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  1. We can't afford to punt ... going for it is a must.
  2. White helmet, red jersey, blue pants with pink socks because it is breast cancer awareness month.
  3. NFL referees are so bad I suppose you just have to let them catch it then try to push them out of bounds to avoid a penalty.
  4. The Bills will be the #5 seed ... They'll have a better record than the #4 team and beat them in the wild card round (Texans) I think the Colts will be the 6 seed and could beat the 3 seed (Chiefs again) Colts will get crushed by the patriots ... Bills will beat the Texans on the road and then beat the Ravens and patriots, both on the road to make the Super Bowl.
  5. 18 - 1 We'll beat the patriots in the Super Bowl .... Yeah yeah yeah, so they're AFC too, what's a Super Bowl without the patriots. Goodell will get er done.
  6. It was an idea ahead of its time ... Now we just have a mute button.
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