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  1. Yeah, it's a shame we traded down with the Chiefs and didn't pick up any additional draft picks!
  2. Come on! We almost go through the whole game before somebody brought this up!
  3. They still call that. It's the Eli Manning and Philip Rivers special.
  4. Great season for the Titans. Frankly Vrabel needs consideration for COY - found a great replacement for LaFleur, made the tough call to switch QBs and made a great playoff run - but Andy Reid gets a much deserved shot at his first title.
  5. Tanny is targeted guys covered by the best player in their secondary.
  6. Gross waste of time for 9 yards with no YAC
  7. Was thinking the same thing. Weird that they didn't announce it though.
  8. Exactly. It's just kind of perplexing that he went and traded for a different underperforming head case within a year. Benjamin must have been a different guy his first couple seasons in the league.
  9. I don't like that PI call. Technically he got there early but it bang-bang.
  10. Trading Watkins for a 2 was a good trade, especially when you factor in the 6th for Gaines as part of the package. But you're right that the Benjamin trade was awful.
  11. But you can't say Beane gave him up for nothing. And obviously Duke Williams is better lolol. Really though, I think John Brown is better, but Watkins would be valuable on our roster if the price is right. Could be a cheap market with the WR talent in the draft.
  12. Nice little fake punt but they should have tried that earlier.
  13. Watkins has done almost nothing since leaving the Bills. He is another one of the fast guys that the Chiefs employ with great success, but the Rams traded a second pick for him and then let him walk the next year. The Chiefs paid $16 million/year for him and he is averaging under 600 yards and 3 TDs a season. He had 673 yards this year and 198 of them were in one game. We don't miss Sammy.
  14. You guys remember that time Sammy got tripped up when celebrating before he got to the endzone? Good times.
  15. The Titans faced tons of stacked boxes in the playoffs and they still ran the ball. The Chiefs DL is winning their battles.
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