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  1. Despite all that's happened this year, we're an overturned Mayfield fumble/forward pass call and a special teams mistake vs the Patriots from being 9-1. Philly is the only team that really took us down hard. I remain amazed at how critical some fans can be of their team. Sports are here to be enjoyed, and yet in the middle of a winning season with pretty high playoff probability some of these responses are head scratching. We've already won more games than last year with SIX more to go. In the spirit of the original post, I'll draw one comparison to the Bears last year: They were eliminated by weak special teams play, and we obviously have some serious cleaning up to do there, or that might bite us too. We've allowed a blocked punt, onsides kick, had numerous illegal blocks every week through week 6 (seems to be better now), some huge returns on kickoffs and punts. I can hear Marv Levy's voice in the back of my head "special teams is equally important to offense and defense". I know Sean preaches it too, but I question the competency of the coaching there and the results we've seen thus far. I expect the kick coverage teams to be breathing fire this Sunday after they see the film and get the talking to they need.
  2. A huge key to young players on the Oline is to minimize the number of plays where it's an obvious passing down, especially for the tackles who have to deal with the edge guys. There's a lot onus on Daboll and Josh to keep the chains moving and keep the defenses guessing. As the game goes on they need to see how the rookie is holding up and call plays/make adjustments accordingly. The upside is at least it's not our left tackle, so Josh can usually see if a breakdown happens. The other plus is that both our running backs seem to block well, and keeping them around to chip and slow Von down a little is always good for our qb's health. He's getting older now too, I can't imagine it's the same guy who won MVP in the superbowl years ago. Bills 20-10
  3. Uh, the Browns ARE a problem team. Fines, suspensions, finger pointing, penalty issues, etc. They fit the textbook definition of the word. Glad the Broncos dont have Sanders or a great passing game, I just don't see em racking up many points in our stadium. 20-10 bills
  4. Still amazed at how little the announcers actually observe during a game. That was a heckuva backside pursuit and run down by a big man. Very few DT's in the league pull that off
  5. Yes he was for sure. It was pretty bad, his arm just lost its pop and declined rapidly. I think he had like 13 passes in the superbowl, but that defense carried em all the way thru. I dont know man, he threw a brutal rookie type pick to Micah Hyde in the end zone and threw another one just like it yesterday to a philly dback but the guy dropped it. He's not mistake free any more in the few games i've watched him.
  6. Well, our run D sucks and he's our best interior lineman, played very well in college and now in his 2nd year for us, also a great teammate from what I see. These are exactly the kind of young, productive guys you keep.
  7. Should have more batted passes or at least altering qb throws. Tall Dlinemen need to take advantage of their height.
  8. Well we know crowd noise in Miami is a non-factor, so its a neutral-field type environment. Fins strengths: they have a few good wr's, Fitz will be able to audible unlike last game, they seem to have some decent team chemistry, playing for a new coach and each other after the nation figured they were going for a winless season. Bills strengths: fired up after tough loss last week, better run game, better defense and most of all Josh has that look in his eyes now. The kid isn't letting the Bills lose this one. I think you may see Siran neal rotating in for Taron and KJ rotating in for Wallace and more Shaq in for Murphy (or even Jerry depending on injury) as Frasier tinkers with the mix.
  9. I agree that many are ego driven. In interviews w Daboll he seems to be level headed and open-minded though, like more of a big brother to Josh. Could be wrong. Either way, we had massive turnover on offense from last year to this, and considering we are healthy, its time to see some evolution and more points.
  10. Next man up, here's an idea, stop trying to manage the thread so much and push your pro-schopp narrative. I've been on this board for a long long time and I've never seen such an opinionated control freak. You must be a joy to live with.
  11. Well if we had a kicker who wasn't slumping we'd be 7-2 and be in the top 6 in the league right now. Last year final four in this league were NE, Rams, Saints and KC. All of them lost their last game, as did Indy. Some of them lost to crappy teams too. Some with established franchise QB's, a few hall of famers even. Head coaches Andy Reid, Belichick, Payton, McVay, Reich. All lost. Some of them have lost multiple games in row and are sitting in far worse spots than we are heading to Miami as 6 point favorites and then back home vs Denver where we'll be heavy favorites again. To answer the OP, is the talent there? Sure it is. Is the coaching good enough? Yeah, but they're learning too. Should we expect more from a young qb on an offense with one guy returning from last year? Maybe, but we move the ball OK, just not dynamic yet. Didn't really expect to score tons of points this year, I was just hoping we'd be a little more fun. Josh is like an overtrained dog right now, he doesn't want to make a mistake and get the shock collar so he's a little more timid and hesitant to trust his instincts. Personally I think a long throw on 3rd down is the same as a punt if it gets picked off. I'd open it up more, lose the designed QB runs, stop the empty sets and get this kid developing chem with Singletary on checkdowns/screens, pass protection, whatever. They both need to learn it together.
  12. Well, Brady did throw an awful interception in the endzone to Micah that would have cost them the game if our special teams coach/head coach had prepared our team properly to handle a slot blitzer on a punt. Or at least had the sense to call a timeout. Everybody makes mistakes. Ours might be we play too afraid to make mistakes on offense.
  13. He was open all day on that slant route in man coverage and the curls he does on the third downs all year he gets huge separation obviously. I think he had most 3rd down conversion receptions in the league as of last week. He's the real deal AND he's a quiet, respectful, hard working dude, which is a must on this team.
  14. Remember when Rex fired Roman after we lost because the defense gave up like 40 points so the blowhard figured he'd fire the OC. Roman winning coordinator of the year running that Baltimore O. That same mix of zone reads, misdirection and power-based pulls run out of a million different formations. It's not just Lamar Jackson making that thing go, it's an experienced OC with full reign of all the calls, gameplanning the way he wants. I don't know enough about pro football or Daboll to slam the guy, but being an OC for Tom Brady means about as much to me as Adam Gase coaching Peyton Manning for a year or two. It's a joke of a job and you're there to stay out of the way.
  15. Yes I think it's a combo of this and that Daboll and McD act like it's the end of the world of your QB throws a pick. If we're at mid field and Josh throws a deep pick, it's a punt. These guys are so tight and so conservative it seems like all they care about is squeaking out the win and not developing an offensive machine. Maybe they're coaching for their jobs and the W is all that matters, but to me I want to see our qb and offense get better, that's more important this season. There has to be some middle ground between scoring 15 points a week and hoping to win close, and playing balls out on offense and putting out a fun product for your fans. Not saying we're a boring team, but there's room to push it a little more and stop just trying not to lose.
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