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  1. Funny how trubisky was given zero chance of success in a famously terrible organization for qbs and he's grinding away with out pointing fingers. Baker was given an excellent o line, elite recievers, elite rb, solid TEs, and good defense. And all he does is point fingers. I do think he's better than many starters in the nfl but what bad team wants to bring baker in for a 1 year rental and then probably have to over pay him and possibly miss out on a good qb draft class.
  2. CEH was a "fully committed to mahomes and give him what he wants" mahomes said he wanted CEH so they got him to appease mahomes. His skill set couldn't be more different from cook, yes ceh can catch the ball well but he was brought in to be the bell cow power back that can catch the ball. Cook is being brought in to be the miss match for LBs in the passing game putting defenses in a tough spot if they want to run the 2 high. CEH can bruise you up the middle and grind out a clock but hes not a miss match for LBs. I would compare CEH to more Singletarys style but with much better hands.
  3. I wouldnt say it was a reach when I was petrified we were going RB in the 1st, even if it's breece Hall. I think if cook plays to his potential his impact could be more than we think. What leads me to believe that is we have a new coordinator, and we went after mckissic hard. What that tells me is beane asked dorsey what he wants for his offense, and it seems like a pass catching specialist was high priority considering we signed Duke and drafted a pass catching RB with speed. Dorsey must have a plan to get RBs involved in the pass game. And as much as we like Singletary pass catching isnt his game, cook is a better pass catcher and route runner day 1 of practice. If cook studies the play book and knows his role (see Matt brieda) I think he has more of an impact than just a simple spell back to Singletary and we see a return on investment for a 2nd rounder.
  4. Totally agree, I dont think many people realize yet what defenses will have to do on passing downs with cook on the feild. If cook plays to his potential, LBs now have to worry about josh scrambling and either letting cook get behind them or make an open feild tackle on cook on a simple dumpoff or screen. Just another thing defenses have to worry about.
  5. I feel pretty much the exact same way, in love with the value of Shakir and I'm a bronco fan. But over all I think I'm most excited about watching josh roll out and instead of having to make an amazing play with his feet he dumps it off to cook and cook out runs the LBs and picks up an easy 1st down for josh. Just a simple but huge factor the bills have been missing.
  6. I was actually wondering about this if the bills did draft him. I'm sure it's something a professional athlete could master, as long as your not named bojo. Or hell if Barkley wants to contribute on the feild...
  7. Cb2 ✔️ RB that can house a dumpoff ✔️ Wr with yac upside✔️ No longer an embarassment at punter✔️ Now if we can get some offensive line depth I'll be ecstatic.
  8. Bills fans grab pitch forks after the Terrell pick, but relatively silent at arguably one of the biggest steals at the wr position. I couldn't be more excited. If diggs davis or Crowder have to miss time he can fill in anywhere and be dangerous. I bet Allen is watching khalils highlights, seeing how dangerous he is on screens.
  9. Saw this dude consistently mocked in the 3rd. Might be my favorite pick, as a Boise state fan I watched the broncos just put the ball in this guy's hands cuz he just makes things happen.
  10. I'm gonna trust beane on this one cuz like many on this board I have no idea who he is. But to take a positive look at it, he is getting knocked cuz hes smaller. But look at the way most teams has drafted at CB this draft, small and fast. 2 years ago no body would draft any of these small CBs. It shows the NFL is changing, maybe the bills are ahead of the curve and moving their LB core to more Milano type guys. But that's just me looking at the glass half full.
  11. Joe marino is not having it at all. HATES the pick lol
  12. I told my buddy last week, if the bills answer the question at cb, get a rb that can take a check down and burn a linebacker, ill be happy. So to say the least I'm happy.
  13. Me too, get the rb that brings something completely different to the table. Singletary played well enough to keep carrying the rock on early downs. But what were the bills missing at rb? An rb that can catch a dump off/screen and hurt you, cook does just that.
  14. I like to think that's why they keep trading back, they will gladly take whatever one of theses guys gets to them
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