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  1. This script has gotten old Vince.
  2. How could there be a brady pick without the defensive penalty being called ?
  3. He'll probably blow out his knee again while signing his contract with the Cowboys. I don't think he'll play a down this season.
  4. I want one of him releasing that skunk in the stadium.
  5. Before the game on NFL Network, Steve Smith Sr said something about he may have hit the rookie wall. Being thrown in as a starter before being ready could cause some baggage as a rookie I suppose. We'll likely never know the reasoning.
  6. 4th year sophomore ? We'll ... just ... slow ... things ... down ... for ... him
  7. Protect Josh vs take away targets from Diggs. I'd choose protect Josh but Fisher hasn't protected anyone since college.
  8. The Bills were killing them in time of possession, that drive ended any hope they had of winning the game.
  9. Even patriots radio disagreed with the ejection saying the penalty was warranted but the ejection wasn't and how pretty soon it'll be flag football. I'd be tempted to listen to those guys again, they were a riot. With 13 minutes to go the patriots sent out the punt team and he goes, they're sending out the white flag.
  10. I thought he blew a lung ... A minor shoulder injury is much better, probably doesn't need a new spleen.
  11. Elam has hit the rookie wall, they're just giving him a week off to get his body and head right ... According to NFLN anyway.
  12. I've heard that it's open season for MacCorkles, time to go hunting.
  13. I'd be surprised if he even gets a target. Diggs, Davis, Brown, McKittrick and OBJ (If Von says it, it must be true) sounds like a nice WR corps.
  14. Ed Oliver has been on a roll, he should blow up the interior of their O-Line. MacCorkle will be on a first name basis with Ed tonight after being planted into the turf numerous times.
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