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  1. He'd be hard to pass up if he fell to #27 ... Some other team will make it easy on the Bills and draft him before Beane gets a chance.
  2. The Bills got rid of the Safeties coach ... All is well and the defense will perform better in next years playoffs.
  3. Brady will enjoy playing in Miami next season.
  4. D'Onta Foreman comes from Carolina does he not ?
  5. The Colts would love him, they love themselves some leftovers.
  6. Have the Texans started looking for their 2024 HC yet ?
  7. Fitz is probably ready to step away from Amazon for a year.
  8. The Broncos need to carry pepper spray on their late night walks along the streets of Denver. They've been getting assaulted badly.
  9. I'd re-sign him. Then I'd wait a couple weeks after free agency starts and sign a couple of players on "show me" contracts. Then go heavy on offense in the draft with at least 1 C/G and 1 OT, at least 1 WR early, at least 1 Safety. Offensive line, WR and Safety are the teams biggest needs. Add LB to that list if you let Edmunds go.
  10. Frazier is McDermott's safety valve. If there's a risk to his job, he has someone to throw under the bus, getting himself another year to remain on the job. Could always keep Frazier but have him take days off when the team plays top QB's. Then come playoff time, send him on vacation.
  11. I'd be surprised if Singletary gets anything near the 5.5M they predict his price will be. 1. Cook - We don't use RB's much anyway, he can handle the load 2. Hines - Great return man and should be more involved with the offense. Would love to see plays with both of them on the field together. 3. ??? - I'd love to see a short yardage power back who can block. Either a 5th round draft pick or a UDFA. 4. Free Agent for the Practice Squad who can run, catch and is cheap. No point in spending money here
  12. I'm pretty sure that Johnson took the blueprints to his defense to the grave with him. I remember Johnson's defense as being aggressive with a lot of blitzing, McD must have forgotten what Johnson taught him.
  13. True, though Dorsey never threw away a Super Bowl like Shanahan did with the Falcons, but then again Dorsey hasn't gotten to a Super Bowl to throw it away.
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