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  1. Would rather have had KC game last week of the season so we could rest our starters against them.
  2. The nice thing about having a strong culture is everyone works hard to not let the rest of the team down. I can't think of a selfish player on the team. No Maybins, Marcels, Kelvin Benjamins, Karlos, etc
  3. Agreed. It's not even remotely close. Fromm won't see the field for at least two years if he makes the team at all.
  4. Yeah the worst thing that happened to Barkley was last years Jets game. Three picks and a crappy game at home, which ruined his sweet 2TD, no picks 117 QBR game from the year before which his best game as a pro. I'm not saying Beane wouldnt have picked Fromm anyway, the guy had to be jumping off the BPA board so late in the draft, but last offseason we were very comfortable with Bark.
  5. Wait who is this Watt you speak of? Never heard of the guy.... Oh wait you mean the guy they showed on screen and talked about every three seconds for the entire playoff game vs Houston? Its even worse when you rewatch the game because without the excitement and suspense of an actual game you pay more attention to the rest of the noise. Honestly someone should call out the producer on that and make them rewatch how ridiculous that was highlighting a player over and over and over simply because he's a national big name. Its laugh out loud material after awhile. Almost as bad as all the hype and coverage Dallas gets and they've won a whopping TWO playoff games in 24 years.
  6. Haus was excellent in houston game. Finished on a high note.
  7. Singletary doesn't call the plays dude. When his number is called he has elite yards per carry. Looking at total yards without considering the amount of carries is ridiculous. Singletary had half the carries that total-yardage leaders like Zeke, and Chubb did this year. He's a rookie who played a dozen pro games at a very high level. The kid is a stud.
  8. Elite yards per carry. Same as Derrick Henry last year at 5.1, tied for 2nd best in the league. Has good hands, vision, knack for knowing where the 1st down markers are too.
  9. The odds of anyone in the 4th round or deeper making an impact in their rookie season are slim. So that leaves 2 picks. You want a WR4? maybe. Duke started the Houston playoff game, had some nice plays, blocked his ass off, has chemistry with Josh. He's 6'3 225lbs and way ahead of any rookie as far as learning this QB and this offense. Then there's Mckenzie who also will make the team as WR5 and still has blazing speed. Assuming we have two picks that will contribute this year, not sure if it makes sense to gamble on a WR in the 2nd round who you hope will beat out our 4th WR which is doubtful. I say if you want a productive offense, get a great offensive line and run game to balance out your passing weapons. We already have two 1,000 yd receivers, a great slot guy and role players behind them, Singletary is top 12 at his position already. Watching the Houston game again, you'll see that we got caved in by their pass rush on critical passing downs. You could have Michael Thomas, DHop and Tyreek Hill as your WR's and it won't matter when your line is getting blown up. We don't lack playmakers, we lack a good RT and a RB that can pass protect a little bigger than Singletary, but also still be a credible run threat so the defense doesn't know he's just in the game on passing downs. Beane was surprised by the solid play of his guards last year, but wanted to develop Cody who we picked high and moved up to get. The Nseke/Ford split was great experience for the rookie, and he had some good games, but I believe you'll see RT drafted high for us this year, don't freak out if it happens, they're indirect playmakers.
  10. I know a lot of you guys follow Astro, Dean Kindig (aka the dRAfT DoCtoR), his breakdowns and analysis on draftees is impressive. No offense to the OP, I like your take here, but Astro is so far ahead of everyone else in terms of breaking down players and strategies that if you aren't following the guy you're missing out. https://twitter.com/tcbills_astro This is a good place to start. It's current and comprehensive and so far ahead of what the national draft guru's know about our team/GM it's laughable
  11. Agree but Murphy sure saved his best performance for the playoffs. Dude was a beast, couple sacks, hurries, tackles for loss, blowin up plays. If he keeps that form next year he and Addison will be nasty on that left side
  12. Everyone pays a lot to get established top receivers in their prime on relatively friendly contracts. And in order to overpay you have to know what we gave up, which was college draft picks not established players. In order to do that you'd have to see our board and who we would have taken, then wait a few years and see how they panned out. There are a lot of 1st round WR busts in this league, we got a proven, game-changing guy who is guaranteed not to bust. Here's a wild stat that might make you feel better about Diggsy: more than HALF of the WR's taken in the first round are out of the league in 5 years. One breakdown looked at four years of consecutive drafts and an amazing 9 out of 15 First Round WR's were out of football going into what would be their 6th training camp. (also 10 out of 20 DE's which is crazy too) As for giving up 5th and 6th picks in that deal, you know the chances of them being game changers is slim. Beaner sees the window before Josh needs to get a new contract and he's sticking to the plan of adding proven players for a run this year.
  13. Thats an incredible run, considering it can be skewed by injuries, slumps, even week 17 meaningless games (who woulda thought Buffalo and Tenn would be sitting everyone in their final week?) Big Ben, Andrew Luck, Tannehill all did things impossible to predict. Lamar Jackson becomes a better passer than Brady. The list goes on. I saw a cool article on the 2019 NFL season that ESPN’s win-probability model gave a 60-40 (or narrower) split at any point with five or fewer minutes left in regulation. 63 of the NFL's 256 games fell within this threshold. In these games, missed kicks, a single penalty or bounce of the ball can determine a W or L. If you're 7 for 8 seasons within a 1 game margin on the Bills, first I'd say congrats, then I'd say there's a significant element of luck in there. Funny the only NFL prop bet I took last year was the Niners under 8.5 wins, that was over by like week 10.
  14. And Roberts has been a victim of some pretty awful special teams blocking. We can't seem to cover any gunners, the only way he ever gets any chance on a good punt return is if they out-kick the coverage. I agree with Astro we will be looking for another returner in this draft, but I don't see Roberts losing the job to anyone. And he's a great dude, McD loves the guy.
  15. I remember Berman replaying that last punt return on ESPN and doin his "whuuup!" "Whuup!" everytime he made someone miss. To this day I still say that inside cut he makes AFTER the spin move on that return is the best football move I've ever seen. Lee Evans, josh reed and roscoe trio there was an excellent group. .
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