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  1. Right now, they're both running QB's.
  2. Deadline is fluid year to year -- this year was 4/27. And yes, they are notorious for signing players immediately after the deadline hits.
  3. It's up there with the Sabres' run through the month of November.
  4. They held a lottery and gave teams more lottery balls based on their performance over the past 3-4 seasons. The Penguins wound up with the 1st pick - Crosby.
  5. If you stop weighing yourself you'll stop gaining weight.
  6. No NFL training camps are open yet. Summer workouts not working so well at the college level.
  7. Don't worry about this, I've been assured by posters here that the season is starting on time. Who you going to believe, those wacko physicians and immunologists with their kooky voodoo science?
  8. This should really bring out the "I'm done with the NFL" posts, which are always fun to read. No seriously guys, I mean it this time. I'm gonna leave. I'm not joking anymore.
  9. When his contract is up next year there will be threads about signing him back
  10. Our fanbase is the easiest to troll. If some guy living in a yurt in Mongolia makes a snide remark about the team, some poster here is going to make a thread about how outraged he feels. Our fans scour opposing teams' forums just looking for something to be offended by. How dare they!
  11. Their starting 4 D-Linemen carry a ~$70M cap hit this year, and IMO they aren't that good. Yikes.
  12. Needed some youth at the DE spot, rest of the gang is on the wrong side of 30.
  13. Jerry's ego loves to take on these types of players. I completely forgot about this guy, but when his head was on straight, he was an absolute f$%ing beast.
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