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  1. They were including a discount on the current trend of a mandatory tip.
  2. USA Today is not a real organization it is a real disorganization.
  3. NFL will also need to negotiate with broadcasters unless league already has clauses in contract which broadcasters pay per game available to them.
  4. My drink limit is my bladder size - not want to drive with a full bladder.
  5. The problem with a8 games + 2 byes + 2 preseason games is that season would either need to start before Labor Day which NFL has tried in past and did not like or season would extend even longer which messes up plans on NFL to align playoff games to be during Nielsen ratings period. This also results in another game during unhealthy south summers and another game in potentially very cold north.
  6. No back injury which in movie Princess Bride could not even support the weight of Buttercup.
  7. Almost every time there is an illness there are pictures from people at parties and bars taking selfies day before he is ill. He is a local boy and has a lot of friends in area.
  8. I have a new visitor to my bird covered sanctuary - a red headed  Pileated Woodpecker. My wife showed me a fuzzy picture of a large bird with red heard am grey body with white near neck bigger than the blackbirds which regularly feed there and I researched it and found out it is a red headed Pileated Woodpecker; I could not tell if it was a male or female since picture did not show the face. We have three types of woodpeckers now in our feeding zone with two of other types regular feeders. Now that is getting drier with less rain I have seen more birds here with a robin (who normally only come in my yard when crab apples in season), two types of catbirds, sparrows, chickadees (who I built a home for them), a pair of morning doves who once again built a nest under our gazebo, 2 regular blackbirds and some other blackbirds some grey and occasional blue jay. Saw blackbird stick its head into bowl of water for my dog which birds use for drinking. Unfortunately the long tailed tree rat (that is what Chinese call squirrels) has learned to open suet container and drop it on floor so we looking at moving it under sanctuary cover which we hope squirrel cannot get. Still working on "training birds". The smaller birds will come to my side porch when I am out of bread and they will wait for me to throw bread to them. The pair of regular blackbirds have tried to join the hand feeding line but since there are smaller birds on both sides of area I throw bread I can usually throw it so they can grab it before blackbird can. Some local bees are stating to land on me. Not sure if it has to do with weather, my wife's flowers on side porch or the bird feed but they have not been stinging me so I have been leaving them alone.
  9. Local reports are that he was at bars last night.
  10. Shaquil Barrett signed a 1 year , $7,000,000 contract with the Miami Dolphins, including $5,540,000 signing bonus, $6,750,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $7,000,000. I could see him not returning it immediately and then after Phish exhausted cap UN-retiring. It is only a few weeks until season starts.
  11. And what if you are inactive or injured week teams plays in California? It may be worth it to have a tax laywer argue that since you were not IN that state you owe no taxe$.
  12. If they made good BUSINESS decisions they would have moved out of Buffalo a long time ago. I am sure that is one of the things Jerry Jones told the Pegulas but they decided to stay. You need to take the good with the bad.
  13. He went back to play for Bucs and then sign $9 Million free agent contract with Phish so it is still odd he retired now. His wife had birth of daughter Allanah in February so it is not something which immediately came to mind after birth of latest child. He was released in May from Bucs and he may just be not feeling drive after bring in practices and dealing with Phish staff.
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