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  1. Happy Thanksgiving all, enjoy the day and be safe.
  2. To run the ball better they need to run it more than 10 times a game. That said, I've been yelling at the TV lately when they do run, they really are bad at it. The play itself, the lines blocking, the RB's ... All of the above sounds like the best answer.
  3. I think KC will end up with the #1 seed and the bye so we won't play them. Pittsburgh should get the #2 seed so If we play them it means we've slid from the #3 seed. Besides that, the Steelers will want revenge after the ass kicking we give them in December. Any other team is fine, bring em to Orchard Park.
  4. I want to see Aaron Donald force Brady into the fetal position a number of times tonight.
  5. Garrison Sanborn In 8 or 9 years as the Bills long snapper, I don't think he ever had a bad snap. He also got down field a number of times to make tackles on punt returns.
  6. LB - We just aren't deep enough NT - We need someone about 6'6" inches tall and just as wide. ST'er - McBeane tends to like ST players that can't play a regular position or do anything other than play on teams, lets get a 7'0" tall guy who failed at Basketball because he couldn't shoot the ball. Said player could stand on the goal line on hail Mary situations and line up to block FG's and XP's.
  7. Yelling at clouds Watching other games but not paying much attention to them Napping
  8. Officiating today should be better than it ever has been seeing that the same refs have been doing this since the 70's, they're like the Supreme Court and have a job for life. The Shield also has instituted too many new rules that focus on creating high scoring games. If you hit a QB, it better be in a 6 inch area of their torso or it's 15 yards. CB's get run over and knocked to the ground and it's DPI instead of the obvious OPI. And the one that always raises BP is when a defensive player barely jumps into the neutral zone, gets back to being on his side of the ball, doesn't touch anyone, yet gets flagged because some player on the other end of the line starts pointing. It didn't used to be that way. It's still the best game going, but I think it was better back in the 80's and 90's than it is now.
  9. Steven Wright George Carlin Robin Williams Bob Newhart
  10. Steve Howe Stevie Ray Vaughan Jerry Garcia Carlos Santana I can easily come up with another dozen and on any given day, they'd be carved into the side of the mountain.
  11. How good is he at protecting the QB ? ... The only time he'd get on the field is to pass block.
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