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  1. Qbs statistically don't get hurt on sneaks ken. It's ok to call a sneak.
  2. Agree with this write up. Especially the RB room, I said after the jets game that we will see more RB committee. And I think we will see it even more next week. I was at the titans game last year and saw Henry next to josh and didn't think Henry looked as massive as I expected. But I made it to this game, and Murray is an absolute monster of a human being. He just looks intimidating lining up in the backfield.
  3. Possibly, but he's a professional athlete that's been in the league 6 years. Dorsey can't physically walk on the field and point to the open recievers for him. The plays were called the recievers got open, josh didn't execute plain and simple.
  4. Watched the painful game again and my take aways: Those calling for Dorsey’s head because of play calling alone need to watch Kincaid and Knox across the middle all night. It was there, josh had easy completions right infront of him dialed up by dorsey but josh refused the middle of the field. Dorsey had some bone head calls but this loss was not even close to his fault. Cook looked good, but I think Harris is going to get more work as a down hill runner, it showed that's not cooks game. I think we see more time share. The jets had all off season to plan for josh and it showed, they baited him in every possible faucet of the game. Even baiting him into scrambles up the middle just to have a LB fake blitz then delay and float across the middle to catch josh trying to leak through. And we saw how the safeties owned josh all night. Josh bailed out of the pocket instantly all night, making life hell for his line. Brown had bone head plays but josh made things unnecessarily hard on his line last night. Summary: jets had all off season to study josh, knew his tendencies and weaknesses like all division opponents, baited him and josh fell for it all night. And I think it got in joshs head after the first pick knowing he was falling for it and things snowballed from there and hero ball ensued. Hopefully things go up from here.
  5. RB was not the problem. Cook looked good, hes not breece hall and he didnt need to be last night. Spending draft capitol/money on an RB is probably the worst thing beane could do right now.
  6. Kind of nice having media being honest. I'm the biggest JA fan around, but there needs to be a conversation had between coaches and him. I have no idea how josh is treated by the coaches behind closed doors but I hope he's not being treated like a God. He was given the keys to the franchise, and he lost the game and let his teammates down playing completely undisciplined.
  7. Nice, chico Dorsey was far from the problem tonight.
  8. Agree with alot of your points Not enough people talking about how Allen made his line look bad tonight. Spencer had bone head plays, but Josh made browns and the rest of the O lines life hell tonight. I'd say overall I actually really liked what I saw from the rest of the team at times. It's just unfortunate Josh had a horrendous game and gave the jets a win on a silver platter. Hopefully we don't see it again.
  9. Thank you, people calling for dorseys head but tonight was far from dorseys fault. Now if you want to call out dorseys ability to reign in Allen? Then that's a conversation. But dorsey can't physically walk on the field and make josh take what the defense gives him. Josh played horrendous tonight, dorseys plays weren't the issue.
  10. They did use him, he was open alot tonight. Dorsey called the plays, Kincaid got open, josh decided to instantly leave the pocket and catapult balls 50 yards down the field.
  11. Jets baited Allen hard on some of those sacks, collapse the outside, leave a window in the middle for half a second, have a LB shoot across the front to catch Allen trying to slip through. He fell for it all night
  12. True, it wasn't a dominant run game for yards but I don't feel like the jets shut the run game down tonight. I probably mis phrased that, the run game itself wasn't great, but I felt we got production out of the backfield tonight.
  13. Dorsey had a better run game tonight for Allen than I've seen in awhile. Dorsey had some bad calls, but we all saw the TEs and diggs open on those picks. And dorsey didn't call the game tieing fumble by Allen. Allen had guys open tonight and decent run game established. Josh just didn't see the field at all against an elite defense.
  14. Everyone grabbing the pitch forks on dorsey. Other then the terrible draw call in OT, this loss in completely on Allen. Honestly can't think of bad performances or terrible plays that really hurt the bills by other players. Hell Bernard contributed more than allen tonight.
  15. I actually don't put tonight on dorsey at all. That draw call was AWFUL but as for the whole night, he can't make josh see the field. 2 of joshs picks the TEs were wide open. Dorsey established a run game tonight. Josh had open recievers, he bailed out of the pocket instantly all night. 3 HORRIBLE picks, and HORRIBLE fumble had nothing to do with dorsey tonight.
  16. Josh doesn't want anything to do with the middle of the feild tonight
  17. Josh doesn't want anything to do with the middle of the feild tonight
  18. Josh is bailing out of the pocket so quickly now, he's shaky. Needs to stay calm and take some easy throws
  19. Need to get up 2 possessions so the defense can start teeing off on wilson
  20. Watched hard knocks and told my wife "Saleh treats Rodgers like Jesus infront of other players, you can't do that" Now Saleh has visually given up on the sidelines, how does that inspire a young qb like wilson?
  21. Get Rodgers back out there, if bills win I don't want the media making excuses that Jesus got hurt and that's why the bills won.
  22. How are the Bengals losing to a watson lead team? Watson looks awful
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