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  1. It was a little rough. Unsurprising considering how we played, but a little OTT. To be expected I guess. That roar from Allen said it all. You can tell how frustrated he's been.
  2. PHEW! Now that was a nerve shredding, painful watch but somehow we came through. What a pass from Josh to Diggs to effectively win it.
  3. Can we put together a drive that works primarily off the run? My word I hope so.
  4. Ouch. You know, it's playinng out exactly as Campbell said at half time. They got the interception and then that on special teams. Kudos
  5. That was a good finish by the D Well done. We maintain the lead. A somewhat surprising outcome. Especially with that wild miss from the Lion's kicker
  6. I mean, they are also reasons. Yes, we should be playing better. But it is still a huge factor
  7. Indeed. His head really isn't right. And it though it started before the injury, having it certainly is hurting his progess. It's tough watching
  8. Not unless they changed the rules whilst I wasn't watching! Punt from them to us.
  9. Need a TD on the opening drive after that first half. Losing Miller is a real gut punch
  10. Kay, drive down the field then double dip. Take it away from their O
  11. It wasn't pretty, but that was good. Stopped the rot. Still so much to be concerned about, but at least we are back to winning ways. I'll take it.
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