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  1. How many times have you read that book "Pollyanna"? I am sure you have an autographed original hardcover.
  2. Time to switch teams so you do not waste your next window and remember to bring Windex.
  3. Hopefully the and prosecutor and judge is are old school people looking to make an example and own suites in Dallass Eye to the sky stadium.
  4. Part of the reason they were combined because Arrowhead was going to expand to area where baseball teal is and baseball team was going to get a new stadium. Chiefs can now come up with NEW plan without anchor of KC Royals affecting their plan. Some were adamant about new downtown stadium due to other things it would affect like the library and lack of parking expecting walking/metro to make up parking spots lacking. There were also tailgating issues with downtown stadium.
  5. Thanks for correction of typo. Tried to get image but could not.
  6. Usually what happens if you work out of state/area you pay the the income tax where business exists and then [ay difference between business area income tax and local income tax but it depends partly upon state-to-state agreements. In case of DC the District wants to desperately to tax out of DC workers but attempts to DC have been blocked in congress repeatedly. It also depends on how long you work out of state for I was warned if If I stayed in California too long I would have started paying CA income taxes. In sports you usually ae paid per game so you pay wherever you earn the money rather than than weekly/biweekly/monthly as some are paid so you pay in location game is held whether it is in East Rutherford NJ, or Orchard Park, NY or Kansas City, Mo.
  7. No 58%, Yes 42q% https://www.kctv5.com/video/2024/04/03/jackson-county-votes-no-new-royals-stadium/ Before vote polling company stated vote favored approval by 1% with a good portion undecided. Vote raised percentage of people participating in vote and those against approval were much better at organizing supporters as opposed to supporters who relied on star power.
  8. Full map of route. Unfortunately not in Virginia area.
  9. He will probably be in sports management post career. He managed the soccer team team while in college as well as being on team. I also believe he was not a scholarship student being at several colleges / universities.
  10. https://www.kctv5.com/2024/04/03/royals-chiefs-concede-loss-stadium-sales-tax-vote/
  11. He was a kickoff specialist and kicked in practice but was never needed in games.
  12. Reminds me of issue I had in college. Professor of computer science in college would issue very difficult projects requiring printouts of code and results. I had my printout disappear from computer center printout rack so I reprinted it. I got a 50 on project because someone else turned in same printouts and professor told us "I am not responsible for stolen printouts and will not determine who stole what. if I get multiple projects with same work I will split credit between submitters. No amount of arguments would sway him and he responded "You are already top student in class and even if you got a zero on project you still would be based on grading curve." Next project I did it again and once again I got a 50 with same person getting a 50 as well. This time I took it up with professor and told him the code in the project does not work - half a dozen errors and even if corrected would not generate results you expected. In addition if you take first letter of each comment it says "Stolen-from-Glenn-Host.--Theft is rewarded" He looked at it and looked up the person who also got the half perfect grade and after next class he told student to report to his office after class. He said another student has proved not only did you steal the printout , it does not work deliberately. Explain. Student claimed he tested code and had no idea why it failed. Student was told he got a zero for both projects and he left. Professor asked if I was satisfied and I told him no. I handed him a printout of the actual project, printed on a remote dot matrix printer, and stated issue happens every year and some are punished for doing no wrong. I took evidence to dean of academic fraud and the thief was kicked our of computer science degree program. He also lost his job in computer center when I proved to them that he stole a student's work while he worked there.
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