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  1. Yes, yes it would lol
  2. No, that is one of the greatest plays in Bills history!
  3. C'mon man you can't misspell the guy's name at a time like this. Marve Levy would be ashamed of you.
  4. This is pure homer click bait. Outside of this fanbase it's not even a discussion really.
  5. Not only is it a once in a lifetime opportunity, but they've reduced capacity to a small crowd (6,600). When you factor in that people have been cooped up for over a year and are dying to get out and drink some beers and watch professional sports, you get the perfect storm for crazy prices. I'd have to disagree with that for the reasons listed above.
  6. It's not even that long, I've had friends spend an hour at Danny's after the game and get one there to take them downtown.
  7. They are running 35% capacity of the max (16,600) which is about 5,800 seats per game. They have separate sections for vaxxed and unvaxxed. Capacity in vaxxed sections is 100% and unvaxxed will be socially distanced. So, yeah, ~6K seats per game vs how many Bills and Sabres STH's? G/L Yankee fans.
  8. Yeah, I would guess same price as the Marlins. I'd say Yankees fans that are not Bills/Bisons/Sabres STH's (and there's a lot in WNY) are the ones that will have to open up their wallets for those lovely StubHub fees.
  9. I have a friend that is a BIsons STH and he got access today and said Marlins tickets were about $50-$80 and Yanks were like $70-$100. Once the deluge of Bills and Sabres STH's hits Wed morning I doubt there will be any left for the public for the high demand games like the Yanks.
  10. Haha read the article. You must be new here.
  11. Their video is close to a Saturday Night Live skit. That is not the stadium the Bills play in, and that is absolutely, definitely, 100%, NOT Woodlawn Beach
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