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  1. Back in 1979 or 80 me and a buddy were lingering after a Blackfoot show at the old Triangle Theater in Rochester, when the singer/guitarist Rickey Medlocke walked up to us and started talking to us. Asking if we liked the show, our favorite songs etc... after a few minutes others saw him and surrounded him. He was very cool with everybody and seemed to enjoy the fans. Rickey Medlocke Has been playing guitar in Lynyrd Skynyrd since 1996.
  2. Maybe they can fill those Pac slots with UB and Syracuse.
  3. Just being able to play in Wimbledon is a huge accomplishment
  4. Per gallon, gas prices are cheaper than ... Beer Wine Liquor Coffee Juice
  5. Temperatures above 90 are the best Sasquatch exists Queen is the most over rated band
  6. Epenesa ruined the Dolphins season last year, he makes the team. Moss better impress in TC or he's gone. Ford has gone from rookie starter to the bottom of the roster, he's gone.
  7. Hopefully he does great and gets hired by a real network next year.
  8. Has he reversed his retirement yet ?
  9. I think he just doesn't want to participate in training camp.
  10. I'm guessing his retirement will last a week or so longer than Brady's, both of them need non stop attention.
  11. It's nice seeing that Exxon Mobil etc... are making record profits. I'm sure there's no profiteering going on here.
  12. All those weapons for peaceful people taking a stroll through the halls of Congress ? Mr Cohen forgot to mention the hangman's noose.
  13. Part of any deal for Baker Mayfield should include Jimmy Haslam.
  14. After reading the thread this morning I decided to look up his injuries and it mentioned him sitting out with an injury but it didn't go into what it may be. It was dated 6/7/22
  15. He was at the mandatory practice last week, standing on the sideline, not participating because of injury.
  16. I was disappointed they didn't draft him ... I've been glad they didn't since we got Tre' and then JA17. As far as signing him, and to the contract they gave him despite his legal issues, the Browns are a joke. Unless he wins them a Super Bowl.
  17. The WR of course, but i think he was on our drought ending team so he wouldn't count.
  18. Mario Williams - Lined up opposite Von Miller would be fun for us and a nightmare for QB's. Kyle Williams - Loved his attitude and he'd be great with our two DE's. Duke Williams - We have a lack of Williams' on the team and need more. On second thought, forget Duke and add Jason Peters - A HOF offensive Tackle would be a solid addition to this team.
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