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  1. What a game - barring third quarter woefulness. Josh is improving just the way we hoped. Looking brilliant today. Gasecki is a beast. 2-0. Watch out NFL, the Bills are coming.
  2. Well, hopefully that was a timely remind to Daboll and Allen to be less reliant o nthe overuse of QB runs and to hold on to the damn ball. Only cost us 3. Not too painful.
  3. TBF he was spinning head over heals at the time. Still should have kept hold of the ball of course.
  4. Please learn to slide Josh. We want you to play the whole season.
  5. Jets are looking woeful But we are also looking pretty darned good.
  6. Good start. Josh looking better. Still questions to answer, but also some really really good stuff. And Bass has a couple of practice kicks too.
  7. On the Buffalo Beat I'm sure Matthew Fairburn said he was away on vacation.
  8. Though this might go a bit missing with the, shall we say, impasssioned rejections of other peoples position, the major thing the NFL has going in it's favour is it's KO time. There are professional sports leagues starting up all round, in both countries that have been reported to have handled Covid well and those that are said not to. There is still plenty of time to see the fallout in those leagues, for the NFL to learn lessons, see how if and they work, and to make adjustments if needed. We should have better indicators too if there is to be a second (or series of) wave(s).
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