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  1. Jack Ham, Mike Singletary, Sam Mills, Greg Lloyd
  2. Looks like he has Singletary crazy eyes.
  3. If T Bernard is half as good as a similar sized former Baylor Bear LB (Mike Singletary) I will be 🤤
  4. Do you think the Bills had money left over after free agency to buy a smoke machine?
  5. Doug P to coach him up and Nathan P for competition to help his ego?
  6. Maybe he finds a spot on the practice squad as a kinda assistant coach. Those who can't perform a skill very well become good teachers of said skill. Or, he agreed to stand guard over the beach chairs.
  7. Playoff runs, super bowls, 13 seconds, free agency etc. all seem so insignificant
  8. Then did you get cornholed by the manager?
  9. I think if a guy like Evans is going to be available at 25 we should move up with 25 and next year's pick to get someone like Sammy Watkins.
  10. He ought to be thanking Tyrek Hill and Devonte Adams; imagine what Kupp's payday will be.
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