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  1. The patriots got their happy ending ... We want ours.
  2. Were the scouts sent home ? .... Or did they just leave laughing ?
  3. The guy that came out with 32 completely different mock drafts can always say he was right.
  4. I'm targeting Quinnen Williams at #9, don't think he'll be there either.
  5. That's why you wear hip waders before stomping on them .... they like hanging out by clothes dryers.
  6. Or ice and just call it "the wall". But Americans go up there for cheap prescription drugs. We've got to make sure they buy the expensive drugs down here.
  7. I'm pretty stoked for this years draft. We have a lot of picks and I can't see taking that many players so I could see moving up two or three times. Should be fun.
  8. You're wrong. It was a move made by a total coward... He should've been thrown out of the league for that.
  9. There are lots of things more worthless than mock drafts ... My business partner for one and take a look at Washington DC for another few hundred as well ...
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