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  1. The new C8 looks great, can’t wait for Z06 and the zoro
  2. No kidding it worth a lot more now. My wife’s nephew has a 2014 roush with over 800 Horse. He has a lot of money into it now.
  3. My buddy has a 2003 triple black convertible SVT cobra with 10,000 miles
  4. I had a 66 chevelle pro street car. Black car. Sold the car for practical nothing thirty five years ago.
  5. Every weekend in Coronado. Was the best thing living in San diego
  6. I think Bruce Smith was friendly with him at one time. Both were from the same area I believe
  7. Best right hander that I saw ever pitch.
  8. The bottom feeders of the planet
  9. Wings over America.
  10. Feels like a 100 today, have a new one working great.
  11. Humble pie, Allman brothers, and Hendrix winterland
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