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  1. Some thought Baker was better than shown then the slime bog called Browns but the baggage was enough they should have started bailing the boat last year regardless. They are like a person borrowing from one high percentage credit card to pay off others, f they continue like this the New Orleans Saints will be first team unable to fill roster.
  2. The Saints’ NFL salary cap doom spiral, explained The Saints are in NFL salary cap hell, with no way out. https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2024/2/23/24080361/new-orleans-saints-salary-cap-hell-situation-explained-nfl-rules It is often said there is no real salary cap in NFL and that it may be true but the salary cap becomes a low ceiling for teams which over due it. I wonder when New Orleans starts trading picks for future picks just so they can have less to pay now.
  3. $1800 is a lot of risk for storage locker which may just include surplus clothes, extra furniture and papers. I helped a buddy load a storage locker when he needed to move I asked "Is it worth keeping this stuff for amount you are paying each month?" and his response was "It will only be until I get my new place paid for". it sounds like he buys unpaid storage locker contents regularly and it is like gambling where sometimes he may have some inside information occasionally like someone working for storage place.
  4. https://www.twobillsdrive.com/community/forum/1-the-stadium-wall/?do=add What is a good finder fee besides the costs to pay off the money if the person who bought it legally decides to sell it back? https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/dallas-cowboys/mazi-smith-82304/ Cowboys' Mazi Smith wants his stuff BACK! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/nfl/article-13119353/Cowboys-Mazi-Smith-Michigan-Storage-Unit.html
  5. Yes but WFAN forgives him for all the scandals which generated ratings. Glad he is not working for WGR anymore. He is fungible with a pile of dung being used as a sex toy.
  6. Probably marketing pushing for release not allowing time for testing. I had a marketing director (salesman, he one only one in marketing) move the release of X-Master, an X Windows benchmarking tool, to end of August because customer requirement so my team needed to work extra hours. I had conversation with customer and he told me the hardware would not be received until October and he did not want software early. I found out that it was a way for him to get a bonus and surprised him in meeting when he told company president that software would be done by end of August telling him customer told me he did not want software yet. The president then knew he was moving dates to make more money.
  7. Correct. Would the 90s zebras make up a truck rule to allow Teflon T*m to get away with as much stuff? No.
  8. Marino was a good THROWER but not s great QuarterBACK. He was not even good at fakes and got his RBs demolished frequently.
  9. Yes and you can get info at Superman museum in Cleveland. Costume and cape do get wrecked often in physical battles especially his cape. Surely you saw Death of Superman covers with torn costumes and torn cape being hung.
  10. Seriously it helps broadcasters more than NFL unless she is driving jersey sales. I am surprised the KC Kings do not have a pink jersey with her name on it with her share of money going to a charity she designates like "Girls without WIFI".
  11. Having worked for Verizon and seen some of the business documents (when they could not support one customer with contracted support they changed the definition of the words in contract) I think this is more appropriate for Verizon:
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