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  1. True the nfc is a bit of a joke, giants are looking at a path to a wild card
  2. I highly doubt a 3rd gets it done, and iam firm against signing rbs to contracts, and i still want to see cook actually get some work, but to put it in perspective if by the trade deadline and the bills are looking healthy and still front runners. A 3rd round pick for a guy that at a minimum is twice the rb we have and we instantly get twice as good at rb on a super bowl run doesn't sound crazy to me.
  3. Same people that watch Zach moss in practice, then watch him cut away from the hole right into the backs of 2 blockers on a big 3rd down lol. But in all seriousness your right they do see him in practice so we don't know what the case is on cook behind the scenes.
  4. Fully agree, really hard to tell a rookie back "hey go make the most of 2 touches today" he goes out getting in his own head trying to do too much, let the guy get some momentum
  5. I thought this was edmunds best game I've ever seen him play. I don't fault him for missing jackson in open feild, that's nearly impossible but overall I thought edmunds played great and I've never been a huge edmunds fan.
  6. I didn't want to admit to myself how important a loss would be before the game cuz I was worried, but 2 AFC losses in a row would hurt. And a tie breaker with the ravens could be huge
  7. I rewatched that pick, Knox could have made the catch, he pulled his hands back thinking the ball was intended for diggs. Allen is not the problem, I think the count is 5 dropped passes that hit recievers in the hands or chest
  8. Hes a pro athlete, the ball hit him on the right pectoral...make the catch
  9. Josh Allen doesn't deserve this team lol. He might as well throw the ball to himself. The amount of balls hitting the recievers hands and chests and it being incomplete is honestly impressive
  10. Game is not over. If im coach, Singletary and moss out. Put in cook, give him some dump offs. Tell my recievers to catch the damn ball, get davis deep shots
  11. He made a cut away from the hole into the backs of 2 blockers lol. He legitimately ran away from the hole
  12. Holy Mother of god..... moss's vision...I'm at a loss for words
  13. Maybe time to try out some james cook? Can't get worse production from our rb right now
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