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Aaron Rodgers talking with the Jets


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1 hour ago, C.Biscuit97 said:

Guessing it’s fact but that would scare me less than him going to the Jets. They have a high school receiving core. 

this guys a moron. he has broke a few things that seem hard to guess, but for every 1 of those, are 6 nonsensical "Lebron to Coach Serena Williams at her final PGA Tour Championships in Kenmore, NY"

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3 minutes ago, Fan in Chicago said:

Lets assume for a moment it is not. The pairing of the personalities of BB and Rodgers will be must-watch theater. 

At this point, hes fromunda cheese... he doesnt pair well with anything.  Dude could join Foo Fighters and hate Dave Grohl before they played Everlong

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