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  1. Washington Weasels Washington Wankers Washington Wasps Washington Red Army
  2. It wouldn't be the plane that I'd be worried about ... The passengers on the other hand ...
  3. He just knows aliens are orange not green.
  4. I'm surprised they weren't awarded Trevor Lawrence after this years college football season.
  5. Had that for lunch today.
  6. How many player and coaching fatalities would be acceptable ?
  7. As long as they show the mandated cook fixing up a plate of wings and Niagara Falls I'm good to go.
  8. It's the most wonderful time of the year. Or make weed mead.
  9. Gonna have to say YES I'll bet she could really shift my gears.
  10. Doesn't Guilty mean she's pretty much off the market unless your name is Rhoda or something ?
  11. Your brain on a razor blade looks like a BB rolling down a four lane highway.
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