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  1. My cousins left Sonoma for Salem Oregon. It follows them.
  2. I wanna to see what is going on. I had it on mute. It’s off Singers name who cares. Shirts are dreadful
  3. I would take gibson over koufax
  4. Just doesn’t mean that much the way the world is. Still rooting
  5. Dr who and Alf really must not know anything about him or baseball
  6. He talks about the Mets daily.
  7. Not interested anymore, maybe when things go away with the worlds issues.
  8. Number #41 is gone. 75 years old. Great pitcher and great man.
  9. The rookie #13 is ahead of him. I don't see him playing
  10. Now is the time for all you experts to send in your resume. Let’s all hear you stumble on yourselves
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