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  1. Ask Reuben brown he was suspended by Williams or completely benched in the last game of the year
  2. Bench a first rounder for a practice squad, dude, please!
  3. Hull jersey back where it belongs. Off somebody
  4. I did selling everything I owned on eBay now. Sold all my cards for the mid 60’s on eBay. All my mantle and mays cards sold.near mint to excellent Use to go Dave and Adams before they got huge back in the early 90’s. I heard baseloaded guy worked at the PO
  5. Phillips makes no plays, go ahead name anything he has done here
  6. My cousins left Sonoma for Salem Oregon. It follows them.
  7. I wanna to see what is going on. I had it on mute. It’s off Singers name who cares. Shirts are dreadful
  8. I would take gibson over koufax
  9. Just doesn’t mean that much the way the world is. Still rooting
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