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  1. Dante Fowler. Only saw him play twice this year, the guy is so disruptive, reminds me of Von Miller. Rams have cap issues, he's walkin this year, get him to the B-Lo !
  2. Yeah I agree, the guy actually shot 5 people in three different instances. Three of them dead. One lost his eye and nearly died. There was a guy in the backseat of the car when Aaron opened fire, apparently he got shot too but lived. He was the 5th. FIVE different people took bullets from that psychopath.
  3. Yeah his receiving impressed. Josh isn't exactly throwing softballs out there. Motor and Knox need to work with Josh as much as possible on the short throws this offseason, its gonna be a critical piece of the offense next year.
  4. Dude we noticed that funeral home name too everybody in the room cracked up. Also the dad of Aarons high school qb is hilarious. The "Bob Ross paintings" line was a crier
  5. The sack numbers were great, but even if PFF is a joke, there has to be SOME merit in their analysis no? PFF gives Jordan Phillips an overall grade of 51.8, which ranks 153rd out of 197 defensive linemen in the league. His pass-rush grade of 60.5 ranks 94th among defensive linemen. Of Phillips' 583 snaps in 2019, 362 were in pass rush (putting him 40th among D-linemen) and 218 were against the run, according to PFF. He played 52.4% of the Bills' defensive snaps.
  6. That juke cut he makes vs Pitt at 4:28 is the nastiest move i've ever seen. Thats a professional tackler and he makes him look like a fool. I wouldnt say he lacks quickness. Definitely would be nice to have a young power back to complement him next year.
  7. They'd better not or the Predator will feast. What a natural, Bryce Paup like edge guy he could be with some refinement. Bendy, quick, strong. We seem to only blitz him in the gaps but once awhile it would be nice to line him up over a TE and send him.
  8. Hopefully not. For 1st rounders we hit on Moulds and Lee Evans. Missed on Sammy. (KC $21M cap hit next year omg that dude had better score 5 TD's a game from now on)
  9. Yeah its good, my son and I binged it tonite. It's a wild story. The thing I never realized is the guy shot 4 people, and all of them were premeditated. 3 of them died, somehow the 4th guy made it despite being shot in the face. Remarkable how chilled and joking the guy was on recorded jail phone calls about getting put away for life. Dude never seemed down or lost his sense of humor. Lastly, it was good to see them show the inhumane side of Belichick. Aaron comes to him looking for a trade or to be released to another city because he's in fear of the thugs he wronged. Bill says nope. Aaron hires his own thugs to be bodyguards, and they become his close friends, with him when they drove Boyd to a secluded apot and Hernandez guns him down. AH told his fiancee Bill was the worst coach of all time haha obviously not technically just as a human being. He had Urban Meyer all those years in FL he was used to a kind coach with personality and compassion. He got drafted by smug Bill and mullet man Kraft, and only 2 hours away from all his homies where he grew up. That was definitely bad luck for a kid who was already troubled.
  10. Dude he had some rookie growing pains early but he had several game changing plays as the season went on. Almost invisible? Do you watch the Bills ? He's number 91. Check him out sometime
  11. Only one in four 1st round draft pick NFL receivers in this breakdown from 2000-2014 translate to great pros. It's basically one per year. Check it out https://www.fantasyindex.com/2015/04/13/factoid/first-round-wide-receivers
  12. That one play where he appeared dead in the water with two tacklers around him in the flat and he got away has made its way around the internet quite well.
  13. Uh yeah OK. 1060 yards, tons of clutch 3rd down conversions in 15 games on only 115 targets and virtually none of it in garbage time. Elite numbers dude. Sorry it doesn't fit your narrative. He screwed up that catch for sure, jumped when he didn't have to and didn't get the drag in, but his "he's not a #1 stuff" is so ridiculous. Might be better to say it would be nice to add another great receiver and pray the guy sniffs 1000 yards on 130 targets. Can't remember him doing that ever before Saturday. I think he just was tracking the ball and he thought he had more room. Maybe he thought it was coming in hotter than it was (wouldn't be the first Josh throw to him this year that came in high and sizzlin) and his instincts told him to jump before he could think. Frustrating. A great pickup though, and surprised me with how good his hands are this season. Hadn't seen much of him at Zona or Balt.
  14. That used to mean something. He can always hold out or not play at all.
  15. That throw and catch was clutch man. Reminded me of the Josh to Knox toss, receiver barely open, rainbow throw just over the coverage guy. They deserved that. Good for you Minny. Sean Payton's face after that catch hahaha he's a member of the smug, conceited head coach club along with BB, Gase and Greggggg
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