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  1. No way Micah Hyde got a B+ he didn't have any INTs or PBUs!
  2. Bound to happen. Hopefully it just serves as a wake up call.
  3. Maybe adding an extra week of play at the end of the season?
  4. I think he was mostly saying the INT was bogus, which it absolutely was. The OPI was legit, the DPI might have been illegal contact instead of DPI, but it was a penalty. You don't like to see that kind of call effectively decide the game (Dallas week 1 similarly), but we were absolutely owed that penalty, regardless of whether or not it was a "make up call," per se. I still can not believe they called it an INT on the field and I can't believe the NFL officiating twitter account defended it. He is such a filthy runner. Rumors of Zach Moss taking over this backfield were definitely overstated.
  5. I agree and while we are at it we should put Dion Dawkins on notice too. Yards/Reception stats: 2018: 7.0 2019: 1.0 2020: N/A Talk about rapid decline!
  6. Raiders were looking pretty good but not so much this week. Let's get that 4th win!
  7. I don't necessarily think that's true. We seem to be getting good penetration. The run D has been a little more suspect. And McVay was finding good holes in our zone. We got some good pressure and Goff made some great throws too. Philips' moxie we are definitely missing.
  8. Steal it back, at least. We do need to figure out how not to collapse in the second half. It is a glaring trend over three games. Not that Fitzmagic doesn't happen or that the Rams are bad. Just, when you get up 3+ scores you shouldn't give it up at any point, let alone two weeks in a row. So, some good, some bad. I trust the staff to make the adjustments. There always seems to be a point in the year where our D just melts down week after week. Here is hoping we get it out of our system now.
  9. Indeed. For as deep a WR class as they touted this to be, I love how we played it. Diggs is a known elite player. We got the guy we knew could come in and ball, and we still got a great prospect who seems to be developing well ahead of his draft slot.
  10. Gotta play a full 60 minutes but I think McD did well with the clock management at the end of the halves.
  11. I don't understand the game I just watched. Speechless.
  12. Good lord. That awful call changed the game.
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