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  1. It is. Get there early. There are hundreds of us. Check out Colorado Bills Backers - CBB on Facebook
  2. Didn't they switch him to safety the last couple weeks of camp?
  3. I think Belicheat's statement could not be more wrong. Playing at Mile High and literally processing oxygen better that your opponent is the biggest advantage in sports. This is why Denver is always a good run team and the last time I checked, the 2nd best winning percentage at home since 1960 (behind Pitt).
  4. I only got through on minute seeing a 20 something telling me the history of being a Bills fan. It is a lot more than table breaking and internet research.
  5. Howard only ran 6 pass routes and had two targets? It just happened that they were TDs and one was defensive mix up someone said above. Not sustainable I would think but all the best to all the ex Bills.
  6. Tom Brady reportedly takes his footballs home to his house and has multiple brushes and oils he applies for each and every type of conditions. If you watch the Tampa games their footballs don't even look brown, they look black.
  7. I heard on the podcast.....wait....who is listening to the West Herr podcast?
  8. Is it possible the light she spoke about in the room at the time shows video evidence to the contrary of rape and the police or school have it? Also is it possible that the rape test came up with no results after being two days out? Tests/samples can be botched or tampered with. Like everyone else I am confused at the timeline and no charges. I am mostly concerned for the girl and her well being and disgusted at the alleged accounts.
  9. I think they drafted a left footed punter this year, before the punt god.
  10. I know Mac Jones isn't going to do anything, nor do they want him to, but walking the other way to get water with no concern for your teammates? At least Hoyer kept an eye on things.
  11. Don't. You only have to look at what he did to his first family to know what he would do to yours just to gain an advantage, ethical or non ethical.
  12. He is not prescribing treatment, he is just analyzing based on what he sees and his knowledge of the recovery process. Isn't that the same thing everyone of us does on this forum except we don't have a related degree? If you listen to him on a weekly basis, he does a good job of analyzing injuries based on how they occur. Is it speculation, yes, but more accurate that what flies around this forum from us.
  13. I have so many questions around the other bad decisions he made that led up to that. Where in the hell could he be driving to at 7 AM?
  14. Who doesn't know Spotrac on this forum yet? I can only blame us and our poor forum onboarding process.
  15. But then you have a body on the roster doing nothing as the #5 WR. So why?
  16. For those of us out of towners, please do a full tailgate 😁
  17. He is saying he should have looked, but isn't he also saying that Poyer wasn't where he expected him to be based on the play call and that the deeper than normal safeties wasn't communicated to him?
  18. Awesome story. Sounds like a great kid. Not a definitive reason to take a back high in the draft though
  19. I am not 100% behind him, but everyone here should go back and watch the KC regular season game. He was great in that game and big part of why we won.
  20. I'm 48 and was a Bills fan growing up like most, instilled by my family. Even though I rooted for them, it felt like my father's team more than my own.....until I attended the Comeback game. That changed everything to a fanatical level. Spending 3 of the 4 Super Bowls years going to school in Boston added fuel as well. FYI it isn't the Pats SB successes that made New Englanders so annoying, they have always been that way. It just made it worse.
  21. Araiza doesn't hold because he kicked FGs as well
  22. The Colts have 41 mil in cap space and need WR and DL help. Osweiler is different, he did not play at all for 16 mil against their cap. Star and Beasley are both capable players who have helped their team get to the playoffs last year. The Colts fell short and could use them both. Hard to pull off, maybe, but Bean could do it. Or maybe Schoen could have
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