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  1. I was in the San Diego bills backer club back then and Steve Christie showed up Saturday nite.
  2. I was there too. Not sure who uses the place anymore. Maybe SD St. It’s gotta suck being a charger player basically playing all home games with a ton of visitors there
  3. Place was a hole. Local sports guys said it was a dump
  4. Like every game played there must feel like their not the home team
  5. Dallas is so overated. Garret is nothing away from the Dallas as well.
  6. Van miller, Stan baron, chuck Healy and dick rifenberg
  7. Braxton and the juice both ran for over 100 yards and the bills still lost if I remember
  8. Sometimes we used take the bus from the former sunny side restaurant on Clinton and transit. Those were the days Into the east side.
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