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  1. You could own a polaris rzr or take a friend to the superbowl. Yikes!
  2. I think of billsmafia as being a branch of bills fans. If bills fans were the military, you have the air force in the expensive box seats, and the navy taking up the prime location season tickets. The Army is getting whiskey drunk before the game watching/occasionally participating with the Marines in munching on crayons and jumping through tables.
  3. Remember kids, if the Vikings rbs could only hold onto the ball, Farve would have been in the SB instead of Brees
  4. Hopefully the Bills don't play against a "nobody" backup qb like they did in SB 25/26.
  5. Nfl players being bad at tackling makes me angrier than just about anything in football, other than passes hitting a reciever in both hands and still being dropped. This is the highest level of football. You can't even make a high school team if you can't do the simple things.
  6. After suffering through the awfulness of the Bills prior to McBean, I'd be stoked if they even make it.
  7. If they wear all red they deserve to lose the game. That's how awful those jerseys are
  8. I thought the Bills had small fast LBs, who are not very good run stoppers/hard hitters, because they could play pass defense well. Doh
  9. I still don't understand why local band Cannibal Corpse doesn't have the theme song
  10. There needs to be an icon of PFC Hudson (Bill Paxton) from Aliens, nearly in tears, saying "game over man". It would be the perfect compliment to all the crybaby game day posts.
  11. I suppose the nfl should just hand the ravens the Lombardi trophy now. According to this thread they already have it clinched. No sense risking injury or coronavirus infections.
  12. Living in the northwest does not exclude everything east of Seattle. I should have clarified. Where I live (Northern Idaho) is well within the regional influence of Seattle teams. My point still stands. The 12th man bandwagon (mainly dude's wives or guys who never followed sports before) were coming out of the gutters like rats here. The best part is they were constantly acting like the made up the term 12th man. Now the flags have disappeared
  13. I haven't been to Seattle in 15 or more years. I'm allergic to major urban areas.
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