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  1. I guess we won't know if beane wanted Etienne or not, maybe he was the player they referred to the got picked before them, but it sounds like they wanted boogie pretty bad, he kept them from trading out. I dont think that it's they didn't believe in Rousseau, my opinion is beane wanted to get better at the edge rush and the bills love rotation on the line. And I won't doubt if Rousseau gets bounced all over the line on passing downs. I think beane sees a potential of just assaulting opposing QBs with rotating fresh athletic freaks that attack your line in different ways. And maybe most im
  2. Honestly this draft haul is tough to give a grade, most of these guys are "unlocked potential" so you really have to wait and see. Cuz if you grade it on immediate play time then this class could be an F. But in 3 years if just 2 of these guys reach their ceilings your talking about an A++. Imagine in 2 years and both Greg and boogie turn into the freaks they have all the tools to be. I wanted a CB2 pretty bad but beane obviously wanted a pass rush on rookie deals, and got stronger potential at OL. Can't complain there.
  3. Another dude that is a physical freak that hasn't unlocked his potential and is stoked to be a Bill. Love when guys are ready to buy In to the culture
  4. Maybe they felt best value. Pretty obvious McDermott wants to assault other teams QBs from the edge.
  5. O line and D line picks will never upset me. Can never have too many.
  6. I definitely see where you're coming from. My 2 cents on the pick is McBeane probably thought the drop off in talent at edge after Rousseau/Tyron was drastic, Hughes has maybe a year or 2 in the tank, the bills love rotation on the line. Rousseau has freakish ability to put his hands on QBs, we have to hit mahomes with organic pressure. This year he can learn from the great Hughes and on 3rd downs put him out there like the water boy and say "tackle the guy with the football." And if this works out like McDermott hopes, by next year we could have 2 great young athletes on edge on rookie deals
  7. "Has an extra gear to close on QBs" I immediately saw this on his highlights, he has a crazy ability to somehow get his hands on qbs right when the qb thinks he can duck out of the pocket, I would love to see him bring that against mahomes/ Murray ect.
  8. I think ever since Gilmore people have been scarred on draft pick reactions. He looked genuinely excited to be a Bill and I love it.
  9. Rousseau is a gamble ill admit, but the pay off of a good edge rush on a rookie deal vs a good rb on a rookie deal is not even close. The steelers took Harris, he will start, will he be good? Probably. And everyone will say " see taking an rb isn't bad" but they don't realize the value of the pick and the 5th year option, and what they could have had with that pick. taking an rb in the first is becoming a thing of the past. And I'm glad the bills didn't take an rb.
  10. At the end of the day guys, this is the first draft we have had in my lifetime that without a doubt we have our franchise QB and we can build around him and we can afford to roll the dice on high ceiling guys like this. It's a huge advantage, really a few teams have that.
  11. Hughes doesn't have too much left in the tank, gotta have a replacement for him. With Farley and newsome off the board I don't hate the pick. Bills know they have to get to mahomes and some one athletic enough to run him down. As long as we get CB2 at some point in this draft I'm good with it.
  12. I agree there's times he looks lost. I've defended edmunds alot, its not easy being the LB in the Bills D. The LBs are the focal point of the defense so it's very easy to look bad at times. But watching re runs of games I found myself saying "come on man you gotta make that" alot. And it really changed my opinion on edmunds, he had a down year. He's gonna need to show some serious improvement this year if the bills are gonna pay him.
  13. Bills can't afford to trade up for an RB, unless beane is going full send for a super bowl this year. Beane used the words "cheap labor" trading up for a RB is the exact opposite of that. To pay josh and the rest of our keystones we need as many rookie contracts as possible. Giving up picks and paying up for a RB would cripple beanes ability for roster construction. Not too mention there's been tons of mocks where Etienne doesn't even go rd 1.
  14. Agree, I think the lack of speed and pass catching at RB hurt but with addition of brieda that's been addressed, but I have no issues drafting a speedy pass catching back in the late rounds either.
  15. I'm glad there's other people that think this as well. I brought this topic up months ago and got some heat, its not that I'm a edmunds hater I just get the feeling paying edmunds big money isn't something beane will feel good about, especially after his performance this year.
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