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  1. Well Yahoo Fantasy has him off the injury report now.
  2. This is not the week to hesitate on your Bills! Singletary had limited touches weeks 1 and 2 but still produced well with them. He has a solid floor and his ceiling against the Dolphins is as high as it'll ever be.
  3. I am starting Allen, Brown (assuming healthy), Singletary and the Bills D this week. All in baby.
  4. Can't win em all. Not a great 2/3 but let's see how they respond.
  5. Well this lowers the floor but raises the ceiling of my Bills D in fantasy.
  6. Oh I agree 100%. Just saying they very clearly are not concerned about 2021 and beyond.
  7. Rams are absolutely playing for right now.
  8. He has already been blanked twice this season. There is hope!
  9. Half ppr and I am up .8 So... one catch for 2 yards is the max.
  10. If Jimmy Graham gets blanked today I win my fantasy matchup. One quarter down!
  11. EXACTLY A lot of people are complaining about it, but I don't think it's that big of a deal. Mobile QBs have already run the speed option and will continue to do so. I feel like teams already know this type of play is a possibility with Allen. I don't think any DC we are about to face is like "whoa, gotta make sure we're ready for that!"
  12. I don't see a lot of firings this year. The only one that might be fired midseason as of now, I would think, is Quinn. For the offseason here is where I'm at: Will be fired -Quinn. Dan Quinn's only HC success has been with Shanahan running the offense. For a defensive coach, his defenses have been lousy and he's wasted a terrific QB-WR duo in their prime. Might be too little too late for the Falcons already this year, but no way he makes it to next year. -Vrabel. If the Titans are smart they get rid of Vrabel and Mariota, then hire an offensive HC to draft and groom a new QB while keeping Dean Pees on as DC. Now, if the Titans TITAN UP and they get into the wild card or close, maybe he stays, but right now I don't think they can keep him. Coming off a 9-7 season where you get to play a 3rd-place schedule I think the expectation is playoffs. They looked great that first week. Not so much since. Somewhat probable -Taylor. I think Zac Taylor is in over his head and may be one-and-done. He was a bad hire from the beginning, as it was purely from the McVay connection and he was merely a QB coach. Although Goff has been pretty bad this year, so maybe he was partly responsible for their success? -Flores. He might have been a sacrificial lamb for this season, but maybe behind the scenes there is trust in him with the rebuild. -Kitchens. Freddie Kitchens could get the axe if the Browns don't get it together. He did well as OC, but Gregg appears to have been the grounding force for that team after Hue got canned. -Garrett. Don't think he gets fired midseason unless they lose multiple games due to coaching blunders. I just don't see Jerry doing it. But if they miss the playoffs he's out. Improbable, but in the discussion -Tomlin. He was just extended and his team is playing well in spite of the recent adversity. Maybe he gets traded to Washington, but I don't think they'll fire him. -Lynn. I think he gets a pass coming off a 12-4 season and his team is decimated by injuries this year. Rivers might be done, though. I think he's still got the fight in him, but he's sure looking old out there. Guys I thought could be on the hot seat, but seem to be doing better now -Shurmur. He may have saved his job by switching to Jones. If they stay competitive this year, he stays, but if they can't beat Washington and Miami at the end of this season, maybe they look somewhere else. -Patricia. I thought his team was going to suck this year and they have not. -Fangio. I was not a fan of this hire at first, being an older coach with no HC experience. They looked downright awful, but strung together a couple solid wins these past two weeks. Let's see if they can sustain this.
  13. One thing I'm noticing that's interesting is that a lot of the former player analysts are hyping the Bills while the regular media folks are incredulous. I just saw Deion Sanders say that the Bills - over the Chiefs and Texans - were the biggest competition to the Patriots in the AFC. This after DeAngelo Hall and Michael Robinson floated some hype our way as well. I don't watch a ton of the talking head stuff so maybe my sample size isn't big enough, but to me it looks like the analysts who have real football experience think we're onto something and that feels good.
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