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  1. Even if they manage to survive these life threatening injuries, that's a pretty classy move of you to buy a black suit for each of them instead of just wearing the same one at both.
  2. Y'all saying "we should be better but we are not there yet" have to know that if Josh is for real, we are very much there. And we need to be while Josh is on his rookie deal. Preseason or not, I feel good about this squad and how it has been built. Let's just get this thing started!
  3. Look at this picture of Foster at his house this morning! I don't think he is ever setting foot (boom! roasted) on a field again!
  4. Well we can't trade Zay now that Foster is about to lose a foot.
  5. It was nice to get EJ back as a depth guy rather than a starter but even then he got hurt before the season started! Ah well.
  6. Looking that way. Ray Ray hasn't shown much.
  7. Heh, yeah. Well in fairness we used to have QBs that couldn't do it. More often than not I think the center and the QB both make some calls and ultimately one of them - usually the QB I feel - makes the final call if there needs to be one.
  8. I think most "franchise QBs" make the checks at the line. Seems like an indictment of Carr a little if he isn't able to make those checks. Maybe I'm wrong?
  9. Fitz did start, yes. Darnold looked fine, but he clearly doesn't have the ceiling Allen does. Nothing he did looked particularly impressive and it was against preseason defense after all.
  10. This is the crux of it. Every time I go to a ball game I refuse to buy, but everyone I go with is like "I can't go to a game and not have beer!!" And so, prices continue to rise.
  11. Sorry, I have to keep explaining that I was talking about the 23 yard corner route.
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