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  1. I figure AS would read all this and think, "guy waited forever to post that?" He's got other things he'd rather do than be a Bills ambassador. Great player.
  2. protecting Josh is where I'm at too 17 can throw a receiver open, he can't block a pass rusher. Designed runs are fine, no more running for his life behind the LOS.
  3. Disagree, if Rodgers follows. Denver has a good roster already, the big hole being at QB. No idea how Nate will pan out as a HC, but odds are he'll be an improvement over Fangio.
  4. God, how this team could use a Talley, Conlan, Spielman. Milano is good, but the Bills need to add better to the LB corp.
  5. what was the story behind that again? just because Buffalo kicked their @sses that day, or was it specific to Ralph?
  6. ranked by confidence level, in descending order: Packers Rams Bills Bengals
  7. "like a Trent Edwards checkdown" brilliant use of simile Shakespeare
  8. Greg Bell - led the league in rushing TDs with the Raiders in 88 & 89. Of course, Buffalo had Thurman by then but Bell played on some really awful Bills teams.
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