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  1. Music City is the worst. Field goals (wide right) are never a given, but to give up a walk off kick return for a touchdown is unthinkable. The hail Mary against Arizona was pretty bad too.
  2. The Bills seem like a soft finesse team. Fortunately one that can score a lot.
  3. Gilmore has never laid a big hit on anyone in his life.
  4. As long as leg day is a major focus, I don't see the problem
  5. Every time someone writes something unfavorable about the team or city of buffalo the white knights come out of the woodwork to feed the troll clicks. They will never learn
  6. If you are going to screw up, might as well go all in.
  7. Nothing wrong with gun ownership. I don't know the story of what he was doing though.
  8. Alexander the Great, and many of his contemporaries swung both ways. They were all about violence. A lot of violence. Maybe this is the logic behind the new glee club.
  9. I have a very dark sense of humor, so this made me lol. Well played! The comment probably missed the demographic for this message board.
  10. As a life long (minus military service) Idaho resident, I cannot fathom being locked up for 5 years due to posession of a firearm. We have permitless concealed carry here.
  11. Played through high school. Looking back at it I wish I would have learned to golf, lol.
  12. Lol. Maybe you should ask to speak to the manager.
  13. The trophy isn't the important part anyway. Pro athletes spend more at the blackjack table than the value of the trophy. Certainly the billionaire owner can buy a replacement.
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