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  1. Give the patriots college football's version of the death penalty.
  2. When a team is getting blitz heavy there has to be a hot read or two on every pass. Against the Ravens, I think going with 2 WR's on each side, one on each side running a short curl and Singletary running a wheel route out of the backfield would slow down the blitz. I still don't understand why Daboll calls for the long pass in 30 MPH winds, especially when Josh is getting rushed heavily.
  3. A heard of stampeding hologram Bison running towards the patriot bench after they come out of the tunnel would be amusing. We'd probably see Tawmy go fetal.
  4. Looks great ... French Toast or eggs Benedict for breakfast washed down with a cold Moosehead or some poutine washed down with a cold Molson and then a cold Labatts for dinner. The chefs partner needs to open one here in Rochester 😍
  5. Bills 4 Pitts 3 Bob Kraft's film crew gets thrown out of 3 rivers stadium in the 1st quarter.
  6. 1. Brady even though we aren't supposed to list him 2. Edelman - Now that Gronkowski retired 3. Gronkowski - I've never seen a cheaper cheap shot than what he threw on Tre White ... **** him 4. Jarvis Landry - Karma needs to catch up with him and he gets blindsided hard
  7. Great ... Now they'll be awarded a couple more comp picks in the next draft.
  8. Considering that the patriots have been caught cheating more than once, and possibly just got caught again, due diligence isn't akin to wearing a tin foil hat. As far as sleeping in a Faraday cage, I guess if it keeps Mrs. Jauronimo happy, keep it up
  9. If I'm McBeane I've already hired a crew to sniff out hidden cameras and bugs in the visitors locker room in Foxboro.
  10. It's tough to beat a team twice in one season ... When we play the Ravens in the AFC Championship game our team will be tougher.
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