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  1. April in Buffalo means it should be inside... The Sabres are always done by now, have it in their barn.
  2. He'll move up two or three spots to pick Chop Mayb ... I mean Robinson. In the 2nd they'll move up a few spots again and take Walker the WR from NC. Then they'll try to get back into the 4th.
  3. If you're going with orange, go all out and have color rush orange jerseys with orange pants. None of this half arse creamsicle combo but full out Orange Crush Orange.
  4. Giants trade with Arizona and move from #6 to #4 ... With the 4th pick the Giants take QB JJ McCarthy ... With the 6th pick the Cards take WR Rome Odunze. Beane will use a 4th and 5th to move up to 25 and take DE Chop Robinson. The reasoning being it's not a strong DE draft and they can get a WR in the 2nd.
  5. But do they have 4.21 Cheetah speed ? Even outside of the top 3+1, Worthy wouldn't be on the top of my list, just playing devil's advocate on his speed. Gotta admit it would be fun watching him run down a Josh missile launch.
  6. Speed is a mismatch and the 4.21 Cheetah like speed of Xavier Worthy would be just that. I know he's small but if Brady could design plays that get him off the line unmolested, he could be the mismatch. I could see him tracking down the 60 yard JA17 bomb with the nearest defender 10 yards behind him and falling further back. Then draft Legette in the 2nd and the X-Men Offense is born. 😁
  7. When I was young I probably would've been able to roll out and hit a receiver a few yards away, today I might be able to hit one of my Guards back. Of course that would be better than just handing the ball to the first player on Defense that wants to plant me into the carpet.
  8. Somewhere I read that they were high on Shorter, don't know where I read it or why they think that, so Beane could be referring to him. I've also read that both Shorter and Shavers are good ST players, for what it's worth. We should have us another WR by the the end of next Friday at the latest.
  9. I don't believe Beane is moving into the top 10 nor should he, I was only saying that I don't believe Beane or any NFL GM this time of year. None of them want to give away what they're planning or hoping to do, that would be foolish.
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