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  1. frostbitmic

    Kyles knee...

    Just give him a spleen transplant and he'll be good as new.
  2. frostbitmic

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    Grab your junk Nate
  3. frostbitmic

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    Grab your junk Baker.
  4. frostbitmic

    RIP Steve

    I miss Steve
  5. frostbitmic

    OKTC recaps the 2013 preseason hype of EJ Manuel

    EJ is going to have a breakout year this season. 😁
  6. He'd a complete fool to hire his brother again, therefore he would.
  7. frostbitmic

    Is Foster poised for a big night on Friday?

    Was it an Oak, Maple or Spruce ?
  8. Wish I could be there ... Go to Melt and get a Dude Abides sammich ... go to the game ... Give the Jack some of my money and drive home in the morning.
  9. Who the hell is Jalen Ramsey and what has he ever done ? Sounds like someone who just likes to hear himself talk. A 10 yard pass from Allen into his facemask at 60 mph sounds like a play I'd like to see.
  10. We have three QB's ... only one will be the starter which leaves us with two to play in that pitiful excuse of a game.
  11. frostbitmic

    Predict the division winner: AFC North

    Roethlisberger is the best QB in that division ... Bell the best RB, Brown the best WR... Outside of a season ending injury to Big Ben, they win the division easily.
  12. frostbitmic

    Predict the division winner: AFC North

    Wild guess here but I'm going with the Steelers. Outside of the AFC East this is the easiest to predict.
  13. frostbitmic

    Name one thing you have never done that most people have

    I've never traveled for a week or so alone. I've traveled with my parents, friends, girlfriends, wife, kids etc... but never alone. Been thinking of doing a cruise solo next year.
  14. frostbitmic

    golf fans -- is Tiger Woods done?

    Just where is his left hand ?