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  1. I don’t Shaq makes it I have a feeling.
  2. What was the turnout for the show. We thought about going. How long did Buddy Play? Buffalo guy Tom Hambridge drums for Buddy and was his producer
  3. I like Marvin’s on Goodrich. This from a guy who lived near the bar Bill for years. I spoke to the original folks with the duffs name on Sheridan. The OP restaurant they were not happy with.
  4. #3 had warren wells, Fred, Ray Chester and Charlie Smith to throw too. Dubie was done with bills. The bomber flourish in that offense.
  5. You haven’t been there enough times. Since Joe and Marcy sold it in my opinion has gone downhill. This is from a resident of EA. Too many tourist now. Even the locals stopped going. Ever since LuAnn left who was there for like 45 years as a waitress I stopped going. Ten times better in its heyday. Oh well check it anyways.
  6. Al these athletes are dying off. Hmm. Makes me wonder about Come on what do think
  7. Foogle led the nation in scoring
  8. I have the box scores in my notebook of the games to the final four. Used to listen to the local radio hear Murphy and bob go at it. So sad Greg Gary, matt gantt, billy kalbaugh and jimmy sattelin.
  9. Can he kick in swirling winds not ocean breeze of San diego
  10. You knew that was going to happen getting a DB
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