% on the season, but the sample size is still too small. His 50% rate on 30-39 kicks will go up, he's hitting 95% of his extra points. Fans calling for him to be cut need to relax.
  4. I do not get the love for Jones at all. Have you guys seen him play, or do you just have him on your IDP fantasy teams? He's a much smaller version of Edmunds, he's basically a safety playing LB. They both rack up gaudy tackle stats because they play on defenses that can't get off the field. He's certainly not the answer for a soft run defense. Quinnen Williams would be my choice, but is it realistic? Would the Jets really trade a promising young 1st round DT, who's under contact for the next 3 years with option, to a division rival?? That's insane. But part of me says "it's the Jets" so maybe it is realistic.
  5. I mean, it literally tells you in the linked article that Ertz can no longer be traded this year. "this year, you have to designate guys on IR as having major or minor injuries, and guys categorized as having minor injuries can’t be traded. The Eagles designated Ertz as a minor injury, so that’s that on him" Thus my comment, "Read people, read" So I look forward to the next 5 pages of proposed Ertz trades
  6. Ertz is on IR, he can't be traded. Nowhere is there any mention of Cox. This is about Alshon Jeffrey, a receiver that can't even get on the field the past 2 years. Read people, read.
  7. This. It was considered an upset when those teams lost, and the go-to excuse back then was that the team partied too much the night before (and that was not far from the truth sometimes).
  8. Re-signed Tre White and took on that Diggs contract. What a disaster.
  9. You don't even know who he drafted
  10. Nobody with a lick of football sense thought the Bills were supposed to be contenders this year. A bunch of cheerleaders wearing rose-colored glasses made Super Bowl plans after we beat the Jets and Dolphins. The offseason narrative was that 1) Josh would improve as a passer and 2) we had the best chance to win our division. Both are coming true.
  11. He made the right call by the traditional book and even by many advanced statistical models. So if it happens again I hope he does opt for the single point. Is there a model for going against Mahomes on a rainy, wet field, in a windy stadium when your defense has given up 250yds on the ground? No, so I guess that leaves room for an argument. Regardless, it wasn't the reason we lost the game.
  12. Odd fact: He's actually right-handed. QB life is nice in Alabama when you have 10 seconds to throw. Playing your first game against Aaron Donald won't be so nice.
  13. The Eagles are a walking infirmary right now. After Sunday they have 2 starters left on offense, Wentz and Kelce. Two.
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