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Eli Ankou to Covid list


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Just now, wakingfane said:

Turns out someone just asked him to pronounce his name a little louder. He said "Ahhhn-khoooo" ... Then he got sent home.

I’m a dad. That does not even qualify as a dad joke. That was turrible. Turrible.

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I suspect a one off. As I understand it (or at least heard on WGR from Sal a couple of weeks ago), the current requirements are to test weekly and if positive they are on the covid list for five days if asymptomatic. Typically he suggested at the time they'd schedule the testing day so that they would have the five days before the next game. So, since they need to be activated by the day before, they would test on Tuesday. In any case, if they tested all players, they would normally put them all on the list the same day since they'd get the results the same day. The only others would be if they are actually sick (which of course can happen).

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