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  1. He's a really good defensive gameplanner. Innovative, proven. Sucks as a GM, brutally awkward personality. No coach can hide from medicre qb play for very long. He's no different.
  2. Sooooo he's only good for 50 yards chunks then and Tyreek hill is 10% faster. Got it.
  3. Next Gen stat of the game: Bills RB Devin Singletary reached a speed of 20.29 mph on his 46-yard TD run. So does that make him a "home run hitter" now Beaner? Whaddya know he was right here all along..... .
  4. Epenesa is just getting started too, not nearly at his prime yet. He always had elite closing speed to the ball, but needed the getoff, hand control, leverage stuff that separates the good edge guys from the rest. He really seems like he has it all now. Pitt game he was winning a lot too.
  5. True but could you imagine this defense if we had just stayed put in the draft and taken Darius Leonard instead of Tremaine? Wld be elite.
  6. Asking an Oline to pass block Ingram and Watt 50+ times when they know you're throwing it every play is a joke. Daboll is asking the line and Josh to do too much to compensate for his lack of faith in using our running backs. We've been flat for 3 straight games now on offense going back to Balt game. Hope we can turn it around in Miami.
  7. Gabe's incredible fingertip TD catch vs Miami changed the outcome of that game last year. And the Colts playoff game is an L without him. Get well soon dude, you're our secret weapon.
  8. I personally found it kind of rambling and boring. However, gotta give BB credit for outcoaching us on special teams 2 years ago, they slid their blockers inside to rush our punter and instead of McD or the punter calling timeout because we weren't prepared (or our punter just throwing a pass to the now wide open gunner) they just let it happen. DiMarco cant block both guys, one of em blocks punt into the end zone, Pats end up with the win as a result. The old cheater may not have much personality, and is likely the worst GM in the league, but he's a damn good gameplanner.
  9. Agreed. actually the last three games our offense has stunk. Don't forget the Ravens game where our offense scored a whopping 10 pts at home. I'm glad Daboll is back as our OC, and he seems to be good at what he does, but he really knows how to make our offensive line look bad with his predictability. I'd love to have our new look pass rush get to play against a Daboll offense, just pin back and attack the QB 50 times a game.
  10. I was at the Baltimore playoff game and it really isn't that big of a deal to rock out and have fun while still wearing a mask.
  11. Blind positivity is one of the greatest characteristics a person can exhibit. Leave us alone you ol negative nancy. The kid is entering his 4th year in the league and has played in some big playoff battles already. He'll be just fine. In other news, Nasa announced there's an asteroid that MIGHT hit earth in 90 years, lets worry about that too..... .
  12. You're probably right but we definitely won't know until we see the Dline hold up vs Najee. He's 6'2, 230 and Ben runs a nice play action which will keep us guessing on pass vs run. Getting a big lead will help keep them passing in the 2nd half.
  13. I disagree, have been doing leagues and drafts for 20 years, I prefer snake drafts. Its closer to real life drafting, how GM's have to pick on draft day and watching the big board and if your targeted players are still available to draft. Either way, drafting Josh 1st isn't something the experts would recommend because the difference in QB's from Josh to lets say a Tannehill isn't nearly as much as the difference between a top RB and the 10th RB or WR. If you are a total Bills homer and really want as many Buff guys as you can, then it would better to draft Diggs 1st and then Josh after. Josh's average draft position or ADP (you'll see that term being thrown around a lot these days) is between 25 and 30th in your typical PPR leagues. Diggs ADP is around 12-14, which shows you how WR's and RB's are more heavily valued in fantasy than QB's. Good luck ! Lots of rookies win these leagues, don't be intimidated by all the data and predictions, there's a ton of luck involved, and injuries play a big role. You'll find that the team you draft and the one you end up with is always different as you drop and add guys based on bye weeks, trades, injuries etc. Fun stuff.
  14. Its a good thing our offense scores 30 pts a week because Pitt is gonna score 25 on us. Najee and Claypool are studs, Ben is healthy. They won 10 straight last year with less offensive power than they have now, but our rockin home crowd and Josh will pull us thru.
  15. Yup. Same average ypc as Derrick Henry two years ago. He has the skills, this will be his year to put it all together. I'd like to ask Beane about where this "we need a home run hitter" RB with breakaway speed came from when virtually no playoff teams have such a runner and our #2 offense is scoring 30 pts a week.
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