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  1. If the star player who SALUTES after every sack says it's OK to kneel during the anthem, it's case closed.
  2. Love our QB. Just shave that beard; it's even worse than Andrew Luck's!
  3. It was 5-2 but otherwise I agree. The wheels fell off there and they had already committed the money so we were stuck for another year. I mean, I was always skeptical but it was a hell of a start.
  4. Now everyone in KC understands why Sammy.was dealing with that hamstring injury... 🍸🍹🍺
  5. I've been saying it since this whole thing started. Lock me in my home all summer long - I don't care as long as we get football. Now that we're in the process of opening up again, I don't think this train is going to stop and we're definitely going to risk a second wave that may affect this season. But this Bills roster is too damn good to be concerned about anyone's health besides that of Josh Allen et al.
  6. It's actually Jake from State Fromm which really bothers me, lol. I think it is a good value pick here. The Patriots drafted QBs all the time with Brady. You gotta have trusty backups and if your organization is good you can trade those guys to needy teams for more than they are likely worth.
  7. Think this is a good BPA pick for them. We have a good tandem here. All the best teams have multiple backs that they can lean on.
  8. Mental toughness is one of the most important traits a QB can have. EJ did not have it. Thankfully, Josh has it.
  9. Anybody else having trouble with this? Streams were choppy for me last week and now I can't even get in. Whenever I go to GamePass I get a "400 Bad Gateway" error message.
  10. I am being offered Melvin Gordon, Adam Thielen and Zach Ertz for DeAndre Hopkins and Travis Kelce. My current backs are Ingram, James White, Singletary and Brieda. If Gordon suits up soon he can help me a lot, but I don't trust the Vikings offense right now and I'm downgrading at TE too. What do you guys think?
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