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  1. Nino's - On Culver is very good Guida's - On Empire makes good pizza and very good wings Rhino's - On Humboldt seems to be my go to lately Pizza Wizard - My Daughter was raving about how good that is, I haven't had it yet.
  2. Next year we need to get bigger 6'9" 400 lbs Minnesota OT Daniel Fa'alele
  3. You'll be singing a different song when this guy wins us a Super Bowl. It wasn't Zaven Collins winning games for Tulsa, it was this kid.
  4. We need to bring Brown out of retirement, sign him to contract and promptly trade him.
  5. Now I want to hear Rammstein doing Jim Croce's time in a bottle.
  6. I'll bet they find that trump won by a million votes. trump won every state by a million votes. A perfect representation of the stop the steal and the Q-Anutz crowds.
  7. Anybody who rushes for 409 yards and 8 TD's in one game and 301 4 TD's in another, deserves a shot in the NFL. In 6 games last year he ran for 1072 yards and 19 TD's.
  8. Early last year I think Phillips was still recovering from the injury he had in 2019. He started looking better late last season, I'm guessing McBeane thinks he'll be fully healthy this season. Some of these big guys take a little longer to get back to 100% after an ACL tear.
  9. I'm pretty sure that was Beast ... It was one of the funniest threads on either board.
  10. One of the best names in the draft ... Speaking of names, has anyone signed Whop Philyar yet ?
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