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  1. The tide seems to be turning though. Goff, Wentz, Mahomes, Watson, Baker and of course Josh Allen, among others... seems like we have a nice crop of young QBs taking over the league. Still some puzzlers - and there always will be - but compared to the years of Bortles, Manziel, Teddy, Winston, Mariota, it looks like we have some winners again.
  2. YES. An important player in the amazing AJ McCarron comeback game.
  3. Enjoying watching the celebration videos for the franchise's first cup. What a great story. Fired their coach, put in a rookie goalie and won it all. Someday, maybe us. Maybe. Please.
  4. Too bad we let ROR go the way we did, but congrats to him and the Blues.
  5. Binnington was streaky in this series, but man he came through tonight. Nicely done, Blues!
  6. An upset is a-Bruin baby!
  7. What a response by the Blues after getting absolutely pummeled game 3. Now they go home with a chance to win it all!
  8. How could we even think about Peterman when Mario Williams phoned it in after he didn't get his mini fridge...🤣 Peterman is perhaps the most bizarre story in the history of the franchise.
  9. Now THAT was a Blues team that can compete. What an excellent overtime performance. Let's see if they can keep the momentum going at home.
  10. Well the game started great but fell apart. Not expecting much from the Blues this series but they went and gave me some hope there.
  11. Blues went from the basement to this Very unexpected. I worry they don't have what it takes to beat the Bruins. Damned CBJ.
  12. I am aware. I can see how the refs may have missed it because in real time it could have looked like he batted the puck down and swatted it with his stick.
  13. Sharks getting some good luck, but I think they are better equipped to beat the Bruins so... It looked like it wasn't an intentional hand pass. He batted it down and tried to make a play on it himself but he didn't. I like these Sharks but I hate that they have been winning with so much controversy.
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