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  1. Me too. Cam also had a very good game vs Titans. 2 good young cb's, hungry and seem to play fast.
  2. Cant really gameplan against a slot guy with hands like that. If CBS didnt completely suck and showed replays instead of just showing players standing around for 30 seconds after each play, it would show some pretty amazing grabs by #11 (i rewatched already) Sticky hands, fearless, even blocks pretty well from what I can see. Huge asset.
  3. Remember all the Pats fans whining a few weeks ago about how they would have beaten KC if only Cam wasn't dumb enough to get the Rona. I was laughing then and i'm still laughing. The dude has now won 4 games in his last 20 starts.
  4. We need to try Moss 7 yards deep once on awhile. He's a one cut hammer back but Daboll almost always has him right next to josh lined up 4 yards behind the line. Hard to get momentum and power when you're getting the ball at a dead stop right behind your Oline. Thats OK for Singletary but doesn't fit Moss' style.
  5. Game winning TD vs Titans last year and targeted 10 times vs Houston in the playoffs. A notch up from Reilly and Lewis.
  6. Engram was a 1st rounder, has good talent. He only gets about 3 catches a game, Daboll would probably up that number for him.
  7. An insanely difficult pass and Josh dropped it in perfectly. Uncharacteristically, Diggs had no separation. The one thing that may have caused the drop was Diggs' concern with the field goal post which was a factor on that play.
  8. Oliver is solid. Jefferson and Zimmer both playing very well so far. Taylor is a monster dude and he's got a nice contract, time to earn it. Harrison is having a slow recovery. Hughes seems invisible but is top 10 in qb pressures this year. People cant slam our Dline for getting gashed in the run game when we are playing a 6 man front vs Helaire. Watch the D get better over these next few weeks and all the negativity will go away like it always does. Meanwhile lets get Darryl Johnson, A.J, Cox some good reps getting after the qb this week
  9. Would be great to get a big lead in the 1st half and sit some of our beat up guys. We havent had any impact plays from guys like Tremaine and Tre White who we know are playing less than 100%. Keep getting guys like Zimmer, Cox, Daryl Johnson, Epenesa, and Moss valuable reps out there. It seems like resting John Brown so he's fresh for the Patriots makes sense too, he got rushed back for KC too early.
  10. The experiment where we got an elite receiver in a draft pick trade who is 3rd in the league in receiving and has helped our young qb immensely? Thats gonna be a bad thing now huh? Yeah ok.
  11. We ran a 6 man front last night vs a stud runner. That will be ugly 100% of the time. Right now we have Ed, Zimmer and Jefferson all decent interior players, Star would just be another meh guy in there.
  12. They need to set up Moss 7 yards deep and feed him with some hammering runs. Daboll always has him right next to Josh in the shotgun and he's starting from a dead stop w these draw play handoffs. Moss had a great power move on that 3rd and 1, no way Motor gets that 1st down there.
  13. He's a great leader, falls short as a game coach. Definitely worse head coaches out there though. Not going for 2 after Bease TD was a huge mistake. He should know better.
  14. Not going for 2 after last TD is a joke 9 or 10 down is the same thing, but down 8 is huge Brutal coaching miss by McD
  15. Im predicting a Bills win if John Brown and TreDay are healthy enough to be effective. We always play differently without Milano as well and Edmunds is obviously playing hurt. We could really use a bye week right now, instead we are on a short week playing the superbowl champs. If Daboll is truly as good as the hype says he is, this will be his week to show it to the nation.
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