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Your Bills-related unpopular opinion

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McDermott is a very good coach.  Too many people demand that he win a championship with a non-championship roster.


As much as I like McD, I do blame him for the Cinci loss.  The team was not psychologically, emotionally, or schematically ready for that game.  


Beane hit a homerun with Josh but has been mediocre outside of that.  


I like Von Miller but don't like his contract.  We can't afford a good WR#2, MLB or OL because we've got too much cap space tied up in other players. 


Given the crushing reality of our cap situation, I'm not looking for Beane to sign another free agent WR (dhop) or RB.  What we have is good enough under the circumstances.   (Though if he could swing a deal for a good WR at a dollar store price, I'd be thrilled!).


I'd be happy if we drafted offensive linemen with our first three picks.  Or maybe 2 of the 3 - we still need a MLB.  



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When we fail in the playoffs again this season, McDermott will scapegoat Dorsey and hire a DC from outside. When we fail again the next season, McDermott will get fired and we will replace him with some other defensive coach. Beane will go too.

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Me understands Josh could use more help with the O-Line, RB situation, and at times WR's but sometimes it seems he's above any kind of critiquing of his play.  All one would have to do is watch Kurt Warner's Study Ball of The Bengals playoff game to show sometimes Josh doesn't read the field the best at times.



I realize you can't compare Josh to any of the Bills QB's of the last 20 years but that fumble at the goal line against the Vikings was brutal.  If that was any other Bills QB of the last 20 years including Fitz that lost the game like that that would have gotten very very ugly for their sake.  


Now I realize Josh puts a lot of pressure on himself to be the best and is conscientious of his play....  but at the same time he is being compensated to be an elite QB in this league.  So no I have no qualms criticizing/critiquing his play when necessary 

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1) IDK if this is unpopular but Dorsey’s inability to adjust the offense to the adjustments defenses made against us after the first 1/3rd of the season is the biggest reason we struggled up until tanking in the playoffs


2) Kim Pegula’s health issue had no impact with the on-field performance. Same as the Top’s shooting. Hamlin’s issue had a severe negative impact on the team even with his miraculous recovery 


3) Josh’s decision making was very poor in 2022 culminating in the playoff loss. His lack of faith in the O-line was the main reason


4) Beane and McD have no hot seat. There is little pressure from above.

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Von Miller’s best years are behind him, and staying healthy will be an issue. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Hopkins trade, but I have the same concerns with him. Another unpopular opinion, we draft terribly. I’d rather be capable of drafting guys who can actually help over signing thirty somethings. 

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1 hour ago, Mr. WEO said:

if they are proven correct, they are no longer opinions


What if they are proven incorrect?


1 hour ago, wppete said:

Truth hurst sometimes. Poor front office and HC. 


Hayden Hurst the tight end?


1 hour ago, Shaw66 said:

McDermott isn't a natural football genius, like maybe McVay, and a lot of the guys who get deep into the playoffs are like that.

However, I'd argue that Reid also isn't a wunderkind.  He got where he is by accumulating knowledge and gaining wisdom, and that's exactly what McD is doing.  

McDermott will continue to improve because that his core principle - the growth mindset.


It's true that Andy Reid for many years wore the label of "not being able to win the big one." I am hopeful that McDermott continues to grow.


44 minutes ago, Matt_In_NH said:

Josh Allen improving decision making would help them a lot more that trading  for Deandre  Hopkins. 


Josh's decision making last year did regress and I put a lot of that on Dorsey. Part of the OCs job is to set clear parameters for play and reign in hero ball tendencies. Daboll did this better than Dorsey, IMO.



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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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