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  1. I did. It sounds utterly delicious. I might try to make it. Thank you very much for that. As for Keon. One interview and I'm already a huge fan. Seems like a smart humble guy that works really hard. Can't think what McBeane saw in him.
  2. I'm still watching, but it has raised a question for me - unrelated to football. When Keon talked about cooking, he talked about pork chops with a sauce that sounded like he said Deer or Beer sauce. Is that correct? What type of sauce is it?
  3. I don't know either. But searching those two names, he looks at lot more like Eli Ankou. I could be convinced it's him
  4. Well at least he's straight forward about saying that he isn't going to say anything interesting about it. He's pretty much living up to that right now
  5. I'm hearing the questions on the twitter/ x feed. Albeit the audio buzzes out a bit on occasion
  6. I would like us to, yes. Well, if it means we can get a legit game changer at WR. Don't like our chances though.
  7. You were perfectly right to. Astonishing really. I even edited from Diggs to Stephon without clocking. I'm going to pretend it's because I was so upset. Another edit has taken place. I couldn't just leave it that way!
  8. I'm disappointed but not surprised. It just seemed to sour with Diggs for whatever reason. And I loved him so much. Farewell Stefon, it could have been so much more
  9. I find myself bemused. Top, shirt, what does it matter? They are synonyms in this context, at least as I used it. Please bear in mind that I am not from the US so might be missing something here.
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