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Cook or Singletary?


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This is nothing about Cook's potential but what and who is helping us now. I hear how Cook needs more touches, Cook has elite speed, Cook has receiver like ability. I dont see any of that yet. Drops, bad routes, bad reads on runs, slow side to side.


The offense seems most efficient when Singletary is getting involved. Lets stop experimenting with Cook if he is not ready for primetime. Go with Singletary and Hines. Singletary had been solid when he is not forgotten by Dorsey. Bring Cook in once we have a big lead. But the on and off the field with these guys seems to create stalls in the O. 

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Just now, Beast said:

I’d like to see some more of Hines. Wasn’t he supposed to add something to our offense?

That’s on McDermott. Hines is a polished professional and was ready to go immediately. But McD doesn’t play it that way with noobs on his team. Hines will get there. He’s a great addition to the team. Just watch.

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It’s very easy to see why Hines Has not been a big part of the offense… No matter what coach speak is used


He now has immense value as our kick returner punt returner number one… Steady with the potential to flip field position instantly


Punt returner and kick returner is the most dangerous position in football… We are not trying to double or triple his duties yet


He’s going to be a secret weapon in the playoffs… There’s not gonna be a lot of tape on him in the Bills offense because we are limiting him


If he gets hurt we lose our starting return specialist and we’re down to two running backs… He’s clearly Not gonna be overused 




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They get different play calls….


Cook today got 2 carries. Both Toss Left. I watched Cook for 3 years at Georgia. Georgia ran him between the tackles, Buffalo doesn’t and they need to. He’s a north south runner but Buffalo wants him running outside. Don’t know why. But he needs to be getting 5-6 runs between the tackles, eventually he will burst for 30-40 yds.


Put it this way, some of those runs Singletary gets up the middle for 15-20 yards…. Cook has the potential to take those to the house. The Pittsburgh game TD, last week he had a long run up the gut.


But you can guarantee he’s getting a Toss Left. 2x this game and I’m pretty sure every game thus far he’s had a Toss left.


Try him on a fly sweep!!!






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Just now, freddyjj said:

Lol.  Cool dropped that pass on the sidelines in front of McDermott who pulled him and iced him on the bench for rest of the game. 

He also almost caused us an interception by stopping his route in the middle of the field.

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Not even a close race. 
Singletary needs to get the Christian McCaffery treatment from a few years back with the Panthers. 
he doesn’t come off the field unless he needs a breather or is injured. 

I'm not in any way saying Singletary is close to the back CMac is but he IS the perfect back for Dorsey, Allen and this offense. 

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 Cook just seems like he has big play written all over him. He's a rookie, who hasn't played much, so you're going to get some missed plays and some bad ones, but that's what getting game time experience is for. I would like to see Cook get about 50% of the workload, Singletary 35% and now Hines has been here for almost a month start sprinkling him in some also(15%).



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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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