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  1. Dane Jackson. Dude is a stud, continues to stand out in practice, already better than Levi run support, had some good learning experiences last year and flashed some big league talent with real bullets flying. He is the reason we took Oline depth instead of a cb earlier in the draft. If Levi has a good camp he can hold the cb2 spot but its just a matter of time until Dane starts.
  2. I trust our Gm and Coaches, but if they are truly counting on this guy to be a difference maker on our defense this year I would consider that to be overly optimistic. Does anyone know if we brought in any free agent 1 techs to try out this year?
  3. Karlos the Killa If only he had a good mentor that pushed him to be a responsible, hard working athlete, take care of his body and train properly. Instead he got a lazy pregnant wife who wanted him to stay home and eat with her. That dude had some serious natural talent, he did better his rookie year than Derrick Henry did by far.
  4. Maybe, but when your fan base is spending tens of millions of dollars literally that day on tickets it would be nice know your stud qb isnt going to be missing games due to Covid. I'm still surprised Josh wasnt one of the first team members to get vaccinated, he seems like a guy that would follow logic and science, team doctors advice etc.
  5. I know right. Plus that's an utterly useless stat. It's not adjusted for situational football, scaled with attempts etc. ,'Turnover Worthy', was James Worthy's nickname early in his career, maybe they're confused by that....
  6. Man I hope you're right but I feel like Smoke did a lot more here than people seem to remember. The dude has three 1000+ yd seasons in this league and was our top weapon two years ago. If Diggs stays healthy we have no problems, and Sanders will play a nice role, but if Stef goes down we will kick ourselves for not offering JB $4M per year to restructure and stay a Bill.
  7. uh yeah because why would you want to include fans and the media? smh
  8. I was cracking up at Charles Barkley talking about Larry Bird saying "Charles I can't believe how bad you guys are disrespecting me tonite, tryin to cover me with a white guy"
  9. Odds are we get one good NFL edge rusher and maybe a solid tackle out that emerge from our top 4 picks. Anything more than that would be amazing. Rookies can surpise everyone even if they get thrown in too early because of injury. I feel like Basham will impact this year late season.
  10. That makes perfect sense, except I get the feeling Sweeney may get beat out in camp by another player we haven't signed yet.
  11. The thing I can't get is how Wade isn't a good punt return prospect. Watch his rugby highlights the dude has incredible quickness and strength, strong hands and seems like he can make the first guy miss, protect the ball and get upfield. If he isn't at least competing for the job in camp that must mean they've already determined he's not good enough for the job I guess. I'm hoping it's just that we've had an all-pro returner on our team since he's been here and it didn't make sense to have anyone else out there, but that he can get his chance this year.
  12. Cinci turned the KC offer down, stayed put and drafted WR bust John Ross right in front of our pick. We traded back and essentially got an all-pro CB and a pick we dealt to get a qb that had more MVP votes than Mahomes last year. Great moves.
  13. He's been a standout since he was a freshman. Contact balance, vision, the dude is amazing. He has to get a shot somewhere.
  14. Nobody has any clue if he's the man we need, I'm still wondering that 3 years later on Tremaine, 2 years later on Ed and a year later on Epenesa. But the dude sure looks the part. Beane doubling down on his philosophy that raw talent can be molded. Worked for Josh, failed on Knox. Hope he goes 2 for 3 with Greg.
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