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  1. QCity

    Charles Clay Released

    The previous FO "outfoxed" Miami by offering him a contact structured in a way that made it very difficult for Miami to match. Then they celebrated when Miami didn't match it. As Miami watched us shoot ourselves in the foot.
  2. QCity

    Marcel Dareus’ contract.

    I said this before the season started. Unless he agrees to some insane restructure he's as good as gone.
  3. As some have stated, probably wouldn't be a huge factor at New Era where heavy tailgating is the standard. Now the KeyBank Center for concerts and Sabres games would be interesting.
  4. Since demolishing the Georgia Dome and opening their state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz stadium right next door, the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons have re-written the rules when it comes to concession sales.
  5. QCity

    Do You Still Wear Zubaz?

    Probably still less embarrassing to wear in public too.
  6. If your RB is the most important player on your offense you don't have an offense. Bills fans should understand this.
  7. QCity

    Mahomes wins MVP

    You put Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers on that KC team and they don't throw for 50 TDs. They are HOF QBs and have never come close to that number. That's how good of a season this kid had.
  8. QCity

    Mahomes wins MVP

    Yeah. The NFL MVP would be of no use to us.....
  9. Inside LB coach. They actually have another guy for outside LBs. So he's basically coaching 4 people lol
  10. I'm of the opinion that the conference title games have typically been more exciting anyways.
  11. QCity

    Barnwell has Bills at 6 wins in 2019

    Just a little bit early for this.
  12. Hmm 30 years old in May and has only played a full 16-game schedule twice in his career. He's a tremendous talent but keeping him on the field is a lottery ticket. I'd love to see him on the team at a reasonable salary but I think some team is going to break the bank for him.
  13. It's a very interesting topic, but the Jags would only get $11M of cap relief in 2019. I certainly don't think any team would part with a 2nd round pick for that. Then again the Jags financials are a complete mess and they will be forced to cut Dareus and Gipson this offseason and they will still be in rough shape, but I don't think they are that desperate yet. But yeah, that would be an incredible move for us if that scenario arises. Edit: Ahh never mind, they can simply release him post June 1st and realize a cap savings of $9.5M, which means the Osweiler plan is likely D.O.A.
  14. The Saint's previous "cap space hell" issue had nothing to do with Brees contract, and everything to do with Loomis's reckless overspending. Ironically, Brees actually covers up a large portion of his GMs missteps and is likely the only reason he still has a job. The "rookie-QB window" is basically a fallacy and only an issue for GM's that don't know how to properly construct a roster, and even then it isn't a problem if the QB is exceptionally great.