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  1. frostbitmic

    Martavis Bryant Suspended Indefinitely

    This is as shocking as snow in Buffalo during the winter.
  2. I could probably do a better job as well as most people on this site or any of the beer servers at New Era Stadium... Special shoutout to Mead's beerbot. The guys from the Nyets or the water mammals sound possible too.
  3. frostbitmic

    Who is Rooting for Miami (sorta)?

    Last week against the patriots, yes ... Any other time, NFW.
  4. Glad to see his gray matter is slightly less scrambled. Keep him inactive unless JA gets hurt or Barkley trips over a mat.
  5. frostbitmic

    Dream Band

    Lead Singer - Jim Morrison Rhythm Guitar- Steve Howe  Lead Guitar (x2)- Stevie Ray Vaughan, David Gilmore Bass Guitar- Flea Drums/Percussion_ John Bonham Piano- Keith Emerson Lyricist- Bob Marley and or Robert Hunter Musical Composer- David Byrne Producer- Butch Vig
  6. frostbitmic

    What's your Mount Rushmore of SNL?

    Dan Aykroyd John Belushi Bill Murray Gilda Radner
  7. frostbitmic

    TBD Best Tailgate food before home games.

    Beaver chili ? ... I think I'll stick to alcohol ... If I'm going for beaver it'll be in the backseat.
  8. frostbitmic

    Coach of the year candidates

    I'll give my coach of the year trophy to whoever knocks your patriots out of the playoffs.... Andy Reid is just a frontrunner as of now.
  9. frostbitmic

    Coach of the year candidates

    Andy Reid ... Went with a 2nd year QB who started one game last year and who should be the league MVP this season ... Also jettisoned their woman beater star RB and so far haven't missed a beat.... He gets my vote.
  10. frostbitmic

    Detroit Lions vs Buffalo Bills **Predict the Score**

    18 - 17 Bills Bills - 1 Allen rushing TD, 1 Allen TD pass to Zay, 1 McKittrick TD run 😙 ... 3 botched snaps/holds on XP's = 18 Lions - 1 punt return TD, 1 kick return TD, 1 FG = 17 Crossman still keeps his job somehow.
  11. frostbitmic

    Vikings Fire OC John DeFilippo

    We can hire him as our next OC after Daboll gets the Packers HC gig.
  12. frostbitmic

    Offensive Line Struggles

    A group of 70 year old women would overwhelm this O-line.
  13. frostbitmic

    "Exit Interview: Buffalo Bills"

    Mike Williams brings back bad memories. CB Greedy Williams would also be a typical DB 1st round Bills pick.
  14. frostbitmic

    Josh Allen's TO at beginning of second half

    If you score a TD, it's a great use for a TO ... If you don't score a TD, it's a wasted TO. Do you have absolute faith that McDermott wouldn't have used that TO more frivolously ? .... I'm not sure I do.