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  1. Yeah we lost, but only by three points. It is not like we got our a$$es handed to us. There is nothing wrong with being confident. Unless you are petrified of being wrong.
  2. Cheating in sports ruins everything. I have way more respect for the Chiefs than I ever will for the Patriots. Mahomes sat and watched and learned. He turned out great. Brady sat, replaced Bledsoe, was relayed the defensive calls, gifted three super bowls when is was average. He cheated the QB learning curve which is the hardest thing in sports to overcome. Pats are 10 Chiefs are a 7 because I know we can play with them, but it is annoying to keep losing to them.
  3. Were those aggressive throws right after he got rolled late while sliding by that DT? He got his head crushed into the turf
  4. I'll take best player available provided we do some cap magic and sign Mike Evans
  5. I wish I was that surprised. When they lined up on the right hash, I knew it was a bad set up for his slice. Great video though
  6. Could Josh even see Diggs with 600lbs of a DT and an OT on roller skates pushing into his left side?
  7. I have not seen it anywhere, but there were two questionable late hits on Josh. Potential flags aside, the second one was late in the game when a KC D lineman steamrolled across Josh when he was already down crushing his head into the turf. Josh's next two throws were noticeably off, and he didn't look right to me the rest of the game. Does anyone else think that the late hit had a big impact, and he might have been at least mildly concussed?
  8. I originally liked the Buffalo Stampede but the Shnow Plow is way better.
  9. Didn't Ken Dorsey fail this season? I think that quote is ridiculous. Also he starts with a quote, inserts his opinion, and ends with a quote like the entire narrative was from a reliable source. His writing style is deceptive IMO. I was hoping for a more fact based article where I could form my own opinion
  10. No one seems to mention that the Bills and Josh Allen WON the turnover differential. No one mentions the bad calls either. They point out what we did to hurt ourselves, but not what was done to us as well. An incomplete analysis by people who did not watch the game, Orlovsky aside.
  11. 20.9 % of making that kick from Nex Gen Stats. I know he made it, but that kick was a pull slice (golf term) and ugly as heck. But nonetheless, he made it.
  12. Uhhh..... didn't it knock us out of the playoffs last year?
  13. I live in Colorado and I told everyone it was the worst head coaching hire in NFL history. I'm certainly not right all the time but I think I was spot on there. If you look at his track record, minus Green Bay, the hire made no sense at all if he couldn't deliver Rodgers.
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