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  1. frostbitmic

    Who else will the Bills cut before Free Agency begins

    The Bills did Clay a favor by releasing him early... He wasn't going to be in the Bills plans and now he can seek out an opportunity elsewhere.
  2. frostbitmic

    Charles Clay Released

    Must mean we're drafting Hockenstein in the 1st round .... Hopefully after a trade back.
  3. frostbitmic

    POLL: Can you drive a manual transmission?

    Before I could take my road test I had to pass my fathers road test with a standard transmission.
  4. frostbitmic

    Would You Draft A Punter In Rd 7?

    Bojorquez was an adventure, whether it was dropping a perfect snap or attempting to throw the ball ... Everyone else they tried was even worse ... Yeah I'd easily spend a 7th round pick on someone to surrender the ball.
  5. frostbitmic

    What is your favorite breakfast cereal

    Honey bunches of oats with almonds and Almond Breeze instead of milk.
  6. frostbitmic

    RIP Opportunity

    They should've added feather dusters to both of them so they could dust each other off of that pesky red dirt on windy Martian days.
  7. Isn't this the kid that beat up the woman who was beating up his mother ? I guess I don't have a major problem with that.
  8. frostbitmic

    DE, 3 LBs, 2 OL, QB, WR, RB & ST wishlist?

    We won a game or two in those days. Hopefully someday soon we'll have a team like that again.
  9. frostbitmic

    Would ya?

    I couldn't have said it any better
  10. frostbitmic

    GM for a minute.

    T - Daryl Williams $5 ... Best of the bunch ... Ja'waun James might be worth it ... Trent Brown won't get away with holding playing on the Bills C - Mitch Morse $3 ... Went with the less expensive option here TE - Demetrius Harris $3 ... Cook didn't do anything as Rodgers TE... Eiffert could get injured rolling over in bed. WR - Cole Beasley $2 ... This guy is always open and is tough as nails G Ramon Foster $1 ... for a buck, why not ? DT - Jordan Phillips $1 ... Hates the phins and probably would love going after the golden boy twice a year
  11. frostbitmic

    The AAF Thread

    Funny but the officiating seems better.
  12. frostbitmic

    Which non-Bills draft pick stung the most?

    I would've enjoyed that.
  13. frostbitmic

    Which non-Bills draft pick stung the most?

    What came next is what got me with that draft ... We traded back into the 1st round and took John McCargo when Nick Mangold was still available. Not taking Watson in 2017 pissed me off too.
  14. frostbitmic

    Rich Stadium concert question

    I was at that show too ... The promoter got it right for this one ... Opened with David Johansson who did an Animals cover and not much else ... Followed by the Clash, who I wasn't a fan of before their performance ... their performance however changed my opinion... they were great ... The Who was phenomenal that night, the sound was perfect. This idiot wasn't far from us .... Maybe 50 feet or so and 20 feet up at that point.
  15. frostbitmic

    Rich Stadium concert question

    I think it was more that people weren't paying any attention to them as all eyes were diverted to some idiot who was trying to cross the field using one of those cables that held up the screen in the end zone that FG's and XP's hit. Besides that, George Thorogood opened the show and he won the audience over, Journey couldn't match George.