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  1. Run out an get your seasons for next year folks. Housley is a dead man walking. Sabres have won 13 games out of 49.
  2. Helpmenow

    Drag Racing

    Yes the business is expensive and has killed the sport. The younger group out there likes import racing. NHRA factory showdown with mustangs, COPO camaros and hellcat challengers are running low 8’s and high 7’s.
  3. Helpmenow

    Drag Racing

    Jan-cen on transit does a very good business. Mike sr has developed his own superchargers. Many racers are using his stuff. Paul Cambria runs a COPO Camaro along with his wife. hopefully someone will buy lancaster. I have a feeling it’s history
  4. Helpmenow

    Drag Racing

    Far from dead a lot of racers are running 1/8 mile tracks in the south. NHRA at Gainesville was packed. Jim Oddy no longer drives but his still involved in supercharged aa/gs series. Mike Janis is the current NHRA pro mod champ and has a very successful business. Englishtown is history now. Tearing the place apart. Leicester NY has a 1/4 mile track, right outside of Perry NY off of rte 20 a. Outlaw pro mod series is huge and PDRl series strong as well. These run 1/8 mile.
  5. Helpmenow

    Bills Team Dinner

    Couldnt find that here, they are too fat and ugly.
  6. Helpmenow

    430 million dollar man

    What would Aaron and mays be worth.
  7. Helpmenow

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    Only a hat maybe.
  8. Helpmenow

    Clay Matthews signs with Rams

    Not very good, please. He wants to go home to play, nothing wrong with that
  9. Half empty house. Excellent Pegula’s
  10. Helpmenow

    Bills showing Interest in Darius Philon, DL

    Is that former bill Ed philon brother.
  11. Sabres have real concerns next year about getting folks to buy tickets. It’s getting real old.
  12. Are these two web sites connected. Sabres space and this one.
  13. This would get you banned by the Sabres space message board.
  14. Helpmenow

    Greg Landry's FA Dos and Don'ts

    Was thinking the same thing. Ole number 11 throwing it to former bill Ron Jessie.
  15. #90 in saint louis is laughing right now.