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  1. Is he better than Q as our swing tackle?
  2. Did they ever show the New England box? Of course not, right? I know Patricia is on the sideline but someone is up there. Maybe the Bills binocular guy is watching to see when Dorsey is on camera so we don't give anything away?
  3. Highlighting 5 out of 6 in the post is worth it. How many of us thought that was possible 4-5 years ago?
  4. He's from Texas, playing at home. What if no one picked him up?
  5. The steelers philosophy is find the smartest coach you can then give him time to figure things out. Do we not have that kind of time with Dorsey? He is 9 games into his OC career.
  6. The video of him practicing last week looked bad. He was gingerly limping around. I hope he is way better now
  7. But our RT and OLB were not. Those were big differences
  8. I think it is important to remember the stress put on the defense by the K Gun offense The defensive guys were on the field for a huge portion of the game. Wright might not have been best suited for nose tackle because of size but instead because he could take all the snaps and hold up physically. That was an amazing grind those defensive players went through.
  9. I live in Denver and laughed at the hire and told them what was coming. I had no idea it would be quite this bad, but man is it funny to watch such a blessed franchise with the greatest home field advantage in sports, standing in a pile of their own stool. 🤣
  10. Nink did say it is "one of the worst" Does that mean it is a well practiced strategy? If so I would imagine his own Patriots might be similar
  11. Let's get past KC before we start talking about how we don't NEED Trey and that he is a luxury.
  12. Is this the play where the Ravens were supposed to let him score but one guy didn't get the memo? The puncher?
  13. He also hit his hand on a helmet a play or two before
  14. If playing football was the reason Giselle wants out, I doubt they would both have to hire divorce attorneys publicly.
  15. Until I see video or pics of him doing anything besides riding the bike. I am going to assume he is 3 weeks out minimum.
  16. It is. Get there early. There are hundreds of us. Check out Colorado Bills Backers - CBB on Facebook
  17. Didn't they switch him to safety the last couple weeks of camp?
  18. I think Belicheat's statement could not be more wrong. Playing at Mile High and literally processing oxygen better that your opponent is the biggest advantage in sports. This is why Denver is always a good run team and the last time I checked, the 2nd best winning percentage at home since 1960 (behind Pitt).
  19. I only got through on minute seeing a 20 something telling me the history of being a Bills fan. It is a lot more than table breaking and internet research.
  20. Howard only ran 6 pass routes and had two targets? It just happened that they were TDs and one was defensive mix up someone said above. Not sustainable I would think but all the best to all the ex Bills.
  21. Tom Brady reportedly takes his footballs home to his house and has multiple brushes and oils he applies for each and every type of conditions. If you watch the Tampa games their footballs don't even look brown, they look black.
  22. I heard on the podcast.....wait....who is listening to the West Herr podcast?
  23. Is it possible the light she spoke about in the room at the time shows video evidence to the contrary of rape and the police or school have it? Also is it possible that the rape test came up with no results after being two days out? Tests/samples can be botched or tampered with. Like everyone else I am confused at the timeline and no charges. I am mostly concerned for the girl and her well being and disgusted at the alleged accounts.
  24. I think they drafted a left footed punter this year, before the punt god.
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