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  1. No idea who this guy is.
  2. Definitely telling what the Bills thought of Smoke and what they prioritize in the offense. Need guys that can play tough and get open quickly in the short and intermediate range. Pure speed can be had on the cheap. There are always burners available late in the draft. Smoke was what, a sixth round pick, and was productive right away.
  3. Could be that too! But that is starting QB money and I can totally see Sean Payton trying to convince the FO that Taysom is their guy.
  4. yeah no I get that part. I think I’m confused because of the $140million part. But I’m guessing this is the Saints’ GM appeasing Sean Payton without making a real commitment to Taysom.
  5. But why the $140million part? Where does that number come from?
  6. Can someone explain how these voidable contracts work and why they do them?
  7. We happened was we got to the AFCCG. Room for improvement in the run game but the continuity will be good and hopefully Ford comes back strong and keeps developing.
  8. What are you expecting instead?
  9. Good lord that’s so much money! These QB contracts aren’t going to help build a championship team. What are we gonna do about Josh?
  10. Are you really worried about one of our sixth round picks not getting to play?
  11. Blegh. I hate GrubHub. Pineapple on pizza is fine sometimes.
  12. Dunno what the vibe has been in this thread but I feel really deflated after that one. The most monumental game for us in this millennium and they looked like they didn’t belong among the final four. The coaching was abysmal, Josh reverted to last year and the defense looked helpless. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. It was a fun and exciting season overall but we entered the playoffs as healthy as we could have possibly expected, playing our best ball and then we couldn’t finish the job.
  13. OK big spender! Really though I only need it on days like today and I’m content scrounging for little clips lol. 100% I’m glad I can just watch that game and think to myself “let’s see who we get to face in two weeks”
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