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  1. This needs a youtube video. Or a full on documentary.
  2. "Beane let's someone slip to the Bills as always" ??????? He trades up all the time. I don't know why the belief is that Beane sits and takes BPA. He is pretty aggressive.
  3. I apologize if this is not the correct spot to post this however I am curious what TBD participants think. First off, I am huge fan of TBD and especially the Stadium Wall. After years of visiting the site and reviewing commentary though, I am still at "rookie" status. I know how it works and obviously I don't comment all that much unless I feel I really have something that truly adds to the conversation. I guess I am a dinosaur in that respect and in the Twitter era. While I don't comment that much, I was contacted by the Buffalo News to help them prepare for an interview wi
  4. I know you are taking some shots on this and I admit I was skeptical. So I went and took a look. He's still very effective. Check out You Tube. Why Aldon Smith is the Comeback Player of the Year Front-Runner | Baldy Breakdowns - YouTube No idea why I can't cut and past the link
  5. I love it. I hated the guy too. I have a philosophy though, when I hate someone like that I read up on them. In this case I read his book and he is a pretty smart but odd guy. The picks were one thing, but he also acquired players who if cut received compensation. It might have been the best architected trade in history. The Vikings were also not allowed to sign the players after cut by the Cowboys. Different topic all together but I liked his strategy as a GM.
  6. Ozzie was a good one. But Jimmy Johnson targeted the guys he wanted and moved around in the draft to secure them. Moving up and down. While Ozzie has two SBs just like Johnson, Johnson did his in a much shorter span. It seems like Beane is more like Johnson based on how he moves up in the draft. Also seven guys won't make our roster so a move up makes sense for a player Beane likes.
  7. Is he quick enough to replace Mckenzie? He has great hands but I didn't see really special movement skills. Aren't there other guys who are quicker and faster in the draft like Rondale Moore?
  8. While a lot of posters were wrong on Rosen, most of us were qualified enough to have passed on EJ. So while we are definitely not at the McBeane level, let's not knock us all the way down below the Russ Brandon level I would have taken a random pull from the posters on this forum over Russ Brandon.
  9. In Denver as well and I would be shocked if the Donkeys let him leave town. He's a source of pride and a symbol here for local sports.
  10. William Jackson would be much better than both.
  11. His agent should have been in contact with the Bills, not waiting for the Bills to reach out. Everyone could see the writing on the wall. I would look at my own representation. Not to offer a pay cut but at least ask about the Bills plans.
  12. Someone really needs to to take on the project of visually documenting that 1993 comeback crowd so those of us that were there have proof. A slow mo compilation of the crowd in high def would be spectacular. Maybe photos of the fence climbers as well. I don't have the skills but I would love to see it.
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