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  1. Bears fan friend of mine say he’s a bit of a head case. Though that could be because he’s plays for the Bears. He also doesn’t have an agent
  2. He's gotta gotta take control of his life
  3. Understand where you're coming from but as someone who became a fan after the Kelly years I've been waiting forever to truly be excited about this team's possibilities. Just don't have any room for more doubt
  4. Bored on lunch the other night I found out that if you include the playoffs, Davis has 18 TDs in his first two years. Pretty impressive given his limited snaps
  5. Skip has eyes and he's been around way too long for me to think he really believes what he's saying. I think he's just a very good troll. He's just so subtle with it lol Even Nick Wright was forced to stop being a goof and give Allen his due
  6. He's probably over performed given the QBs he's had throughout his career
  7. I remember how good Nathan Peterman looked in preseason
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