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  1. I think the Pats losing would be more toppings than just a cherry. That opens up the division for us to take! That's huge!
  2. Yeah. And Peters is the type of DB that makes flashy plays but sometimes his attempts at ball hawking result in a blown coverage. Hopefully we can get Smoke going and then start hitting Foster on some underneath routes for YAC like we started seeing a couple weeks ago.
  3. At this point, if we can beat Baltimore and New England loses to KC, we are starting down a clear path to the #1 seed. The mental makeup of this team is not going to let that slip away.
  4. The Bills definitely like versatile OL. I think if a stud OT falls their way in the draft or in free agency they might move him to guard - especially if Spain walks (hopefully not) - and they can always kick him back outside if need be. But for now I think we need to see Ford grow through experience and give him a chance to stay. He just needs work on his technique in pass pro. It can be coached.
  5. Oh ***** are we entering the 5th dimension of chess now?? The game has passed me by.
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