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Excluding JA, predict which player will have the biggest impact - Bills at Dolphins


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With all the injuries this week, it's been a little tougher to predict an impact player since there are so many possibilities of how the defense could scheme to cover weaknesses/injury.


I'm going with Jordan Poyer (JP). Even though he's questionable, Leslie Frazier alluded to players being able to play when they know the scheme well and go through their mental reps well. I hoping he's hinting at JP playing with those type of statements.


Here's my reasoning for picking him. He could very well have a very strong behind the scenes impact. Even though Jaquan Johnson is solid and are two rookies are capable and growing each and every play, it still helps to have a veteran back there who's seen it all. JP will be able to instinctually see things that they may not see yet. JP is also a very good communicator which provides a solid presence for the other three.


On top of this, JP has been balling out and already has 2 INTs on the year. That said, even if he doesn't get the stats, his impact will be felt in the ways I described above.


Who ya got, Bills Mafia?


Go Bills!

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Defense: Greg Rousseau


We need to get pressure on Tua and Greg will be extra juiced playing infront of his home crowd, being a Miami native.


Offense: Diggs


Gotta go Diggs here. He is on a tear right now and he is gonna need to have a big day if this becomes a shootout.

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2 minutes ago, FLFan said:

Von Miller will take over this game.


Agreed.  We almost always have a 50/50 rotation, but this may be a game we go 60/40 with Von and GROOT.  A zone secondary’s best friend especially a nickel defense is a disruptive pass rush.  J Philips is not going to travel so we hope for settle, and those two will force pass as they can stop a lackluster run game in two games.  Let the boys pressure and Rousseau last week was bounced inside on some plays.  Having a 6’9” DT with his reach and length will make it hard for routes short over the middle.



im listening to MTC right now and PK just mentioned don’t be surprised with a 100 yr run from Allen this week just blowing their defensive game plan.


I don’t disagree if we have the game on the line. We get up big, then Josh don’t take off.  Let motor handle it.

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I can not just put it on one guy as the defense as a whole will be the reason we win or lose imo.... If I have one give me Groot as I think the Phins Oline will be focused on Von and Groot may be able to get a tip ball drill with those long arms he also showed great awareness to make sure tannehill last week gave the Ball to the RB knowing he had to guard first or the keepber by tannehill and then still attacked the RB for minimal gain after the handoff just an outstanding play by a DE playing the read option

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I like the Rousseau picks.. 

We got a little preview of Rousseau playing DT against Tennessee, I think he got a monster sack from there. 
But I’m gonna pick Basham. He should see some extra snaps in the rotation, focus will definitely be on Von and Rousseau. He should get some chances to hit Tua. I wouldn’t hate Epenesa getting another shot at tua though either. 

Offense I’m gonna take Singletary. 
I think this is the week to establish a run game. Unless Miami starts putting up points I would hope to control the clock and keep Buffalos defense fresh and off the field as much as possible. Let’s feed motor 20 carries and work him into the short pass game and crush time of possession. 

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 Von & The Frenchman,  on the D line

Elam and Benford will have PBUs and at least one interception between them, and another good game from Edmunds

On offense, Diggs, little dirty, and Knox, 


Not discounting ALL the other contributions team wide.



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