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  1. Sadly, we had to take our kids to the car at the beginning of the 4th due to exposure. A few of them were flat out freezing. Was kinda scary to realize there isn't a single hallway heater or area to go if you aren't in club seats to warm up. I put that on the survey for upgrades to New Era if that's the way they go.
  2. Kareem was a bad decision. Chubb and Duke were an awesome platoon Hunt and OBJ send a message that the Browns don't care how dumb or selfish you are, we'll still take you if you're talented no matter what. Cowboys of the east now.
  3. This is a classic Brady/Patriots/Bob Kraft type of thing. Their insecurity is laughable. Every time bloated Bob accepts a post game trophy or award, all he can do is talk about "greatest of all time" and "best in history" instead of just talking about his team and the dedication/skill/teamwork blah blah whatever. He always has to compare and defend and he worries so much about everyone being sure there was never a better franchise ever in the world since the beginning of time. I WILL admit, an 80 year old guy with a mullet like Bob's is pretty impressive, even for a Canadian. I wonder if his hairstylist is an oppressed Asian hooker like his massage lady? Anyway, I see the same thing in Brady with this kind of stuff. Edelman too. Michael Jordan had it and it was so pathetic. There are poor losers for sure, but nothing sadder than a poor winner. Then when the have to retire they get weird and even more insecure. OK Tom, you have a radar gun that SAYS your arm is strong. When we were all falling asleep during the superbowl as you took the field in the 4th Q and your team had only scored three points in the whole game I wonder if you felt insecure, like maybe you'd dropped from great to good. I see now you have.
  4. He and Shaq can be an excellent rotation. Both good at run stop and batting balls/changing throws. Trent is a good forced fumble guy too with those long arms. I think he'll be ready to rip it up on opening day.
  5. And the fans knew all along who the correct picks were right? Same fans slammin the Hughes and Shady trades probably. It's complete b.s.
  6. So true. This thread is proof of it. Thats what I like about Capaccio, for the most part he stays above that kind of crap. Football fans know Ford was a top prospect, and at this point we haven't even had pads on for a minute. Judging a guy at this point is the same as trying to grade a draft or a trade the day after it's made-- you have no freakin clue, and if you THINK you know it means you really understand nothing about the sport. When someone says "i don't like this pick" I start laughing. Yeah OK... let's compare the 10 page professional scouting report we did, including interviews with the player, former coaches, teammates, game film, and skills breakdowns with your amateurish opinion based on watching the guy play once or twice in college.
  7. All of the speed receivers have injury concerns. Hard for them to put up a full season, but if they can do it, the numbers will follow. Goodwin did it (not for us), and Brown had a big year himself a few years ago.
  8. Exactly. Ed was an undersized 1 tech in college. His role is entirely different as an NFL 3 tech. Some of the dudes posting on this thread are hilarious-- endless babble about how they know small school guys are going to fail blah blah. That must mean Shaq, Adolphus, Ragland and the hundreds of other big name college guys are the right way to go, and Beane/McD/Daboll and the entire staff of professional NFL scouts with lifetimes of experience in evaluation have no clue. Yikes. It's like when someone brings up politics and simplifies everything like "duh... let me tell you what the REAL way to run the country is" as if they somehow know the solutions to complex problems and challenges that all the other idiots can't seem to figure out.
  9. You must be a young fan. Bledsoe certainly did not suck. In 2002, his first season in Buffalo, he set single season records for yards, attempts, and completions. Better than Kelly Reed Lofton Thurman days. The dude was the youngest player in NFL history to hit the 10,000-yard mark (played in pro bowl at age 22), and was well over 4,000 yards passing that awesome year with Moulds and Peerless going over 1250 yds each. He was #2 in the league in passing that year, ahead of Manning, Brady, Brees, Favre (I assume you've heard of those guys). That's not sucking, that's being awesome.
  10. i think so too. the most important, unteachable quality for a good qb from my perspective is pocket presence, awareness of the pass rush and the ability to buy and extra second or two and still keep your eyes downfield. Not taking off too early or too late. Josh has that instinct, slippery in the pocket with a knack for keeping a play alive. Mayfield, Darnold and Josh all have it, but our boy might end up being the best of the bunch.
  11. It's the lamest nickname in the history of sports. Go nuts you weenie, get it tattooed on your neck.
  12. The biggest hassle with taking little kids to the stadium is when people stand on big plays they get screened. Just be ready to lift them up and have them stand on their seat when everyone else stands and an 8 year old becomes a normal 5'10 adult. Have fun!
  13. It's probably going to be a little bit of a hassle for a smaller person. I would consider bringing a few Stadium cushions for a child. The last time I sat in those seats was the Colts snow game, and if you were there you would remember that we couldn't see the field for most of the plays, so we had to slide down to some empty lower seats. Fantastic perspective of the field though, you really can see everything and despite the railing, which is a legitimate concern, you still will love them. My experience is that kids don't really care about the same things adults do, they'll figure out a way to look over or under the rail. If you got to your seats and determined that it was too tough for the little guy to see, I'm sure people in the second row or third row would swap with you in a second, but I'll bet you'll stay there and love the experience. There is a more aggressive angle in that Upper Deck so even from row two or three you are still in awesome shape.
  14. Dont forget randall's got the NFL record for best punt that ever was, and ever will be. The dude kicked it from the back of the endzone to the opponents SIX yard line. Unreal.
  15. Did u see Josh grab that catch with one hand backhanded at the end when they were doing the crossbar throw? Get that dude a TD reception Daboll....
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