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This throw is so good, it deserves its own thread


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51 minutes ago, HansLanda said:

Was at the game. The second throw to Shakir was absurdly fast. I have seen him in person before, that throw was a legit dart. Running to his left. 


The throw to Shakir is the one that I will remember from this game.    The throw to Knox was big and a tight window for sure but it didn't require elite arm talent......other good, accurate QB's could make that throw.   The throw to Shakir under duress and rolling left was absurd.  If anyone else could do that, like that,  it's only Mahomes or Herbert right now.  Aaron Rodgers 5 years ago also maybe.   

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1 hour ago, wjag said:

I really didn't like the tackle.  I thought Knox was going to get hurt on that one.


Was just coming in to say the same thing.  Totally dirty hit at the knees on a player clearly headed out of bounds.  That b.s. doesn't belong in the game.

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1 hour ago, CoudyBills said:

There are a handful that can make that throw.  I suspect there are maybe 2 that can make it with their front foot pointed the wrong direction, no step, flat-footed, and a wrist flick.

Yea it’s not as routine of a throw as some people make it out 


it was a very tough throw , then throw in the circumstances 


there’s only a handful of QBs completing that pass

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I'm not a football expert, but I think I see what happened here. Let me try to break this down. There was a crossing route in front of Knox's route. The whole defense was either a)Watching Josh or b)distracted by the crossing route. Knox kind of snuck back there. It wasn't until Josh threw the ball that they turned towards Knox. By that time it was too late.

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It was a ballsy throw at that moment in the game and he just dropped a dime.  I remember when we had crappy quarterbacks and you'd watch the film and apologists would be like "what do you expect (insert: Tyrod/Losman/Edwards/EJ, etc.) him to do?  None of the receivers are open!!!", because guys had very little separation or the windows were too tight or whatever.  So many guys who could only complete a pass if there was like 5 yards of free space around a guy.  Josh can fit it in there if his receiver only has 6 inches of separation and now that he's fully mastered the position, he doesn't even need that.  His ability to anticipate is now top shelf stuff.  Add that to his God given abilities and you have a truly generational talent.  We are sooooo lucky to have this guy.  He is must watch football for any fan, even those who hate the Bills.

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3 hours ago, Big Turk said:


The bigger the moment, the better Josh is usually.


Except on 4th and Goal on the throw to McKenzie last week...but that was under extreme circumstances. I'll give him a mulligan for that.

He also hit his hand on a helmet a play or two before

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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