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  1. Yeah that was a comment by lunkhead Willis McGahee who was a 24 yr old punk that thought nightclubs in big cities were the only thing that qualified as something to do. He has 10 kids with 8 different women now (not kidding) so now he has nothing to do but go broke.
  2. way less torque and twist on the UCL throwing a football vs baseball. Heavier, provides more resistance, smoother motion, a 24 year old conditioned athlete is not gonna rip a ligament throwing a football.
  3. Flu season usually peaks between December and February, our hospitals in Roch aren't ever near max capacity even during January of 2017 which was one of the worst we've seen in a long time. Your take is a classic doom and gloom. The game will be played as long as testing is adequate and protocols followed properly by the players. Obviously putting fans in the stands are unlikely until a strong treatment or vaccine is proven, so nobody has a clue on that yet, but to say a team can't accurately rapid test and quarantine well enough in 4 months to put 50 healthy players on the field safely every Sunday is overly pessimistic.
  4. great post. I'll add that kneeling shows reverence and respect. We kneel when a player gets hurt or in church etc. It's not like talking through the national anthem or staying seated. Furthermore, it's possible to show respect to your country but also kneel in support of making it a better place. When people start spewing hatred toward those kneeling because they fought in a war or feel it's disrespectful to the military, they'll likely never change their view on it, but as you say Doc, if you think it through, that's exactly what we were fighting for since America began.
  5. A guy that throws 2 picks in his last 11 games is not doing too much. He's not playing hero ball anymore, he is extending plays and pushing his team to win like a good qb must do. Half of the national media still thinks Josh turns the ball over all the time. They simply havent watched him play very much. I love Clayton, and he always seems like he does his homework, but anyone that uses the term hero ball w Josh is living way in the past.
  6. Would rather have had KC game last week of the season so we could rest our starters against them.
  7. The nice thing about having a strong culture is everyone works hard to not let the rest of the team down. I can't think of a selfish player on the team. No Maybins, Marcels, Kelvin Benjamins, Karlos, etc
  8. Agreed. It's not even remotely close. Fromm won't see the field for at least two years if he makes the team at all.
  9. Yeah the worst thing that happened to Barkley was last years Jets game. Three picks and a crappy game at home, which ruined his sweet 2TD, no picks 117 QBR game from the year before which his best game as a pro. I'm not saying Beane wouldnt have picked Fromm anyway, the guy had to be jumping off the BPA board so late in the draft, but last offseason we were very comfortable with Bark.
  10. Wait who is this Watt you speak of? Never heard of the guy.... Oh wait you mean the guy they showed on screen and talked about every three seconds for the entire playoff game vs Houston? Its even worse when you rewatch the game because without the excitement and suspense of an actual game you pay more attention to the rest of the noise. Honestly someone should call out the producer on that and make them rewatch how ridiculous that was highlighting a player over and over and over simply because he's a national big name. Its laugh out loud material after awhile. Almost as bad as all the hype and coverage Dallas gets and they've won a whopping TWO playoff games in 24 years.
  11. Haus was excellent in houston game. Finished on a high note.
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