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Rasul Douglas to Bills - per Rap


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36 minutes ago, gonzo1105 said:

A lot of people looking like fools for either crapping on Douglas or saying he was a backup. Guys is easily our # 1 CB and is ballhawking just like he did with Green Bay. Perfect Zone CB.


He reminds me of Hyde a lot, a player who can play multiple positions. 

If Taron Johnson is out likely he will be tapped to be 3rd CB.

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1 hour ago, Alpo Chino said:

The dude is really good. Sticky coverage, good instincts. Plays the run well also. I'm kind of shocked that I hadn't heard of him before. Hopefully he can remain solid for us for a few years. 

Love his ball awareness. Back turned to the QB, yet had the instincts and reflexes to properly knock the ball and not draw PI.


Love this guy!

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9 hours ago, goldenboy81 said:

Douglas and Benford bout to lock it down

Facts. Douglas is a stud. Benford is becoming one. 

Douglas ball hawking has been phenomenal his whole career. Can't believe GB gave him away for a 3 and gave us back a 5. Great great trade by Beane.  Douglas locked down Wilson all day, super impressive

Anyone know why Dane started over Benford though? 

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