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  1. Yes. Defense had issues but UPL was a train wreck. On one goal it looked like he was taking a walk to 7-11 to buy a six-pack.
  2. Every player falls under the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy. If the NFL suspends him before March 2024 his guarantees could be voided and he could be released. I really don't want to make light of a domestic violence situation, but it's possible the team may get bailed out of this horrific contract.
  3. No. He's right in saying 1) The situations were completely different and 2) Since we lost people were going to crucify McD regardless of his decision. That's all.
  4. Playing once a week wasn't helping him.
  5. Yup that's about right. Around 52% chance if they go 4-1. Two losses and it's over. Probably a few days early for this post the tantrum is still going strong.
  6. There is some merit to this. Both defenses were gassed. Allen and Davis weren't on the same page on our OT drive and Philly didn't make that mistake on theirs.
  7. That is not an NHL lineup in 2023. I'm anxious to see the rookies like everyone else but you can't throw 4 of them into the lineup and expect to compete.
  8. He hasn't made it through the season yet.
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