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  1. Albright is pretty plugged in too right?
  2. Just feel AJ is what he is. A slot guy with minimal separation and has most likely peaked. Metcalf is a projection to elite receivers. Much more risk but much more reward.
  3. So gotta get ahead of the 49ers, I could see Indy take a receiver and Arizona wouldn’t be too surprising with Larry Fitz talking retirement
  4. Gonna have to move up to make it happen but the compensation shouldn’t be too prohibitive at this point. 4th and 5th maybe?
  5. I think so obviously depends on cost and what receiver or TE is on the board
  6. Get Ansah or Clowney with next years first and this defense it elite.
  7. I’m sure this has been mentioned but don’t we have someone in the FO from their front office prior? That’s gives us so much information. If they feel like he would fit a 2nd definitely is worth it. I obviously don’t wanna give up a 2 bit he is a straight up game wrecker. Not gonna get that value in the second that is obviously already proven. Just makes too much sense. We have the cap space to make it happen. The Seahawks do not have any leverage at this point. Number 9 is way too much, 2 works.
  8. I agree with what the OP is saying. You up don’t need to look at the actual player brought in but what position and what round is more what is gathered by looking at the visits.
  9. I just get the feeling if Oliver makes it to 5-6 we are gonna move up.
  10. Remember when he said he was a “riverboat gambler” for moving up two spots and taking TJ. Dohh! Saw EJ mentioned as a bust last night on NFL network as a bust and I think the guy was a former scout said he had him as a fifth rounder and another GM had him as a TE.
  11. I can agree with that. What you think about Clark? I see him as a better fit in terms of rushing the passer
  12. Clowney may have not had the sack totals of the other guys but he is great against the run and was 1st or 2nd in the league in pressures. I’m not completely sold but would get on board if it happened. May want Clark more due to compensation but not sure how he fits in culture wise
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