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RD 1, Pick 30: Greg Rousseau, Edge (Miami) Public Poll Added


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1 minute ago, 5ths the charm said:

We had a disruptive Dr, a top flight CB and two LBs on the board which were better than this guy who had a year to prepare for his pro day and sucked eggs. Reached for this guy, who won't even come close to starting for at least two years...in the first round.

Hopefully they bring you in for our remaining picks. You seem to know more than anyone else in the draft room

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3 minutes ago, Mopreme said:

How do you pick him over the Oweh and Ojulari?  Rousseau seems like

another project like Epenesa.   

Ojulari still on the board in the 2nd round. He's falling due to medical.

As for him over Oweh: At least Rousseau had a 15.5 sack year. Oweh just came off a zero sack year.

We'll see.

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Nobody has any clue if he's the man we need, I'm still wondering that 3 years later on Tremaine, 2 years later on Ed and a year later on Epenesa.

But the dude sure looks the part.


Beane doubling down on his philosophy that raw talent can be molded.  Worked for Josh, failed on Knox.  Hope he goes 2 for 3 with Greg.

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He is not a fast twitch guy. But great length, good hands, wins with leverage and productive in college. 


I like the pick although I do have a couple if niggling doubts 1. Having sat out the year turning up at his pro day not in top shape was a bad look. 2. I just worry with he and Epenesa we have two guys who would look great opposite that quick twitch guy who can fly off the edge and that is after spending two premium picks at the spot.

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At the end of the day guys, this is the first draft we have had in my lifetime that without a doubt we have our franchise QB and we can build around him and we can afford to roll the dice on high ceiling guys like this. It's a huge advantage, really a few teams have that.

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Just now, YoloinOhio said:



I think if anyone is upset about the pick it's because we want instant impact and a starter.  RB 1?  A CB 2?


Well what if this kid ends up a stud, which we're clearly hoping, and we still get an RB 1 or CB 2 in the next rounds?


A guy like Rousseau will not be there later.  The RBs and CBs will.  

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Just now, BuffaloBillsGospel said:


I mean I know you didn't ask me but if the bar is a low 4.5 or 5.5 sacks then Epenesa only needs 4.5 more this year.

Hughes has had a highly productive career in Buffalo. He may be on the downside now, but even that downside is still the best on the roster at the moment. I’m not looking to replace 2020 JH. We need somebody as disruptive as his 2014-2018 stretch. 

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I like the pick - had my heart set on JOK, but I can live with this.


Noticing a pattern with DEs that can play inside - will we be seeing more MINT fronts with OBada, Rousseau, or Addison playing more inside with Oliver - trying to stuff the middle more - letting Milano really flow.


Seems Obada and Rousseau are both tall 6’6 guys with long arms - very interesting with the smaller QBs in Miami and NE and even Wilson in NY.  I think they have some thoughts about clogging the middle and blocking some passing lanes.


Hopefully this forecasts some more aggressive defensive calls.

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