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  1. Out of bounds is open for interpretation.
  2. I loved the GOAT fumble in the first half.
  3. Wilkins should have to register as a sex offender in every city the Dolphins play in.
  4. Can we make all of our RBs inactive next week ? they gain few yards running, they drop many passes and they all now have lost a fumble, except our RB who doesn't play RB.
  5. Nah, I've been here since God was a little fella. When in the Josh Allen era have we worried about losing ? ... Never !!!
  6. Just in case we lose tomorrow ? ... What kind of crap is that ?
  7. Was he fired by the Dolphins so they could save face ... Or ... Was he fired by the NFL for not doing his job,and also to save face.
  8. What should I add to the garage next ?
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