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  1. No one seems to mention that the Bills and Josh Allen WON the turnover differential. No one mentions the bad calls either. They point out what we did to hurt ourselves, but not what was done to us as well. An incomplete analysis by people who did not watch the game, Orlovsky aside.
  2. 20.9 % of making that kick from Nex Gen Stats. I know he made it, but that kick was a pull slice (golf term) and ugly as heck. But nonetheless, he made it.
  3. Uhhh..... didn't it knock us out of the playoffs last year?
  4. I live in Colorado and I told everyone it was the worst head coaching hire in NFL history. I'm certainly not right all the time but I think I was spot on there. If you look at his track record, minus Green Bay, the hire made no sense at all if he couldn't deliver Rodgers.
  5. I bought the Donte Whitner jersey in his rookie year, custom 🤣 He was....only you misspelled his name, it's Corey Moore
  6. I don't think we took Cook in the 2nd to have a small roll. Two 3rd round RBs a few years back, a 2nd last year, and a first this year is what he is predicting? That just seems crazy unless the kid from Texas is still on the board who is seen as elite. Learn from the Rams and Cheifs and upgrade the line, skip the 1st round RBs.
  7. They would have won at least one with almost any other QB when they were relaying defensive calls.
  8. Doesn't sound like you thought this through? This is a Cole Beasley situation. Adjust your 11 mil or walk. He's not getting close to that on the open market when he has 7 concussions and misses games every year. Nothing gets pushed out. One year deal and comes back at 7 or 8 hopefully
  9. I wasn't crazy about being called a "Bills Mafia" member when it originally popped up. To anyone who witnessed the Super Bowl losses, early on Bills Mafia seemed to represent talking twitter heads rather than X and Os knowledgeable fans who new what a Super Bowl caliber team looked like (first hand). Then, during the draught, Bills Mafia seemed to represent young kids who had never seen a winner, pushing the limits on tailgating with all the table breaking. Can't blame all those young kids for going ballistic on the tables, there wasn't good football to watch or a decent front office to believe in during the draught. The McBeane arrival seemed to bring everything together. By putting a quality product on the field, all three of those pre existing worlds seemed to come together as the latest revelation of what Bills Mafia is. The generosity of the fans, the hunger for football knowledge, and willingness to persevere in any game day conditions has made the term Bills Mafia a proud badge to wear. Thanks to all of you on here and everyone out there for making Bills Mafia the gold standard for NFL fandom.
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