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  1. Had to look it up. He’s only 32! Crazy
  2. Agreed along with Rachaad White, reminds me of Kamara
  3. I agree with you but Dawkins and Milano were drafted by McDermott....
  4. How was he perceived in Gator country? All I have seen is his highlights. Seems explosive
  5. I think a fourth would be the highest Beane would go on a one year rental. I don’t believe the Giants would pay 6.5 million for a fourth round pick. I like the idea and the familiarity. Hopefully it happens. CB is a huge hole.
  6. This cap stuff is confusing. All I know is bring us more players!
  7. Completely disagree, I’m sure Allen got one with his extension. Top tier QBs never hit the market but if they did they would lobby for that on the open market....
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