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  1. Agreed, just doesn’t make sense. I mean it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t draft him but would need a deep dive into why this was the case
  2. This. Deep class that we should want to take a swing. Guys are gonna fall. I’m more in the 3rd/4th round camp for WR, but what if DJ Hamler, Denzel Mims or Tee Higgins is there. May wanna go that direction
  3. How about Chris Thompson? Draft someone and cut Yeldon.
  4. I see multiple people have mentioned Reader and saw there was a report about potential interest but is DT really that big of a need to add a high priced player. IMO I believe DE is a bigger need and would rather allocate funds in that direction.
  5. 31 inch vert is pedestrian, I know he is tall but dang
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