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  1. I'm disgruntled with the Packers as well... Might as well jump on the disgruntled bandwagon just for fun.
  2. After 6 months of TB12 HGH his knee will be that of an 18 year old.
  3. Beasley ... I don't think he'll retire but I don't see him following the leagues protocol and get himself suspended trying to make a point.
  4. Meth looks like a strong possibility as well.
  5. No, I suppose you can leave out the defecating on the floor part, that just makes them trumpian.
  6. Yes, everyone that entered the building after beating up the police, causing damage to the Capitol building, attempting to keep the Congress/Senate from doing their jobs, calling for the lives of Pence and Pelosi, defecating on the floor of the Capitol building (a classy bunch) but you know exactly what the definition of insurrection is.
  7. When you lead a failed insurrection and don't have the backing of the military you leave either on your own two feet or in a body bag. There was only so much time that trump could hide in his bunker beneath the White House before the military came in and put him in the bag.
  8. I'd take that like a man and find something else to do instead of whining like a baby about it.
  9. trump and his insurrectionist rioters. Go put the dunce cap on and sit in the corner kid.
  10. One Capitol Police officer was murdered, one was stabbed, another had his eyes gouged, more were beaten, if they got a hold of Pence or Pelosi there would likely have been more murders, I'm not concerned in the least how these traitors to America are treated.
  11. The Border Patrol agents are just doing a better job under Biden than they did under trump. How is the wall coming along the Colorado border these days ?
  12. Those involved in last years riots that committed crimes should be tried and jailed if convicted. Those involved in breaking into the Capitol Building and physically attacking the Capitol Police should also be tried and jailed if convicted. Those who led reconnaissance tours of the Capitol on 1/5 to the Oath Keepers etc... should be tried and removed from office and jailed if convicted.
  13. It's a good thing trump never joined TBD, it wouldn't be long before he received the banhammer for breaking the TOS repeatedly and then he would sue SDS. I hope the judge hearing this decides that the lawsuit is frivolous and hits him with a large penalty for wasting the courts time and comes down hard on trumps attorney.
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