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  1. In 2022 Rosen will be teamed with the Pegula's daughter in mixed doubles tennis.
  2. He'd be a great coach for Edmunds and Milano.
  3. I got concussed back in November and am still having occasional aftereffects from it. I'd never want to go through having as many as he has.
  4. The Super Bowl will be a State Farm commercial... Rodgers vs Mahommes vs the whacked out agent.
  5. Isn't Njakoue the guy that cried because Incognito said something to him ?
  6. The real question is ... How many comp draft picks have you awarded the pats to make up for his arrest ?
  7. I'm picking the Chiefs ... So book it, Titans at Texans for the AFC Championship.
  8. That's what happens when patriots have free time before February.
  9. Turn out the lights ... the party's over
  10. What top players will decide to sit this game out ?
  11. Bailing on this game, I'm losing my signal every 30 seconds
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