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Who’s still mad about 13 seconds?


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The game was replayed on NFL Network just the other night and I watched a good bit of it between basketball and hockey and whatever else was on…including the lunar eclipse. But because of all the channel flipping I missed the last thirteen seconds. Can someone tell me what happened? In a nutshell. 😉

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2 hours ago, TailgateChef said:

I would say most of us are still upset about "The Music City forward pass", and even "Wide Right".  Way too soon for "13 seconds".

Wide Right was anger, forward pass was like "what just happened, the refs will overturn that" (btw I'm still waiting for the refs to overturn it...), 13 seconds was we just lost a good game and can I please break the wagging finger off of Tyreke Hill...  Just shows our defense needs to get to Mahomes and that we needed an upgrade over Levi Wallace...

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In my case "mad" is the incorrect term.  To me, that game is just an addition to the litany of decades of heart breaking events in the life of a Bills Fan. As I get on in years it hurts less, not more. The list of disappointments is well known and too long to list, and even includes just about every draft. 


Now, will I ever watch a replay? No freaking way. I am better at resisting self torture these days LOL!

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2 hours ago, njbuff said:

Even though 4 months have gone by, I still can’t watch highlights or the full game.


What are your thoughts?


I think some still are mad from mad buffalo disease.

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The madness has turned into disappointment, which has now cycled into optimism as the Bills have addressed the issues that caused the 13 seconds. The optimism is turning into confidence and that confidence will soon become joy, relief and celebration as we hoist up the Lombardi in 2023

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I think McDermott should open the first team meeting with an apology and an encouragement to move on from it.


I also believe that the failure led to several offseason signings, especially the Von Miller deal.  In the long run, these signings turned on the aggression switch inside Beane's head, which resulted in our team being substantially better than they would be had they won.  There are no guarantees that they would have beat Cinci and the Rams.  Had they lost the Super Bowl, that  may have been even more disappointing than the 13 seconds.  


Therefore, in the long run I believe the 13 second debacle might turn out to be a good thing.

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1 hour ago, Just Jack said:

I'm just gonna keep posting this anytime someone brings up that game....


Several factors contributed to the loss

1) 13 seconds

2) they had all three time outs left

3) they had Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill

4) some Bills players and coaches were already celebrating on the sidelines like the game was over

5) they only needed a FG to tie and go to OT. 


7) extremely poor communication & coaching.

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49 minutes ago, hondo in seattle said:

I was over 13 seconds once the game was over.  Things happen in games.  Life moves on.  


This is pretty much where I am at. I allowed myself that evening of misery and then moved on. I'm not much for hanging on to negative emotions.


That fourth quarter was one of the best offensive displays of football I have ever seen in the playoffs - in pressure packed moment after moment.  


I have watched it 5 or 6 times.


Amazing performances

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