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  1. I'd have to agree. Clark isn't $30+M GTD plus a 1st rd pick better than Ford.
  2. Just want to point out that 5th-year options are only guaranteed for injury (which is certainly a risk). As long as a player is healthy they can be cut without any financial penalty to the team (Well, aside from the fact that they will get nothing in return). The 5th-year money doesn't become guaranteed until the league year begins.
  3. Whaley worked on that trade with Dorsey for weeks.
  4. Bleacher Report. Drama = clicks = $$$
  5. Spending money in free agency doesn't make you a great GM.
  6. We have the "Offended by Vegas predictions" thread every year. If you were outraged by last season's low win prediction and made a wager, you lost. Just walk away. Sportsbooks are built on exploiting homerism.
  7. Well he was right when he said "it would be amplified and parsed to mean just about anything."
  8. Yeah, but at least it's entertaining watching the lengths some will go to argue otherwise.
  9. Ivory was a dead man walking the second Gore signed.
  10. Embarrassed for a minute? This is going to follow him around until he dies. I'm anticipating some great crowd chants and signs at New Era for next year's game.
  11. He's had 3 concussions in the last 4 years, the last of which landed him in concussion protocol for 5 weeks. There's a lot of wishful thinking at this time of the year to simply hand-wave this sort of thing off, but it is a concern. The man plays in the trenches.
  12. People are predicting his worth with AAV which is likely insignificant in this situation. Ansah wants what every 30yr old FA with an injury wants -- term. He wants a contract that will keep him in one place for 5+ years with GTD money. The Bills (and every other team) want to give him a front-loaded contract that they can walk away from after 2 years if things go south (i.e. the type of contract where AAV truly means nothing). Signing him to a contract that says he makes $50M over 5 yrs doesn't mean squat if a team can cut bait on him after 1 yr.
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