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  1. McDermott has earned the benefit of the doubt from a culture standpoint. We have found ourselves in mid season ruts -including questionable personnel moves that backfired badly - and yet we found a way to overcome. If we spiral out of control moving forward maybe we can start to question this. McDermott definitely needs to hold himself accountable for some of these end of game gaffes but we chided Andy Reid early in his career for his game management and look at him now (not exactly the same but I mean to say the team generally performed well but they never went all the way). Allen is a shell of himself and it’s a lot to do with confidence I think. I wanna see a shift here and so far I think coach has shown he can rally the troops.
  2. Josh literally said “we’re good” before that. We were not good.
  3. This. Injuries happen. We had a lot of luck years past and now that’s regressing.
  4. I definitely think you're right about the real home game. The international travel and their not having to travel this week was a huge disadvantage. Jags defense came into this game 5th in EPA/play. They played well against the Chiefs too. Lawrence is a stud. Their skill players are good and their OL just got back their starting LT. Jags were bound to improve. They had some bad drops and red zone woes and I was expecting them to get right on some of that. Was just hoping not this week. I DO think the jet lag played into it some. But the Jags don't stink.
  5. It wasn't. Jags are good. Offense should have been better, sure.
  6. Correction, 6 receptions for over 100 yards and a TD is WR2 stuff
  7. 5 catches for 71 yards and a TD is WR2 stuff
  8. Gotta play aggressive and hope Lawrence doesn't make an absolutely pefect pass.
  9. Yeah he's good. He's been great all season but his team has suffered from drops. Not today lol
  10. Yikes McD calls timeout before seeing the OT down.
  11. So you say that after he caught two touchdown passes?
  12. I hate those kinds of calls but we deserved one
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