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  1. Agreed, I honestly didn't think we could get anything for him. A 5th isn't bad
  2. Mariotta is the exact reason I'm still a little hesitant to go all in and say Allen as our franchise. The titans thought they had their guy no question he just had to clean some things up and develop. And they absolutely love him in Nashville, class act and hard worker. But he seems like the tyrod curse, just good enough but nothing more. And in my opinion that's worse than a flat out bust with your #1 pick.
  3. I don't think we would have a chance at von, hes 30, he would want go to a contender now, like eagles saints, patriots.
  4. Am I the only one that saw Murphy getting his shoulder pads ripped off on a hold on that touchdown? Directly infront of the refs.
  5. Mostly excited about our defense holding Tom Brady after the Bill's offense make costly mistakes. That's where the patriots always put the finishing dagger in the Bill's, score off a mistake, and the Bill's D had to hold Brady with excellent field position all day.
  6. I wish josh was in for the last drive, we needed the ability to scramble and make magic happen like he can do. I'm not writing off Allen by any means, I believe he can go to the playoffs. But today if josh would have had a remotely decent day, the Bill's win the most important game of the season for the Bill's. But he had arguably the worst game in his nfl career in a very winnable game. And that worries me for the future a little.
  7. I might be slightly over reacting, but yes belichick knows how to make young QBs look terrible (goff suber bowl). BUT, belichick didn't force allen to make those incredibly terrible throws. All the picks were 100% terrible throws and decisions by Allen and those mistakes will never beat good teams. I thought Allen looked more decisive so far this year and better throws, today he was worse than he's ever been.
  8. Barkley starts this whole game and the Bill's are up 2 scores right now. Personal opinion, still believe in Josh, but he was the Patriots mvp today.
  9. Agree, faced 2 pretty good D lines. I'd argue that jets is close to elite. But the O line didn't look great today, Allen took some shots
  10. That block from Knox on the McKenzie TD was something I'd like to see all year
  11. So glad we didn't draft Rosen, but to be honest I feel bad for the guy. How many QBs have had to prove themselves on the worst team in the nfl, then get traded to possibly the worst team in nfl history the next year?
  12. Everyone says Josh is more confident cuz it's his second year, but I think its mostly the receiving core. When Beasley and brown make those diving and contested catches it gives Allen confidence in his throws. Last year there was so many drops and no one to make a tough catch. Now we have that and its showing
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