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  1. I think the only way you win against the bills right now if your not the chiefs is capitalize on mistakes early and grind the clock out on offense keeping Allen off the feild. The titans were still in the game in the 1st quarter because they capitalized on a penalty scored and ground out the clock. If you can grind the clock out and keep semi pace all game and get the ball last you could win, I imagine that was the titans plan until they fell apart.
  2. If it was make believe land and money doesn't matter then cmc has a larger impact day 1 stepping into the building. But big contracts for RBs are a thing of the past, trading assets and taking on that contract is insane. If beane did that and didn't win the SB people would be grabbing pitch forks and torches.
  3. Chargers definitely the better team tonight, just could not get a call to go their way. Mahomes still played great but seemed to have everything go his way tonight, picks called back and a huge pick 6 dropped, a ridiculous PA, the list goes on. If Everett breaks inside on that play they win.
  4. Just don't have that ref crew if your playing the chiefs. I would not be happy as a chargers fan tonight.
  5. Feel like chiefs getting alot of calls their way keeping this game close
  6. Henry did not look the same against the giants, his movements looked labored. The play where he caught that swing pass, he didn't even try to make an athletic move to make a play, it looked like he was in neutral and just went out of bounds. Even running the ball he looked like he was just bowling ball forward not making cuts or anything. That being said no matter what he's going to be load to take down. But the bills D line is much more equipped this year for a power back.
  7. Coming from California. Can't wait for some tailgating.
  8. I thought the same when I saw the adjustments and flow of the offense. It's still very early, but if he keeps it up he won't be in buffalo long.
  9. I feel like dorsey is not getting enough credit in mainstream media. Yes Allen was unstoppable and will always get the attention but dorsey legitimately called a nearly flawless game against mcvay who is considered as a genius of scheme. I don't think there was ever a game daboll called where there wasn't a series I didn't like. Dorsey seemed to play right into Allen and Diggs strengths and right out of Donalds strengths. So far I'm extremely impressed with dorsey.
  10. Imagine what happens if we had half of those turnovers fall our way. Good statement win. Didn't think von Miller would make that kind of difference immediately.
  11. Extremely fortunate, great team like the rams dismantle teams that have e 3 turnovers in a half.
  12. Clock on 0. But we know bills aren't gonna get that call. Rams are scratching and clawing for everything and the bills offense is beating itself. Easily could be 21-0 right now
  13. Ya you could tell benford was sitting on purpose that wasn't getting cooked.
  14. Alot of non bills fans will poke fun at this amount of money but I think it's without question worth it. He's arguably one of if not the most physically gifted TE in the nfl, has only shown improvement every year. Proved he's a red zone monster already. Super young, young TEs rarely find success. Has built chemistry with Allen. You also make Allen happy with the front office, spending money on weapons for him. Not to mention our options to replace him would be the draft, the bust rate on TEs in the draft is scary, or kick the tires and over pay on an old FA.
  15. I agree, vultures. Ask as many loaded questions as possible to try and get him to slip up or twist mcds words later. But that's the industry I guess.
  16. Just a nightmare situation for a coach. Trying to take the team to the super bowl and your getting asked loaded questions about a young girl being raped. Yes this is bigger than football obviously, but I still feel for mcD. Can't imagine having to get asked about a young woman getting raped on national TV.
  17. Meant on social media mainly twitter. That's why I actually came to this platform, much more level heads.
  18. Terrible if it's true, and the men involved should serve prison time if proven true. But the amount of virtue signaling on social media is unbearable. We have minimal facts so far, but anyone who says "let's hear all the facts first" gets blasted and is somehow gets cast as siding with rapists. None of us have all the facts and evidence, how are there so many judge and jurors on social media? Since when is wanting to hear all the facts calling the woman a liar? Seems like no one can wait to gather info to form their opinion, you have to speculate and scream your opinion on social media to compete for who's most virtuous.
  19. And I remember most scouts had a first round grade on him, getting him in the 2nd was a steal. Now getting a 5th feels like a steal
  20. My guess is they are telling Araiza he's not handed the job and needs to keep competing. But I agree with you
  21. I used to like her, cuz at first I thought it was cool that she knew what she's talking about with fantasy football. But after watching more of her shows she's pretty terrible at fantasy topics and just throws out stats. But I don't mind her on the sideline, seems like a tough job that I don't understand why it's still a job. No one cares about sideline interviews during a live game.
  22. I think that was a kick off return by Mckenzie. I'm more concerned on who gets the reps at punt return
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