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  1. Col Flagg - M*A*S*H Jim Ignatowski - Taxi Burt Campbell - Soap Dietrich - Barney Miller Gob Bluth - Arrested Development
  2. Going off a hunch that the season will be cancelled, the Bills trade all of their 2020 draft picks for picks next year.
  3. In another month when it warms up, corona virus will disappear. Trust me, I know more than the doctors on this.
  4. I see Cam ending up in Pittsburgh ... This is likely Roethlisbergers last year and he'll take over in 2021 or when Ben gets hurt again.
  5. Working my *** off. The Governor deemed both of my business' essential,
  6. Draft Dillon in the 2nd Singletary Dillon Yeldon Jones
  7. This right here is enough to like this signing.
  8. Hep C is in her future, so that's a no from me.
  9. They re-signed Robert Foster ....
  10. Shaq Lawson - 4 years 32 million. Lawson seems to be getting better every year and I have a feeling that this could be Hughes final season in Buffalo. Kirksey - Don't overpay for him but don't throw a stupid low offer for him. 3 yrs 15 million maybe.
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