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  1. I do ever walk around and see em, their all over the place large heavy ones. Is this chick from here?
  2. Former county executive who fumbled the ball versus the raiders. Eddie R. Number40
  3. Better looking than the fat broads here in buffalo.
  4. O’Reily was so smart getting off this dreadful franchise. I hope they win the cup.
  5. Former bill Terry Miller. Had a couple of seasons before he was done Beat me to it, damn
  6. Not like he needs the money. More time going to restaurants in east aurora Steve.
  7. Jack spikes wore it before Gary. Charlie Warner wore it way before Jackson. Charlie was the man with the kickoff returns.
  8. Steve does a great job and so does Murphy. You guys think you can do better I’d love to hear all of you babble.
  9. Nobody here commenting here about his potty mouth. Please!
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