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  1. This is so funny. Fitz believed in the curse so strongly they he wouldn't do it to the Bills, lol.
  2. and The Spirit of Punt How about... The Punt Guy... Or wait wait... The Punt-Er
  3. There's also something to be said for letting go of worrying about the health of our top two wideouts... Because whether it's quantum mechanics or karma, millions of Bills fans worrying about one bad thing happening can't be a good thing... Come to think of it... That probably was exactly what caused 13 seconds...
  4. The reason those guys are special is because they have those skills AND they are NOT at the wide receiver position. Try to plug them in at boundary wideout and they can't come anywhere remotely close to replacing that role. Making plays from their own position, splitting out for a unique play call here and there or a decoy, sure it's great. But they are not wide receivers. Hyping "pass catchers" is a convenient, comfortable, delusional way to throw shade at the critical need for two top notch boundary receivers in an NFL offense. And as far as we know, we only actually HAVE two of those guys.
  5. Wow I just went straight to post, I didn't realize so many others posted Troy Andersen
  6. I was thinking the same thing... Doesn't work for BILLS either. BU in BUFFALO??
  7. I have Game Pass and could have rewatched the game at any time. Finally was able to get up the stomach to watch it this morning. I had forgotten how many missed opportunities there were earlier in the game to build a lead against the Chiefs. I know it's a cliche that one play or one series of plays doesn't lose the game and of all games to apply that to this seemed like the one, but in hind sight, this game was really not that different. It didn't have to end in a shootout. Dane Jackson wasted holding call on 3rd and goal from the 12. Three drives ending in lame ass run plays on third and short that resulted in punts. Could have been the same on the first drive of the game, except they were at midfield and went for and converted on 4th down. The 55 yard punt to Tyreek Hill that was well covered and included a penalty by the Chiefs to back them up to their own 15 EXCEPT a Bills player was also flagged (for running out of bounds on purpose!) RESULT re-kick and Hill return to the Bills 15
  8. Exactly the same for me. I was actually a Broncos fan for a couple minutes some time before I latched onto the Bills at age 9 or so. The Bills were great and I admired that greatness. Then they quickly proceeded to break my heart over and over again but by that point I was not letting go no matter what
  9. We have to collect all the Texans running backs that caught key conversions against our defense late in the 2019 playoff game
  10. Contest for best fan attempt at impersonating /reenacting a famous Josh Allen play (Barr leap, the "Git Off Me" Throw, Dallas 4th down sneak, etc.), judges are the players.
  11. Sweet! Only player I would have wanted from the Jets. Berries too easy to squish.
  12. I wonder if in ten years, the Bills family will actually include like five separate teams
  13. I hope they extend him for a few years. He shouldn't really be looking to start anywhere else at this point in his career. I'm glad we didn't go for Fitz to actually play on this team... Major injury last year, baggage from the drought, and too much bad voodoo. Not to mention the predictable fatal picks in crunch time.
  14. Or they'll try to film an at home with Deshaun ad for Progressive but as the camera approaches the stadium its all btch slappin and ripped shirts running away screaming
  15. Wow if that's the first year, Cleveland is looking at no first round picks AND cap hell in a few years
  16. Best part is hopefully this is the last day we have to hear Tasker absolutely butcher his last name on One Bills Live
  17. Rams build is what McBeane preach against. The opposite of having a chance every year and never mortgaging your future
  18. Scheme that confuses less experienced quarterbacks but gets burned when talent needs to step up
  19. Just speaking as someone with experience on the funding / cost control side of government funded projects. PLAs are usually cheaper than Prevailing Wage and are more likely on a huge project like this, soy that's good. But PLAs are still more expensive than non-union private sector construction labor rates which are still WAY higher than minimum wage. It depends on the project and availability of labor so I don't have a cheat sheet to factor in all the variables.
  20. I think it's actually the exception that proves the point. One of the components of racism is a very broad and pervasive dominant culture that includes a programmed bias against dark skin. Passing as white is a thing because the cultural bias occurs very deep in the brain as an evolutionary trick of perception that encourages us to divide ourselves into tribes and has nothing to do with the person themselves or their ancestry.
  21. Man, what the heck will we talk about for the next four days?....
  22. Turns out someone just asked him to pronounce his name a little louder. He said "Ahhhn-khoooo" ... Then he got sent home.
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