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  1. Their FO probably won't be around for that top-5 pick. I think Bidwill has just about had it with Keim.
  2. Put a tent over this circus of an offense. May get to see Chad Kelly.
  3. Listening to Terry Bradshaw try to remember and pronounce names during highlights is frightening. It used to be funny, but he has to has a form of dementia setting in.
  4. It's been a tough half for the "Wrong Josh" crowd.
  5. QCity

    NFL worried about Chargers viability in LA

    It really isn't. Wait until the Rams have been in town for a few years and the novelty wears off, spending $5B on that stadium could be a financial train-wreck.
  6. QCity

    Caption This: Terry Pegula

    Oh, he's paying for Rex's dinners until the end of 2019...
  7. It took Cleveland 3 games to realize what took us 3 years.
  8. QCity

    This picture is epic

    I love this. 23 years is the new 17 years now.
  9. QCity

    Think Things Are Bad, Try 2009, Browns 6 Bills 3

    We have the winning QB from that game now!
  10. QCity

    This picture is epic

    The identity of our fan base across the nation is a fat, drunken guy jumping off his trailer through a flaming table. It's apt.
  11. QCity

    How much blame does Daboll deserve?

    Is is even possible to suck as the OC for the Pats or Alabama? He lasted 2 years in Cleveland, 1 year in Miami, 1 year in Kansas City, and 1 year in New England before he was demoted to TE coach. Four teams in five years certainly doesn't sound like success. Talent still may be the biggest issue, but Daboll isn't helping the cause.
  12. QCity

    On the positive side at least we aren’t the Raiders

    All coaching contracts are fully guaranteed. Unless he takes another coaching job.
  13. QCity

    McDermott hangs up on Schopp and Bulldog

    Shhhhh. Don't ruin this outrage.
  14. There was 1:34 left and no timeouts with a backup QB under center. Sometimes a weak move is the correct move, and in this case it was.