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  1. You need to either increase or decrease your dosage.
  2. Game ball. That decision to try the 53yd FG was clown coaching.
  3. Hahaha this is a new one. Bless your hearts, Pollyannas.
  4. "The change happened once Green Bay Packers coach Mike Holmgren sat Favre down and dispensed a threat to fine him $5,000 every time Favre failed to slide, unless a crucial first down was necessary to win." Send this snippet to McD.
  5. And if we lose, the REAL test will be how this team handles the Dolphins after a bye week.
  6. Oof, Timmy dropping the E.J. bombs
  7. Too much Hero ball, including that last run.
  8. Probably a 4, which is the highest it's been in about 15 years.
  9. You can only water down the product so much. Right now players are bigger, faster, and stronger than ever before -- and they are having difficulties making it through 16 games. Adding another bye week isn't going to magically make CTE injuries go away. The push for 17 or 18 game seasons reinforces what most of us already know -- that the NFL's stance on player safety is an empty gesture and it's always been about the money.
  10. Not the typical Thursday night slopfest, looks more like a Sunday night game.
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