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  1. Are there any 6’8 corners we should be looking at?
  2. 3? We can do a lot better than that....
  3. A lot of interesting WRs, what y’all think about Will Fuller? Too pricey?
  4. I didn’t watch this particular segment but we get a TON of praise on all of these shows now. You must’ve forgotten what it used to be like or you didn’t experience it, this is like an alternate universe
  5. At some point during a build you have to let some good players walk and draft to fill. It feels very good to be able to say that. That being said I would say outside LB is going to be easier to fill in Round 1/2 vs RT. I re-sign Williams. Feliciano shouldn’t be very cost prohibitive IMO
  6. It will box all anti-Joshers in if he lights up the Steelers. No way out. Best defense in the league. 11-1. Big stage. Let’s get it
  7. How about a 3rd, next years 5th, and Kyle Murphy for Tomlinson/Engram They were but I would hope this would be an off-season move and not one when we are trying to get better for a SB run. IMO that makes us worse and more thin.
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