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  1. There's been numerous threads on this. The consensus goes something like Smith, Kelly, Thomas, Allen and then the discussion gets completely derailed arguing about OJ.
  2. Yeah Kelso is quite the choice. I'd place a guy like Leonard Smith over him even though he was only here for 4 years.
  3. 5 years ago he was the most dominant WR in football, but that ankle surgery seems to have aged him 10 years in that time.
  4. This is the first year of his new $20M+ contract and there simply is no way out this summer that makes financial sense. There won't be anyone brought in for competition for that reason alone. It's ride or die with Bass this year so refill your blood pressure medication.
  5. Can't help but feel all of these moves should have been made last year. Imagine bringing in a vet on a 1-yr deal who could post 40-50 pts (Zucker) to replace Quinn when he went down in the early summer? Or a veteran goalie with a .910 career SV% (Reimer) as insurance in case Levi needed more development? Or ditching Okposo, Girgs, Olofsson, and Jost and completely remaking the 4th line with a group of speedy bangers (Malenstyn, Lafferty, Aube-Kube)? Would that have closed the 7-pt gap behind 8th place? We'll never know.
  6. Sabres are getting dragged on social media for giving up too much (2nd rounder) and maybe they did, but I've seen this guy play before and he's a heck of a bottom 6 player. He hits like a truck and loves to do it, blocks shots, kills penalties, and other players hate playing against him. If he's Girgs replacement it's an upgrade. He won't light it up offensively but he's sure to be a fan favorite.
  7. Hey I got bad news, Red Grange has passed. But on the positive side, we have this thing called "plastics" now.
  8. There isn't a single poster here predicting doom. As moronic as this thread is, nobody has said we can't win a Super Bowl without an elite receiver. There's a lot of reasoned points about how our WR room is lacking. There is no flip side. It doesn't go both ways. For rational people, criticism of the team doesn't mean "choose to only see the negative in everything."
  9. Understatement of the century. So far this offseason I've learned you cannot win while paying 2 top tier WRs, Samuel is more talented than Diggs, and 40 times don't matter. Fans just twisting themselves into knots trying to convince themselves that everything is ok.
  10. He's probably talking about when he said he'll be back in the 2022 season (and wasn't). Or maybe last offseason when he said he'll be ready to go at the start of the season (and wasn't, wound up on PUP). He's a great player but you shouldn't believe a thing that comes out of his mouth.
  11. Possible they need to attach a 2nd rd pick to move Skinner?
  12. Crazy how players like Evan Rodrigues elevate their game when they leave this town.
  13. None of this is true. One player just got cut and their NFL career is on life-support (hint: it's not the kicker).
  14. Heat wave has people chugging Kool-Aid. What could you have seen in the last few weeks in shorts that changed your opinion into "starting to love" the WR group?
  15. 'Weird, wonderful cathedral': Remembering the Old Pink and the night I saw my future
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