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  1. I think that Oak Hill you have to be a member or the guest of one to play there. If Rochester is where you want to play, Mill Creek and Durand Eastman are beautiful courses.
  2. I'm guessing his brothers will talk him into Pittsburgh and they'll find a way to get him under the cap.
  3. Right wing talk radio host whose racism and hate are legendary. Sports aren't part of his normal schtick unless it fits his agenda.
  4. Rd 1- G - Wyatt Davis - Ohio St... 6'4" 315 Rd 3 - RT - Daniel Faalele - Minnesota ... You want size and mobility ... 6'9" 400. Real life bulldozer on run plays but needs work vs speed rushers. Former Rugby player.
  5. When was the last time the Bills drafted a player from Syracuse ? ... It just doesn't happen.
  6. So what's the deal with Ngakoue ? Last year he wanted to be traded away from Jacksonville and they obliged by trading him to Minnesota. Before the leaves had all fallen from the trees, the Vikings trade him away to Baltimore. He didn't seem to do anything in Baltimore and they decide not to re-sign him. So what is Ngakoue's major malfunction ?
  7. There are so few Republicans that were appalled by trump they'd have a hard time getting a board game going. The Republican party is dead thanks to MTG, Boebert, Cruz, Skippy Hawley, Moscow Mitch, Lizzie Graham and of course the lifelong Democrat that decided to run as a Republican, donald j trump
  8. MTG and Boebert are the best thing that could happen for the Democrats. The pair are so bat**** crazy that whatever diarrhea that flows from their mouths will be associated and forever linked to Republicans.
  9. Those windmills being frozen is a great thing. Just think of all those cases of windmill cancer will be prevented by this.
  10. Didn't he start taking HGH er excuse me TB12 at age 36 ?
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