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  1. Huge Josh fan, but he will never be elite if his deep ball doesn't drastically improve from last season. I believe he can do it, and Diggs will help greatly and ill be cheering for him the whole way. But I think that's his biggest hurdle he has to show critics, accurate deep ball.
  2. Kinda seems like a "hey look we are so bold and trying" publicity move knowing full well it won't pass. I don't understand it, cuz the only color owners care about in football is green and what does money come from? Winning. The guy who you think is gonna make you money gets the job.
  3. I guess I use the word starter too loosely. I meant these guys are going to play and contribute. I think neither guy is a "polish his game and he might see some playing time" like a lot of 3rd round picks. Epenesa is going to pass rush and moss will carry the rock.
  4. No I meant its going to be a 2 headed attack. Obviously Singletary isn't going anywhere
  5. 3 picks for 3 immediate starters. Very good draft so far in my opinion.
  6. He probably wanted to go somewhere on the west coast or where he'd be the for sure bell cow. But he was probably just in shock.
  7. Really happy we are getting someone that can catch out of the backfield. I was worried we were going to a 1 trick bowling ball to go with Singletary, now defenses have to account for passing for either back.
  8. I would have liked Dobbins as well but from a long term and cap space stance this is an excellent pick. Look at the way the NFL is going, how much are we paying for decent play from Murphy, and RBs are a dime a dozen these days. Getting a starting DE on a rookie contract is delicious.
  9. Agreed, its not flashy and we had to wait so long for a pick but he can start and make a difference immediately. You could prematurely say our first 2 picks are starters and Diggs is no doubt a game changer. Good draft so far
  10. Agreed, but what I think JESSEFEFFER is trying to convey is that the bills are trying to see what they have in Josh Allen and the offense right now. RBs can start immediately as rookies, WRs rarely produce in the first 2 years. Drafting a high end RB adds to the offense day one. Drafting a WR might start or be rotational this year. That was the point of Diggs, Beane and mcD want to know Allen is the guy and move forward.
  11. No problem with Higgins, bring him along behind John brown. I think with the way Beasley plays we can get another 4 years easily. Brown isn't going to get faster. I'm never for spending draft capitol or money on RBs but Taylor is 100% a mcD type of guy, humble team player and could be a game changer. If Taylor is there I want him.
  12. Corner isn't a flashy pick but the NFL is becoming more and more of a passing league every year. Stocking up on corners isn't a bad idea.
  13. Wasn't pushing for the bills to get a rb in the 2nd. But after watching the interview with Jonathan Taylor on good morning football.. he's the exact type of player mcD wants. Humble hard worker, that gives credit to his coaches and teammates. Probably the type of guy that won't start a tweet war when he's a two headed attack with Singletary. Doubt he will be there at 54, but if he is id take it as a homerun.
  14. Agreed, shenault might still be there in the 2nd. I wasn't excited about Higgins at 22. And diggs is alot better than any FA options.
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