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  1. You're forgetting Crowder, he is a lock. Kumerow is too for special teams and way more experience than Hodge/Shakir. If you guys went to any of the last 5 camp sessions then you saw Crowder ball out. He's gonna be Mr 3rd down from the slot this year. Unless we keep 7 WR, Hodge goes to PS.
  2. For the training camp sessions I saw, Crowder stood out. Caught everything, great separation and very fast upfield for good YAC. Gotta remember he was rehabbing for most of camp. The Colts drop was unfortunate but I think he will be an impact guy this year for us on 3rd downs.
  3. I think Keenum could get picked up off the PS if we put him there, and Barkley won't. We want them both in the QB room so I'm guessing you will see Keenum on the 53 and Barkley PS. There are a lot of snaps in the preseason ahead of us, so that might change, but I doubt it.
  4. My son unexpectedly came home, we are hoping to get a pair of tix to see training camp tmrw or thrs Aug 10th Will throw you a few bucks for em! thanks. Kevin Farrell 585-734-1255
  5. BB is a really good DEFENSIVE coach and overall game coach, but I dont think he's a good leader, motivator, team builder or offensive coach. The word you hear a lot from ex players is 'unrelatable' which is a nice way of saying the dude's a weenie. Dimes are perfect throws, he put too much air under that ball. insane pick tho. knifed in between two speedy NFL guys while they were going full tilt and somehow barely touched either dude. An all time highlight and massive game changer/tone setter for that game.
  6. There are many who strongly disagree with you, they feel that everyone should stand as a sign of respect to the flag. Kap used to sit on the bench for the anthem, then he switched to the kneeling which I think was a better move. I have interest in his tryout for the NFL because I felt the narrative that Kap was some elite player that got his career ended short because he chose to protest is simply not true. The majority of non-football fans believe the guy sacrificed his career for some greater good, when the reality is the guy was a backup QB on his way out of football. Then he took a huge check from Nike and they ran ads that said Believe in Something, Even if it Means Sacrificing Everything, and the lie got pushed even further. At that point, I felt there was no chance this guy would ever try to make another NFL roster because it will reveal that he's simply not very good, and he didn't really sacrifice ANYTHING. In fact, he likely made more money from the kneeling that he would have if he tried to stay in the league and hold a clipboard for a few more years. Nike should run a new Kaep ad that says Believe in Something, Especially if it Makes you Rich..... I really respect the guy for actually trying to play again, even though we all know what the result was going to be.
  7. Well we definitely win that KC game that's for damn sure. Strange that after all the great work McD does as a HC, the guys ONE apparent weakness is game calling with everything on the line.
  8. I like the Dinosaur Wango Tango wings over all else. They're slow cooked so you don't get the sinewy stuff from the fried wings, it's almost fall off the bone but the skin keeps in the meat. After a long smoke w dry rub they throw them on the grill and sauce em when you order. All the fat is rendered off during the slow cook and the wings are big and meaty. We have done blind taste tests with Dino wings and they win every time.
  9. I feel like elite QB's generally move the ball regardless of who their receivers are, and having a top offense scoring 30+pts per game and 4 proven NFL receivers on the roster in Diggs, Gabe, Mckenzie and Crowder, that drafting a WR5 in the 1st round seems misguided. This is our superbowl run season, not drafting for depth. We need guys that can impact our games immediately, and that starts with being good enough to beat out the guy ahead of you on the depth chart in camp. I can't help but think the clearest path to having a rookie starter is CB. A physical, fast intelligent CB that can play zone and man, good in run support and proven against top level offenses in college. It's possible a RB could also have an instant impact as well but WR seems more like a Whaley move to me.
  10. Bills coaches agree and gave the kid over 500 snaps this year which is what he needs again next year. After a few seasons and 1000 NFL snaps I'd say you pretty much know what you have at that point.
  11. I don't think Chan Gailey was a bad coach at all. One of our best game callers for sure. He and Fitz, Stevie, they had some pretty good showings.
  12. No kids yet but I can imagine once you have little ones that being a HC would suck for your wife n kids. Football is awesome and careers can be great but too much stress is pure evil and your window to be a parent is pretty small. He'd be the first one ever to be that young, get a ring and then bow out.
  13. I remember him as the dude who went to like 7 superbowls. which is probably why the russians wanted him.....
  14. This one is up to Star more than it is the team. If he busts his a$$ and shows up to camp in great shape and wins a roster spot in 6 months, you now have an experienced guy in the middle in your rotation for a very low cap hit. If he's mentally or physically done he either retires or it become obvious to the coaches this summer and he is released. Would only cost maybe a roster bonus, something minor.. I see no downside to letting him try out for the team again, unless the cap was so tight his $1.5M hit would be the difference between signing a free agent guy or not.
  15. Wallace was technically covering him but he got a free release and Milano was way too deep and out of position to help. The best TE in the league basically untouched and wide open on the biggest play of the season. Both our All pro safeties so far deep they may as well have been on the bench.
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