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  1. I still can't believe the Knights were able to get Fleury.
  2. Questionable call, but loving the entertainment factor since. This game is so much fun to watch.
  3. So, they traded Dee Ford, a first, and swapped third rounders for Frank Clark, eh? Clark is better than Ford at this point, but I don't know if that is a good deal for KC.
  4. Thanks for sharing, Gunner. Do you happen to have a link to your QB ratings from last year for comparison?
  5. You ain't kidding! What a game.
  6. Just preparing the scouting report for the 2029 offseason. All good front offices look ahead.
  7. Yes, he is suspended for one game, that game is game 3.
  8. What if this was our chance to get a Marshawn instead of giving up a Marshawn. Although I haven't seen anything from Fournette in the NFL that makes me think he'll be quite as good as Lynch was, wouldn't hurt to get him on the cheap.
  9. Teams do build their board according to needs. You take the BPA according to your board, which can differ from other teams' boards due to a lot reasons and surely need is one of them. The thing is players like Payne and Edmunds both fell into a similar tier - and I think most teams had them somewhere in the 8-24 range - but the way different scout teams and so on view these guys is highly subjective beyond that.
  10. Hey, as long as they don't get extra challenges per game, this could work.
  11. Gonna have to wait and see what Cook gets before drawing any conclusions like that. Cook is coming off a career year and I'll bet he is looking for a lot more than we gave Kroft. And there are some stud TEs in this draft.
  12. He was doing well before they switched to Lamar.
  13. Indeed, and it is the worst situation you can have. We kinda had that with TT.
  14. Really though, what wide receiver wants to play in Baltimore right now?
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