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  1. Pink Floyd - Dark side of the moon Pink Floyd - Wish you were here CSN&Y - Deja Vu Grateful Dead - Dead Set Grateful Dead - Europe 72 Lynyrd Skynyrd - One more from the road Rolling Stones - Hot Rocks The Doors - The Doors Bob Marley and the Wailers - Legend Yes - Yessongs
  2. I'm thinking yes. She doesn't look 25
  3. By the time they get to your house the Seagulls will have devoured the fries, bag and all. Any drone flying over my yard is fair game for being brought down.
  4. Sorry ... I'm just having fun with this. I guess we just don't agree on the outcome of this and that's ok. Its been 40 years since I was a pimply faced teenager and maybe my humor doesn't match yours. Again no problem. I'll reel it in.
  5. Code of honor ? Jon Snow could've continued tapping his Queen .. He could've gone on tapping her and keeping her under control and ruled the realm. Instead he decided to be a moron and killed her mid kiss ... moron. Jon Barleysnow must die.
  6. Grey Worm should've killed him on the spot .... Tyrian too.... Traitors I say. And also, Jon was a ******* idiot.
  7. I'd bend my knee for Dani anyday, not to mention her knee and other things.. I still blame Hodor for everything.
  8. My back yard ... A vacation to me is having two days off ... last time I had more than that was three years ago. Vacation in my backyard I can drink a handle of Tito's with Tonic for less than Kirby paid for one drink in Vegas. I can also eat like a king with big ass steaks, Lobster tails and Crab legs. My next door neighbor downwind also doesn't mind when I fire up the Kush either which usually leads to shots of Tequila with him as well. There's no place like home, there's no place like home lol
  9. I think it was mentioned in episode 5 that half her armies bit the dust against the night king. But those unsullied breed like rabbits.
  10. I still blame Hodor. Arya killed the Night King, Bran was just bait Queen Dani killed Cersei Dani wasn't mad, she did what needed to be done. Did you see all those green explosions going on when she was wasting Kings Landing ? ... She saved her armies **** the North ... except the Wildlings of course 😇
  11. But she has Gollum eyes .... Needless to say, yes I would.
  12. That episode made no sense to me. Early on they show Greyworm slicing the throats of the Queens enemies, the Lannister army. Then Jon Snow kills the Queen and Tyrian betrayed her and these loyal followers of hers the Dothraki and the Unsullied hold them as prisoners... Really ? ... Tyrians, head should've been on a stake and Jon Snow should've been a mid day snack for Drogon. Then they make Bran the weird ruler of 6 kingdoms. Outside of being pushed off a tower for being a peeping Tom and being used as bait so Arya could kill the night king, what did he do ? Why was Sansa allowed to exclude the north from the other kingdoms without any protest from anyone else ? I can't blame everyone, myself included, from laughing at Sam's idea of allowing everyone to vote. The Russians would've just influenced the vote and nobody from Westeros would've had the balls to stand up to them. Last but not least I blame Hodor for the bad ending. If he had just left Bran the weird in the snow or pushed him off a cliff seasons ago the ending would've been better. I knew I should've been rooting for the Night King and his army of undead to win the great battle.
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