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  1. yeah you gotta love the revisionist history here. I loved Leonard in that draft but we always know it’s a crap shoot. Edmunds was a physical freak and we know this staff loves those guys. Meanwhile Rousseau was not supposed to be ready and Boogie was supposed be the plug and play guy while he developed 🤷‍♂️. Tremaine was good last week and this week before leaving. He may not be a top 5 MLB but let’s not act like he’s bringing the team down.
  2. I get that slot corner isn’t a “must sign” impact position like QB but guys like Taron that play with those instincts and aggression are hard to come by. He is vicious. And maybe McD and Frazier can coach up guys like the cavalcade of DBs that Belichick has done over the years, but Taron just works in this system and he plays hard. At the same time we have seen a lot of these guys take bigger money with other teams only to fizzle out because the system made them. Who knows what happens here. All told I think you’re right. We will make an offer but we aren’t going to break the bank. If Milano, Poyer, Wallace are any guide we might be able to keep him on that team-friendly deal.
  3. I wish we’d have extended him in the off-season but maybe he’s playing extra motivated because we didn’t. He is a freaking baller. We saw flashes from year one but he’s getting sharper and sharper.
  4. Realistically we know Josh needs to play better but it sure looks like the defense is ready to shoulder the load if need be.
  5. I know it’s just Brissett and all, but our defense looks absolutely ferocious.
  6. 3 touchdown lead we should just be pounding the rock.
  7. Hate the new taunting rules. You get to talk ***** when you make that type of play.
  8. I’m mostly upset about this because I went zero RB in my fantasy draft and opted to take Moss over Singletary. I do think he is a true downhill RB with strength and vision and he should play, but I’m not at practice and I’m not in the meetings so I probably don’t know everything. It is pretty clear Dabs wants to play a lot of 4 and 5 WR sets. Moss doesn’t have a role in that spread offense. The fact that we struggled to move the ball last week maybe means they switch it up and get Moss involved next week but who knows.
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