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WR Trent Sherfield signed


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Just now, Success said:

Looks like he's another YAC guy - that was such a weakness for us. I'm glad both our WR signings seem to be considering that.


Miami fans aren't happy.  We may not know him, but it sounds like this could be a sneaky good move.


If someone can post career numbers with Tua…

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2 minutes ago, Process said:

I like it because he's basically a better Kumerow and good #6 guy. We have nice depth now which we didn't have at all last year.


But I am getting the feeling that we aren't going to be adding a true #2 WR. And I don't like that.

We could add 1st or 2nd and work him

in slowly.


But I have a feeling Beane wants to sign Gabe Davis to an extension. That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t draft a guy in the 1st because he will be low cost throughout Diggs and Davis contracts.

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6 minutes ago, Warriorspikes51 said:

Miami fans are pretty upset he signed here, they really like him 

Sherfield ranked as the #1 Blocking WR in 2022 by PFF for whatever that's worth 

That is interesting and encouraging.  Bills expect their WR to block on run plays.  He is certainly big enough to do it.

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29 minutes ago, BBills_88 said:

Our WR corp is better than last years already with guys that are sure handed and speed.


I agree with this in the sense that Harty upgrades McKenzie and Sherfield upgrades Kumerow. But I don't like that Davis is still locked in as the #2 WR. Short of a rookie receiver blowing away expectations, the best avenue for upgrading that spot is acquiring Jeudy, Hopkins, or OBJ. If we pull that off I'll feel great about our WR room, better than ever in the Josh Allen era. If we don't, I'll still feel underwhelmed by the weapons we've put around him.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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