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  1. ChanticleerBillsFan

    Thomas Davis won’t be back with Panthers, wants to keep playing

    I know multiple people have said this but I just don’t see how he doesn’t end up here if he leaves Carolina. Just makes too much sense. Personally i would like the move. Seems like part of the process to me. Need some more leadership with Kyle retiring.
  2. ChanticleerBillsFan

    Deep draft at TE this year

    I like Alex O from Missouri and Irv Smith from Alabama. Irv Smith will test really well, super athletic and both good pass catchers.
  3. ChanticleerBillsFan

    Pre-Combine Receiver Rankings

    N’keal Harry and Deebo Samuel are the guys I want us to get. I would Ike to trade back and also potentially try and land that TE from Missouri. Immedistely would have some offensive game changers. We need people that can get open and create separation. Not these big lumbering guys that don’t get open.
  4. ChanticleerBillsFan

    Pre-Combine Receiver Rankings

    Agreed, I like N’keal, Metcalf, Deebo then Marquise Brown.
  5. ChanticleerBillsFan

    Arians expected to be TB HC tomorrow

    Bet Desean hangs around.
  6. ChanticleerBillsFan

    Wild Card Sunday: More FA targets to watch

    Feel like John Brown and Maxx Williams would be good pickups. John Brown would’ve prolly been difficult to pry away but now with Jackson at QB he may want to leave.
  7. ChanticleerBillsFan

    Robert Foster makes PFF All-Rookie Team

    Unfortunate I don’t think there is anyone in FA to meet that mold. IMO. Bunch of people mentioning Tyrell Williams. Just don’t see hit m being a number 1 threat. Good compliment player. Gotta draft that guy Heard on One Bills Live that Robert Foster was gonna stay in buffalo for the off season. Say a lot IMO. Hopefully this guy continues to improve - 5 star recruit coming out of HS
  8. ChanticleerBillsFan

    Build a dominant O-Line!

    So it sounds like for the most part we think the value is defense and offense at where we pick isn’t going to the best value and likely a reach. How about Ed Oliver? I looked back a few pages and didn’t see anything about him. I know now he had that scuffle with his coach over a jacket. WTF. Do we think that incident took him off our board or would we consider him at 9? Dude looks like a monster. I know and Darius Leonard, great pick up. I know a lot of us liked him coming out of SC State
  9. ChanticleerBillsFan

    Build a dominant O-Line!

    I agree there are some teams with a lot of cap but not to the over drafting situation. OL is so different from other positions, starting OL is found in almost every round. If you look at just the sought after Centers becoming FAs they are UDFAs to 1st rounders. Gotta go BPA IMO. Hopefully it’s offense and potentially OL if it’s right. Either way way it sounds like we are on the same page. Let’s get this OL dominant and let Allen just toss bombs.
  10. ChanticleerBillsFan

    Build a dominant O-Line!

    Don’t disagree but bringing back an all pro QB and and offensive minded coach doesn’t hurt is all I’m saying. I defintiely agree we need atleast 3 OL
  11. ChanticleerBillsFan

    Robert Foster makes PFF All-Rookie Team

    Agreed and to keep him ahead of Coleman after trading for him.
  12. ChanticleerBillsFan

    Build a dominant O-Line!

    I saw that. Obviously changing from Brissett to Luck matters too along with Reich but I agree, let’s get better up front!
  13. ChanticleerBillsFan

    Buffalo's reputation amongst free agents

    Eifert needs to worry about being employed by anyone if he can’t stay healthy
  14. ChanticleerBillsFan

    Wild Card Saturday: FA targets to watch

    Can Phillips or Harry play 3T?