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  1. frostbitmic

    All NFL Contracts Should Be Performance Based ...

    If all players salary was performance based, wouldn't all of the good offensive players hold out to be signed by a team with Rodgers, Brees, Brady etc... at QB ? Why would anyone want to play for a team with a rookie QB or journeyman QB ? Bad idea OP.
  2. frostbitmic

    Mock Draft Has Bills Selecting At #1.....

    If for some strange reason the Bills did get the #1 pick, don't you have to at least threaten to draft the top QB ? If you do, QB needy teams will trade the farm to move up.
  3. Only 12 teams made the playoffs last year ... McDermott was the coach of one of those 12 and he brought a team that hadn't made the playoffs since God was a little fella to the post season... 18th seems a bit low IMO. Of course he can drop after this season but as of now, nope.
  4. frostbitmic

    White trash: Tennessee style

    The Indy 500 ?
  5. frostbitmic

    Worst thunderstorm you have ever been in

    I was in my back yard in Rochester putting together a mountain bike when this strange storm started approaching from the East. In Rochester almost all storms come from the West. There was a lot of lightning bolts going in every direction so I grabbed the bike and my tools and took them inside into my workroom in the basement. I was standing barefoot on the concrete slab, near a small open window and about 4' from where the main water line came into my house. I was working on the bike with a pair of vise grips in my hand when an instant flash and what sounded like a bomb went off when I felt electricity enter both of my feet, travel up my legs to my arm, the vise grips went flying across the room and the bottoms of my feet hurt like hell for days. After the storm I went outside and in the yard about 35-40 feet from where I was there was a burned patch of grass about the size of a small plate. It missed the house by 10 feet. I remember that storm, it started just South of Toronto over Lake Ontario, did a lot of damage in Rochester and killed a couple people who were sleeping in their RV at the state fair. The sky in Rochester was aglow for at least an hour from non stop lightning.
  6. frostbitmic

    Thoughts about the Bills Official Website

    I go there just a couple times a year now. I'll go look at the roster after the draft and after the final cut down to 53. Without a message board it's pretty much worthless.
  7. frostbitmic

    Poll: Sorry but someone has to...T.O back in Buffalo?

    Would he get another key to the city ? Could we sign Jeff Garcia to be our QB ?
  8. frostbitmic

    Who Will Win the AFC East?

    patriots by 4 games.
  9. frostbitmic

    Williamsville Clarion hotel closure

    I was expecting you to share.
  10. frostbitmic

    Williamsville Clarion hotel closure

    They shut down backpage ... No backpage no hookers at the hotels... Hotel folds.
  11. frostbitmic

    Best and Worst Off-season Roster Changes

    Star - We needed a space eater and got one McBeane knows well. Allen - If you Find your franchise QB you did well ... I'm hoping Wood - He was the QB of the offensive line ... You need someone sane in the middle. Richie was not.
  12. It would help if they were Norwegians.
  13. frostbitmic

    Skynyrd vs. Young

    In the live version of Sweet Home Alabama, Van Zant says ... And Mr Young, you're alright too. Skynyrd wasn't even from Alabama, they were from Florida.
  14. frostbitmic

    Skynyrd vs. Young

    Choice D. I like them both