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  1. Was exactly what we needed. Took what was offered. Ran well. Called well. Defended very well. And Josh still sprinkled the odd bit of magic in. I'll take that as a response to last week. My heart lifts with hope once more.
  2. Great way to put the icing on the cake. What a fantastic win.
  3. It's like the diametric opposite to last week. Famine to feast
  4. Harris deserved that. Some good ground and pound stuff. And that sublime play from Josh to Gabe. You know, I think it's going a bit better this week than last.
  5. Harris showing his worth. That should have be a loss.
  6. Lovely play to Diggs. Showing some sweet hips in that move
  7. Also could factor in, true. And who knows what's going on behind the scenes. But, the Jets D from last season to this makes Josh Jumpy
  8. I guess the Jets D is just in Josh's head. Much more like his good self this week
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